woom Original 1

With a minimum inside leg measurement of just 26cm the woom 1 is one of the best balance bikes for shorter toddlers with little legs who are ready to move onto two wheels.

However it’s got 12cm of growth so it’s good for slightly taller children too – and with plenty of room for growth.

The woom 1 is really lightweight which means it’s easy for a younger rider to move about – plus it’s kinder for you to carry when they get fed up and decide they’ve had enough balance biking for one day!

This balance bike is fitted with a rear brake (which a young toddler won’t be ready to use) but it’s there ready to help get them prepared to move onto a pedal bike as they grow.

The brake pad and the brake lever on the woom 1 are both green.  This starts to make sense when you move onto the woom 2 and woom 3 pedal bikes, which both have the same rear brake feature.

This makes it much easier to teach them how to brake properly, as you don’t have to worry about right / left or front / rear confusion – you just say “use the green brake”.

We’ve not reviewed this particular bike, but we have reviewed the larger starter pedal bikes and our testers were really impressed with their comfort, ease of use and durability.

You can read our review of the woom 2 and review of the woom 3 to find out more about these bikes.

If your child is towards the upper end of the sizing on the woom 1, it’s worth checking out the larger 14″ wheel woom 1 PLUS balance bike.

To find out more about the woom range, read our comprehensive guide to woom kids bikes.

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