The best bikes for a 6 year old girl 2022

Choosing the best bike for a 6 year old girl can be confusing, but it's such an important decision.

Is it going to give her a love of cycling for life? Will it be the start of regular exercise, that will reduce her risk of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes?

Will it sow the seeds of adventure, leading to a lifetime of exploration?

Will it one day mean that she’s got an independent form of transport (rather than relying on you)?

There's a variety of things to consider when searching for the best bike for a 6-year-old girl and here at Cycle Sprog we're here to help!

First, we'll look at some important things to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash, and then move on to look at some of the bests bikes available for a 6-year-old girl.

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best bikes for a 6 year old girl

2 things to consider when buying a bike for a 6-year-old girl:

1) Can she lift it up?

Please don’t buy a bike that feels heavy to 'you'. If you groan when you pick it up, how do you think a 6-year-old girl is going to feel when she’s trying to ride it? Think how you're going to be able to carry it up steps, lift it into the car boot or onto a cycle carrier.

2) Is it safe for her to ride?

6-year-old girls have small hands.They need small brake levers to stop safely. Can she reach the brakes and apply them easily?  If it has gears, can she work the gear shifter easily?  If not, then don’t buy the bike.

If you are tempted to buy a really cheap bike then you'd better take a look at this post to see why we don't recommend it. 

We’ve got lots more advice on what to look for when you’re buying a bike for a child in our post 12 things you need to know before buying a kids bike

What size bike does a 6-year-old girl need?

According to the "official" charts, 6-year-old girls range can in height from 106 cm to 129cm.

A girl on the 50th percentile will be 115cm on her 6th birthday and grow to be 122cm by the end of the 12 months.

This means there's not going to be one bike that fits every 6-year-old girl, especially as some will have long legs and others, shorter legs within that range. When buying a kid's bike it’s important that you get one that is the right size. If it’s too big she won’t be able to ride or brake safely.

The majority of 6-year-old girls will either be on a 16" single-speed bike or moving up to a 20” wheel geared bike, with some very tall girls needing a 24” wheel.

There is also an 18" wheel size available for those who are in-between. Don't be tempted to buy a bike that's too big as she'll struggle to control it safely.

We've tried to help by listing the size measurements for each bike below, to help you find the correct sized bike for your 6-year-old.

How to measure what size bike she needs:

Most decent kid's bike manufacturers will state a minimum and maximum inside leg measurement and we've listed them below where known.

Measure her inside leg (from crotch to floor) by standing her against a wall with her legs almost closed and gently sliding a book between her legs and marking the point at which it reaches her crotch.

Use this measurement, together with her height, to ensure you’re getting a bike that fits. If she doesn’t reach the minimum size, then look for a different bike, or go down a size.

Sizing can vary by manufacturer, so always check. If possible get sized up in-store, although the online retailers we've listed allow you to return a bike if it's the wrong size.

Does a 6 year old girl need gears on her bike?

There isn't a correct answer to this, but by the time she reaches 6 years she'll probably be wanting to go faster and further, like Amy who is pictured here riding the Battle on the Beach at Pembrey Country Park.

Gears can help, especially if you're going to be cycling in areas with hills.

The majority of 20" wheel bikes come with gears so make sure that they're easy to use because if they're not, you're going to receive complaints.

Make sure the gears are simple to understand - you don't need a triple chainring and 27 gears at this age - she'll just get confused and not use them, plus they add unnecessary weight to the bike.

There are a few single speed 20" wheel bikes for children who live in very flat areas or aren't yet ready to deal with the complexity of gears.

Smaller 16" and 18" wheel bikes don't come with gears.

best bikes for a 6 year old girl

Does a bike for a 6 year old girl need suspension?

For the majority of 6-year-old girls that are gaining their confidence and getting used to riding further distances, suspension isn't required.

A lightweight, aluminium frame with rigid forks combined with an all-purpose tyre will suffice for most surfaces.

You can then fit off-road tyres if they progress to doing more technical off-road riding.

Suspension will only add weight, cost and maintenance. However, ignore this if you've got a future Rachel Atherton in your family - you may want to consider suspension if she's doing downhill mountain biking or similar!

If you're looking for a 20" mountain bike, check out this post.

My 6 year old can't ride a bike - does she need stabilisers?

By the age of six, the majority of children should be able to ride without stabilisers.

However, cycling is a skill that needs lots of practice, so if they’ve not had much experience they could be feeling nervous, or maybe just aren't able to pedal yet.

Give her plenty of time to hone her skills and don't compare her to other children of the same age - after all, they grow and develop at different rates.

