Knog Whiplock review – a bike lock you can wear over your shoulder!

School for my 7 year old daughter, Emily, is a quick 15 minute ride up the cycle path and this is a great way to start the day!   Now I just needed a bike lock to keep the treasured Isla bike safe during school hours – will the Knog Whiplock (RRP £39.99) be up to the task?

I was previously using a huge bike lock which we had in the garage and it weighed a ton.  Although this has its place it was not really a school run lock.  The Knog Whiplock however seems much more suited to the task!

A bike lock you can wear over your shoulder?

Yes! Unlike most bike locks, which you have to carry in your rucksack or pannier, the Whiplock is a bike lock you can wear over your shoulder.  Weighing 500g it’s not too heavy, although you do know it’s there, especially if the child is carrying it.

The Knog Whiplock – how does it work?

The Whiplock is a straightforward bicycle lock with 3 keys provided which is useful for misplacing incidents!  One end of the lock shackle is permanently fastened to the lock body so, unlike a padlock and chain, it is easy to lock together.

Knog Whiplock review - a bike lock I can wear over my shoulder

The cable is fully over moulded with UV resistant silicone so the bike is protected from any marks or scratches which is great to protect the much-loved bike!

With a cable length of 1.2m it is perfect to lock Emily’s bike frame to the bike rack at school and this is also enough to lock two bikes to a lamp-post outside shops, library, swimming pool etc.

Things to be aware of with the Knog Whiplock

The lock is made of fibre core braided steel cable and comes mid-way on Knogs security grading and I feel happy to use it with the bike rack outside school all day (which is set back from the road but is still visible and accessible to the  passersby).  However, I would not think it’s advisable to use it in a high risk area or overnight anywhere.

The Whiplock can be locked without the key if it is already ‘open’.  I do need to remember the key at school pick up or there would be a double trip!

Knog have provided a ‘bonus wrist coil’ for the keys (the white band shown below) although I do not use this as think it could easily slip off, particularly from a child’s wrist.  One coat removal with other distractions, as there usually are, and your keys would be gone.

Knog Whiplock review - a bike lock I can wear over my shoulder

The Knog Whiplock review – the verdict

The Knog Whiplock is a great lock for our shorter trips – on the school-run, trips to the swimming pool and local shops but it is not ideal to carry around in a bag and similarly you wouldn’t want it on your shoulder all day long.

It’s a great solution for our school run and although not visually bright (like other Knog products), which would win child points, the black is subtle and doesn’t attract attention.

Where to buy the Knog Whiplock wearable bike lock

 You can buy the Knog Whiplock online from Wiggle

The Knog Whiplock wearable bike lock was provided to Cycle Sprog for review.

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