Woom NOW 5

Woom Now 6

The Woom Now 6 is a unique design, sporting a 26-inch rear wheel coupled with a 20-inch front wheel, to accommodate a built-in front carrier for transporting bags, sports equipment, or whatever else your youngster might need to take with them. 

Chunky tyres make light work of Britain’s pot-holed roads, and the included wide mudguards make it practical year round. It also features a dynamo hub with lights that don’t ever need charging, disc brakes for weather-proof stopping power, and a frame-mounted bag for storing other essentials.

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woom Original 1

With a minimum inside leg measurement of just 26cm the woom 1 is one of the best balance bikes for shorter toddlers with little legs who are ready to move onto two wheels.

However it’s got 12cm of growth so it’s good for slightly taller children too – and with plenty of room for growth.

The woom 1 is really lightweight which means it’s easy for a younger rider to move about – plus it’s kinder for you to carry when they get fed up and decide they’ve had enough balance biking for one day!

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Woom 3 automagic - the smallest kids bike with gears and 16" wheels

woom Original 3 Automagic

The woom 3 Automagic is the smallest kids bike with gears making it an excellent choice if you live in a hilly area.  The “Automagic” in the name is the best bit. The bike automatically shifts between the two gears depending on the speed it’s being ridden and the gradient your child is riding up.

This gives the benefits of gears without the hassle of having to operate them – perfect for this age group.

The bike has all the features we love about woom bikes, including colour coded brakes, kickstand and water bottle mounts and very comfortable riding position.

Our reviewer found the bike really helped her with the first couple of pedal rotations to get moving, and then ride up steep Lake District hills more easily.

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woom OFF 4

woom OFF 4

The woom OFF 4 is a stylishly designed mountain bike for kids aged 6 years and up. A premium package, it uses a lightweight hydroformed aluminium frame and carbon fork complemented by quality componentry.

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woom 3 kids bike in yellow - one of the best 16" wheel kids bikes available

woom Original 3

The woom 3 weighs in at just 5.5 kg making it one of the lightest 16″ wheel bike we’ve reviewed.   This is due to almost every part on the woom 3 being made from lightweight aluminium.

The bike can be upgraded to have a kickstand – ideal for neat storage and preventing the bike from getting thrown on the ground.

A nice touch is that the rear brake block and the rear brake lever both have green on them, so you can call out to your child to pull on the green brake – simple but effective!

Our 4 year old reviewer loved riding the woom 3 – you can read her dad’s thoughts here.

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woom Original 2

If you’re looking for a first bike for your Cycle Sprog then the woom 2 is an excellent choice as it’s one of the lightest 14″ wheel bikes available.

When we reviewed this bike we were really impressed at how well it performed on the daily school run in all weathers and our tester loved how easy the bike was to ride.

One thing that’s great about the woom 2 is the different coloured brake levers, so you can tell your child to use the green brake and there’s no chance of them getting their left and rights mixed up. Clever!

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