Choosing the best bike for your two year old

Being two years old is such an exciting age! As the adult in the life of a 2 year old, you're probably looking at ways to keep them occupied - and what better than their very first bike?

You've come to the right place - Cycle Sprog is here to guide you and your family on your cycling journey.

2 years of age is the perfect age to start to introduce the concept of bikes and cycling to your child.

In this article, we'll look at what a 2 year old is capable of and what types of toddler bikes and balance bikes are best for a two year old.

We'll also show you some of our favourite bikes that are perfectly sized for a 2 year old.

Best bike for a 2 year old

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Things to think about when buying a bike for a 2 year old

Before you rush in and buy a toddler bike, it's always worth stopping and answering a few questions.

How old is your two year old?

This may sound like a silly question, but if it's your child's 2nd birthday, they're going to be a totally different child, with different skills and requirements than a two year old who has their 3rd birthday tomorrow.

So much physical and mental development goes on during this year - by the end of it they're going to be taller, stronger and have better coordination.

How tall is your 2 year old?

Two year olds can vary massively in height. A small two year old girl on her 2nd birthday could be 77cm tall. A tall two year old boy just before his 3rd birthday could be 106cm tall.

This is a massive 29cm difference between two children both 2 years of age. This is why it's so important to check the sizing of any bike you buy, and whether it's correct for your child.

Is my 2 year old ready for a pedal bike?

Whilst there are the occasional exceptions, 2 year olds aren't ready to ride a bike with pedals.

The skills needed to ride a pedal bike develop over time, and it's best to start simple and let your child have loads of fun first.

A balance bike is usually the best option for this age group; they are small bikes with no pedals. They will teach your child all the fundamentals of how to ride a bike and will remove the need for using stabilisers.

Over time they will learn how to balance, steer, move at speed and come to a stop, all without having to worry about turning the pedals.

Toddler bikes and ride ons for two year olds

If your two year old is not physically ready to ride a balance bike (either because they're not tall enough, or they struggle with balancing) then a pre-balance bike or ride on provides stability.

They have extra wheels, whilst your little one can enjoy the thrill of being able to ride around on their "bike".100


The Scuttlebug has a three-wheel design which is great for stability and is aimed at slightly older toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old.

Available in a range of bright, colourful designs, including bumblebee, butterfly, grasshopper and beetle.

It requires steering, so is the next stage in helping your child develop their motor skills (whilst having great fun and being active).

The Scuttlebug wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and ensures a smooth, quiet ride. It folds in three simple steps meaning it’s portable and can easily be taken on your travels.

Small balance bikes for two year olds

As your child progresses through their (hopefully not so terrible) two's a balance bike becomes the natural choice.

There really is a huge choice of balance bikes in all prices, colours and styles. The important thing is to choose one that fits your child, so they can get both feet flat on the ground whilst scooting along.

We've selected a few of our favourite balance bikes that are sized for 2 year olds of various heights - but we've got loads of other articles on balance bikes if you want to browse further.

Frog Tadpole Mini

The 10″ wheel Frog Tadpole Mini is one of the very smallest balance bikes available and it’s suitable for children with an inside leg of just 24cm.

The Frog Tadpole Mini balance bike does have a rear brake which will allow your child to get used to braking when they are ready. However, don’t expect a very young child to use them – feet are more than adequate for stopping!

The tyres are pneumatic, which means you can take this bike outside and ride on a variety of surfaces, and there’s a quick-release seat post so the bike easily grows with your child.

woom Original 1

With a minimum inside leg measurement of just 26cm the woom 1 is one of the best balance bikes for shorter toddlers with little legs who are ready to move onto two wheels.

However it’s got 12cm of growth so it’s good for slightly taller children too – and with plenty of room for growth.

The woom 1 is really lightweight which means it’s easy for a younger rider to move about – plus it’s kinder for you to carry when they get fed up and decide they’ve had enough balance biking for one day!

What bike will you choose for your two year old?

We hope you've found this article helpful, and it has helped you choose the perfect bike for your two year old. If not, do check out our kids bike search, where you can find loads more choices.

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