At Cycle Sprog we don't recommend stabilisers in the majority of situations - check out this great video from Cycling UK about how to teach a child to ride a bike.

Some children do require additional support when cycling though, so stabilisers may be great for this.

If they have additional needs, then do visit our post on Cycling with older kids who have a disability or special needs which also includes details on balance bikes and adapted cycles suitable for a 6 year old girl.

the best bikes for a 6 year old girl

Best Bikes for a 6-year-old girl

In this section, we take a look at some of the bike brands we'd recommend for a 6-year-old girl.

We're just considering hybrid (i.e. flat handlebar) style bikes without suspension, which are suitable for riding on paved surfaces, tracks and some technical off-road riding.

We're mainly featuring 20" wheel bikes, but all the brands listed have 16" and 24" wheel offerings if required.

If you've got a very skilled and experienced rider on your hands, she might want to try a drop handlebar road bike or a mountain bike.

However, we tend not to recommend spending your money on specialist bikes at this point, unless she's absolutely certain she's only going to be doing one particular type of cycling (or you're going down the N+1 route at an early age!)

These posts will help you if this is the case:

Frog Bikes (from £280) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bikes.

Frog key data (suitable for most 6 year olds):

Price: £280 - £485
Wheel Size: 16" - 24"
Weight of bikes: 6.75kg - 9.2kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, road.
Warranty: 2 years - extended to 5 years for frame if you register the bike within 28 days of purchase

Frog Bikes have a great range of bikes for 6-year-olds. For those of you who haven't come across this award-winning British bike manufacturer, the bikes are named after the minimum inside leg measurement.

So the Frog 55 fits kids with a minimum inside leg of 55cm. Frog Bikes have so many size and gear combinations, there's bound to be one that fits!

Their 20" wheel model comes in two frame sizes - the Frog 52 (£325) and the Frog 55  (£330) and provides a great introduction to riding a bike with gears.

The single chainring at the front keeps things simple, with a child-sized thumb shifter the only thing needed to move through the 8 speeds.

If your child isn't ready for gears, then there's even a single-speed version of the Frog 52 S (£310).

For smaller 6-year-olds, the single speed 16" wheel version is the Frog 48 (for those with an inside leg of 48cm and over).

All Frog Bikes come with two sets of Kenda small block tyres, one for off-road trail riding and one for on-road riding, proving what a versatile bike this is. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns, including pink, spotty, red, orange, blue, union jack, purple and green.

Frog also do a 20" wheel drop handlebar bike (Frog Road 58) for girls wanting to do cyclo-cross or serious road riding, but please remember she will need to be a very competent cyclist to handle this type of bike.

For more information, please read our review of the Frog 55 hybrid and the Frog Road 58.

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best bikes for a 6 year old girl - frog bikes
frog bikes for a girl

Black Mountain Bikes (from £449)

Black Mountain Bikes (suitable for most 6-year-olds) key data:

Price: £450 (up to £650 for the hard-tail mountain bike)
Wheel Size: 18" - 20"
Weight of bikes:  8.1kg - 10.1kg
Types of bike: hybrid, mountain bike
Warranty: 2 years - extended to 5 years for frame if you register the bike within 28 days of purchase

The great thing about Black Mountain Bikes is that they grow with your child, meaning you need to buy fewer bikes.

The frame is extendable so once it becomes too small you make a series of adjustments to the connecting points and it increases in size, increasing the life of the bike.

These bikes are also a good choice if your daughter hasn't quite mastered pedalling, as you can buy it in balance bike mode and it will convert to a pedal bike when the time is right.

6-year-old girls will probably be looking to ride the HUTTO - currently the largest size in the Black Mountain Range - which is sized for children 118cm to 134cm or the slightly smaller KAPEL, which is for those 110cm to 128cm in height.

Both these bikes come with gears, plus the Hutto has the option for disc brakes and front suspension too if you're planning some off-road riding.

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Black Mountain KAPĒL - bikes for a 6 year old girl
best bikes for a 6 year old girl

Cube Bikes (from £269)

Cycle Sprog recommended brand.

Cube Bikes (suitable for most 6 year olds)key data:

Price: £269 - £449
Wheel Size: 16" - 20"
Weight of bikes:  8kg - 12.2kg
Types of bike: hybrid, mountain
Warranty: Frame 6 years; rest of bike 2 years

Cube Bikes are another brand with a wide range of bikes, so there should be something to suit most 6 year old girls.

They aren't always the lightest, but Cube are renowned for producing good quality bikes that should withstand everything your child throws at it.

