Etc kids cycling mitts review – short fingered kids bike gloves

The Etc kids cycling mitts are one of the cheapest children’s sized short finger cycling gloves on the market that aren’t adorned with cartoon characters.

Mum of two Kathryn reviewed the Etc mitts, and tells us how they fared.

Review of the Etc kids cycling gloves and kids cycling mittsSize, quality and ease of use

A good fit for small hands (both my children aged 4 and 6 have the size small) and comfortable to wear, these kids cycling gloves seem well made and have kept their shape and lasted despite being washed in the machine  numerous times.

The mitts are easy to put on and take off with a velcro fastening – both my kids can put them on themselves, which is a bonus when you are dealing with jacket zips, helmet buckles, loading the panniers and sorting your own gloves out!

Etc kids cycling mitts help stop grazed palms

Initially we thought they were a bit of a ‘gimmick’ – a great way of getting the children to feel like they were ‘proper’ cyclists without massive investment (they cost about £6 ) – but they did stop my daughter grazing her hands recently when she fell off on a gravel track and they do give them a bit of extra grip when it’s wet.

We have also found that by putting a pair of thermal inner gloves underneath these short fingered gloves you don’t compromise on the grip, but have the added benefit of keeping their hands warm when cycling in colder weather.

The Etc kids mitts come in pink or blue, so if your children, like mine are bothered about such things you can have a girl and a boy version.

Etc kids cycling mitt review – overall verdict

A good basic short fingered cycling glove for young children that will protect their palms and help with grip, whilst not breaking the bank. They’re durable enough to undergo regular washing too.

Where to buy the Etc kids short fingered cycling glove

To find your nearest Etc stockist click here

The gloves were provided to Cycle Sprog for review

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