woom Original 3 Automagic

Woom 3 automagic - the smallest kids bike with gears and 16" wheels

The woom Original 3 Automagic is the smallest kids bike with gears making it an excellent choice if you live in a hilly area. The “Automagic” in the name is the best bit. The bike automatically shifts between the two gears depending on the speed it’s being ridden and the gradient your child is riding up.

This gives the benefits of gears without the hassle of having to operate them – perfect for this age group.

The bike has all the features we love about woom bikes, including colour coded brakes, kickstand and water bottle mounts and very comfortable riding position.

Our reviewer found the bike really helped her with the first couple of pedal rotations to get moving, and then ride up steep Lake District hills more easily.

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