Their 20" wheel offerings are called the Cube Kid 200, and there are lots of options to choose from, including this great specification, lightweight (8.8kg) off road bike, the Cube Acid 200 SL, which has 7 gears, great off road tyres and a good range of gears for getting up hills.

Cube also do a step through "Ella" bike for girls who prefer a more continental style city bike with smooth-rolling Kenda tyres, cargo rack, full-length mudguards and dynamo LED lights.

This is a good choice for year-round commuting to school, as it's designed for carrying school books and riding in a skirt whilst keeping dry and being visible to other traffic users.

best bikes for a 6 year old girl
best bikes for a 6 year old girl

For much smaller 6-year-olds, Cube's 16" wheel single speed bike is called the Cube Kid 160 and the "girls" version comes in pink/berry, whilst you can get a white and blue unisex version too.

The Cube Kids range has lots of different colour and accessory options, so you may need to spend some time choosing the right bike!

We haven't reviewed the small Cube bikes (yet!) but have been very impressed with the larger Cube Mountain Bikes that our Sprogs have been reviewing.

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Squish bikes (from £269)

Cycle Sprog Reviewed and Recommended bike.

Squish Bikes (suitable for most 6-year-olds) key data:

Price: £250 - £300
Wheel Size: 16" - 20"
Weight of bikes: 6.3kg - 8.63kg
Types of bike: Hybrid
Warranty: Frame and Forks - 3 years; components - 1 year (excluding wear and tear)

There aren't that many 18" wheel bikes available, and the majority are very heavy steel-framed affairs.

One of the few exceptions is the Squish 18, which is a lightweight aluminium framed, single-speed bike, that gives an option for girls who are too big for a 16" wheel bike but not yet ready to move on up to a 20" wheel geared bike.

You can read our review of the Squish 18 here.

The Squish 18 is available for £279.99.  Squish also do a geared 20" wheel version and a small 16" wheel bike if these sizings suit your Cycle Sprog better.

The bikes are also stocked at a wide range of local bike stores if you prefer to shop local.

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best bikes for a 6 year old girl - squish bikes
bikes for a 6 year old girl

Islabikes (from £319)

 Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand.

Islabike (suitable for most 6 year olds) key data:

Price: £250 - £300
Wheel Size: 16" - 24"
Weight of bikes:  6.1kg - 9kg
Types of bike: hybrid, mountain
Warranty: 5 years on frame and forks and a 2 years on parts

If you've got the budget to spend, every 6 year old girl would love an Islabikes Beinn.

They're the premium kids' bike, with every bit of the bike designed specifically to fit the rider and to give an excellent ride.

Having been the pioneers of quality, lightweight kids bikes for well over a decade, Islabikes continually evolve their range and they now offer a small and large framed Beinn 20,  plus a 20" wheel single speed Cnoc, so there should be a bike to fit all 6 year olds.

We've reviewed lots of Islabikes over the years and have always been highly impressed with them.

The bikes come in a stunning range of colours - red, green, pink or teal. There is a thriving second-hand market, as the bikes are so well made they're good for several owners at least!

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Halford Carrera (from £164 when reduced)

Carrera key data:

Price: £205 - £260
Wheel Size: 16" and 20"
Weight of bikes:  6.8kg and 10kg
Types of bike: Hybrid
Warranty: Frame and Forks - lifetime guarantee - all other parts 1 year

Halfords offer a range of bikes at some very low prices, but you do need to remember the rules of what makes a good kids bike and avoid anything that you struggle to pick up.

The Carrera range offers some lighter weight children's bikes with alloy frames, so these should be much lighter than the majority of their steel-framed kids bikes.

The Carrera Cosmos (£205 but often reduced) is their 16" wheel offering - the general height guidelines are 112 - 127cm, but you're best trying in store if you can to check the sizing suits.

There's no gearing to worry about - it's just a simple bike with reliable brakes and tyres that should be fun and safe to ride.

For taller girls, the Carrera Saruna (£260 but often reduced) is the 20" wheel option, which comes with gears - hence the step up in price. The general height guidelines are 117 - 136cm.

The 7-speed gears use a Shimano Altus rear derailleur, which is a reputable and reliable set-up, and there's only one grip shifter to operate.

The Kenda tyres will cope well with paved and off-road surfaces and should give good stability and traction.

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best girls bikes for a 6 year old
popular bikes for a 6 year old girl

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Still looking for the best bike for a 6-year-old girl?

There are so many other decent kid's bikes out there that are suitable for 6-year-old girls. We've put together a number of specific articles that cover both 16" and 20" wheels, so if you want more choices then take a look at the following posts:

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