Review: Proviz Eris high visibility kids cycle helmet

When the Proviz Eris high visibility kids cycle helmet arrived at our house it caused the first of a new phenomena I’m going to call “Review tantrum”. As this bright yellow bike helmet arrived in a medium size (53cm to 58cm)  it meant the task of reviewing fell to 6 year old N. I could see the waves of disappointment radiating out from 4 year old T as I quickly tried to enthuse him with a windscreen for his front bike seat (which didn’t work at the time, but has subsequently proved a real hit!)

So, what is it about the Proviz Eris bright yellow, hi viz cycle helmet that caused such emotion? Well, it’s all down to a small round LED light that is cleverly suspended from the rear of the helmet, that can be set to either flashing or continuous mode. This feature, in the eyes of our boys, is “super cool” and this was verified by the reaction of his friends, who all want to have a go at turning the light on and off.

So, the Proviz Eris bike helmet passes the first important test of whether the chosen reviewer will actually use the product – full marks for coolness is impressive at this stage of the test.

Styling – is a hi-viz bike helmet cool?

The colour of the Eris is right on trend for younger cyclists and scooter riders, joining the esteemed ranks of Bob the Builder and Bradley Wiggins who can regularly been seen sporting yellow helmets. The Proviz Eris kids cycle helmet is designed to be seen in low light conditions, while the reflective pattern along the sides of the helmet is picked up by car headlights at night.

Review of the Proviz Eris luminous yellow cycle helmet to keep kids safe on the road at night





Ease of use of the Proviz Eris kids bike helmet

It’s very easy to adjust the sizing of the Proviz Eris helmet to the fit your childs head, and N has been able to fasten and unfasten the helmet himself. The rear light is very easy for him to switch on and off.

How is the light on the back of the cycle helmet powered?

The rear light on the back of the bike helmet is powered by two button cell batteries, which lasted all winter – finally fading in the early spring.  The batteries are easy to replace, once you have the courage to pull apart the light unit.  I initially thought I was going to damage the light, but it actually snaps apart and goes back together fine, and this feature has the added bonus that kids aren’t likely to take it apart, as it’s not an obvious bit for them to try and open.

Please remember that the red light on the back of the cycle helmet is NOT a substitute for a rear bike light (a legal obligation when riding on the road at night).  It certainly shouldn’t be relied on as a main light source as there is a risk that your child or their friend may switch it off without you realising.

Be prepared for…..

  • your child wanting to play with the LED light rather than getting their helmet on
  • requests to check what mode the light is on – they can’t see what it’s doing when it’s on their head
  • other children rushing up and wanting to play with the light

I was initially worried about N fiddling with the light whilst riding along but that hasn’t happened, and over the course of a couple of days the initial thrill of playing with the LED wore worn off, so he only has to click through the modes several times before putting on.

The Proviz Eris high visibility kid cycle helmet – the final verdict

The Proviz Eris luminous cycle helmet is a great way to make your child more visible to other road users now the winter days and nights are here.  It’s ideal for both cyclists and scooter riders, especially if they’re regularly out and about at night.

N reviewed the Eris helmet whilst riding on a tagalong and it’s a useful way of helping other road users see that you’re riding together.

Review of the bright yellow Proviz Eris high visibility kids cycle helmet with light on the back of the helmet

Proviz Eris bright yellow kids cycle helmet with a light on the back

N wore the bright yellow bike helmet all winter, including at night, and I really liked the fact it was one more way to make drivers aware that we were on the road together.

Once spring arrived, we realised that he had outgrown his old cycle helmet, and he happily continued to wear it all summer. Towards the end of the summer  holidays (as he’d turned 7 and become more style conscious) he did ask for a “summer helmet”, but then forgot about it again.  

Quality wise the Proviz helmet has lasted really well, with the straps and padding still in excellent condition, despite daily wear for a year. In terms of safety, the Proviz Eris high vis kids cycle helmet is designed and built to CE EN 1078 safety standards.

The only thing to suffer has been the two reflective stars that were on each side of the Eris. One has mysteriously moved from the side of the helmet to the front, and the other has vanished. Now, I wonder who would do that eh???

So, I’m please to report that after a year of daily wear the Proviz Eris will do another winter, with just the addition of two new batteries.

I’d definitely recommend the Proviz Eris high visibility kids cycle helmet if your child is either riding their own bike or using any form of trailer bike, tandem or towbar on the roads this winter.

Where to buy the Proviz Eris high viz kids bike helmet

The Proviz Eris kids cycle helmet comes in two sizes – Small (48 cm to 53cm)  and Medium (53cm to 58cm), and is available to purchase online via the Proviz Website, or from Amazon.   Some local bike shops also stock Proviz kit – click here to find out if yours is one of them.

Proviz also do a range of almost 80 other cycling items, including adult helmets, Hi Viz jackets and gloves, which can be found on their website at

Please note that Cycle Sprog was sent the Proviz Eris high visibility kids cycle helmet to review.  The original article was written and published on 8th November 2012, and updated 7th October 2013, when the helmet had been worn for a further year.


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