A bike - the best present you can give your child this Christmas

Whatever age your child, there is nothing quite like seeing their face when they realize that there's a bike waiting under the tree on Christmas morning.   A bike isn't just a toy, that will be played with several times and then discarded. A bike is an adventure, it's freedom, it's the chance to be outdoors. A bike is a way to stay fit and healthy, it's a method of transport. A bike is fun, joy and happiness. What other Christmas present can possibly compete????

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So, if your child has asked Santa for a bike for Christmas, then we hope he's seen our pick of some of the best kids bikes guaranteed to bring a smile on Christmas morning.



The best kids bikes to buy as a Christmas present

Ages 1 - 2 - The Toddlebike

Not surprisingly, the Toddlebike is aimed at Toddlers, and is a great way to give them the freedom and excitement of a bike as soon as they are able to walk unaided confidently (usually about 18 months).  A Toddlebike can be used indoors or outdoors, and Cycle Sprog readers can get 10% off by using the code Sprog17 when buying directly from the Toddlebike website

Ages 2 - 4 - Balance Bikes

If you're thinking of using stabilisers, think again! Balance bikes are the new way of teaching children how to ride a bike. A balance biker will learn how to steer and balance very quickly, and will progress with confidence to a pedal bike.


The Strider range of balance bikes are really popular with kids who want to go fast on their balance bikes, and are available from £66.

There are loads more types of balance bikes available, so check out our post on finding the best balance bike for your child this Christmas. 

Ages 3 - 5 - Give them their first pedal bike as a Christmas present to remember!

Once your child has mastered the balance bike, then they'll be confident enough to progress to a "proper" bike.   You need a bike that is lightweight and easy to ride, and which you can pick up and carry easily when they get tired.  Don't be fooled into buying a heavy steel frame emblazoned with princesses or superheros. Check out our post 12 things you need to know before buying a kids bike to make sure you're getting a bike that's lightweight, safe and fun to ride.

Frog 43 Spotty kids first bike with 14 inch wheels

Frog Bikes have a great range of starter pedal bikes, and they come in a great range of fun colours that really appeal to young riders

===> Check out Frog Bikes range of starter bikes at Tredz

For more great starter bikes check out our posts:

Ages 6 - 10 - Hybrid Bikes with gears

As your child gets more confident on their bike, and has the strength and stamina to go further, you may want to consider gears. Don't go for anything too complicated - a single chain ring at the front is all you need with a good spread of 7 or so gears at the back. An 8 year old doesn't need 21 gears to confuse things!  Bikes with gears tend to start with 20" wheels and are aimed at ages 7 and over.

Islabike Beinn review - having fun!

See our post on the best 20" wheel hybrid bikes for some great Christmas present ideas.

Vitus Twenty cheapest kids bike with 20" wheels

The Vitus range of bikes from Wiggle are a really great value bike - at just prices from just £170 for the 20" wheel bike, and 24" wheel bikes. Despite the low price, these are well specified bikes, with a much lower weight than others you may find at that price point.


Ages 7 and over - Mountain Bikes

Is there anything more fun that getting out on the trails, riding fast and getting muddy?  We certainly don't think so, and once your child has the mountain biking bug then they're going to be pestering you for a "proper" mountain bike.


Cube Kid 240 SL 2018 24" wheel mountain bike - the perfect Christmas present

This 24" wheel Cube 240 SL is for those wanting to get the most of their riding, and who covet adult bikes with disc brakes!  At £799 it's not the cheapest Christmas present, but will mean you've got something to do for the entire of 2018!

===> Buy the Cube 240 SL from Tredz for £799

For more great mountain bikes, check out our posts:

Ages 9 and over - Road Bikes

We don't recommend road bikes until your child is a confident and competent cyclist, who can safely handle the drop handlebars and skinny wheels (and traffic if they're riding on road rather than track).  If they are the next budding Chris Froome or Lizzie Deignan, then they'd be over the moon to get a road bike for Christmas.

Wiggins Rouen 650c kids road bike

The Wiggins range of bikes is a great, budget way to find out if your child is going to like road cycling. Available from Halfords, they're suitable from ages 8 and over, priced from £300, making them one of the cheapest road bike Christmas presents around.


For more options for kids road bikes, check out our posts:

There's so many quality kids bikes to choose from now, that we'd love to think that Santa's sleigh is full of bikes!  Here's a few more posts he may find useful when stocking up on all those Christmas presents:

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page utilise affiliate marketing, which mean that Cycle Sprog may get a small commission if you buy a Christmas present after clicking the link. This doesn't affect what you pay, and helps us to keep the website going.

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