MTB Works Trail Ready Padded Shorts Review

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MTB Works Trail Ready Kids clothing

MTB Works are described as "specialists in mountain bike clothing, designed specifically for young riders and tested by our own in-house team", so we were excited to be sent their shorts and jersey to put to the test on some Lake District mountain bike rides with our 5 and 8 year old testers.

So why might a child need mountain bike specific shorts, can't they just wear their normal PE/sports shorts? For most types of cycling, specialist clothing is a luxury rather than a necessity, but for technical off-road, mountain bike terrain specialist clothing to offer more protection is advised!

Aimed at Downhill, trail riding, and maybe even uplift days at the bike park these MTB Works Trail Ready Padded Shorts are constructed of heavy-duty 600D material but have soft panels on the rear to prevent rubbing. The heavy-duty material will protect riders from abrasion if they fall off their bike.

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MTB Works Trail Ready Padded Shorts in use

The MTB Works Trail Ready Padded Shorts are some seriously heavy-duty mountain biking shorts with the padded part referring to the removable hip 'pads' that offer protection rather than a chamois (bottom padding).

They are adjustable around the waist via elastic velcro straps and have a front pocket.

The mesh lining brings comfort and they are available in 8 sizes to cover ages 2 -14 and cost £44.99.

We got two sets of these, one for a 5-year-old and one for an 8-year-old. They wore sizes small and large respectively. While the 5-year-old hasn't really been impressed, the 8-year-old has adopted these as their cycling shorts with much enthusiasm.

The issue with the smaller tester was the stiffness of the material which they don't like. In a bigger size, and on a bigger human, the thickness is less noticeable and they get on much better with the shorts.

They are very much a cycling-specific short and as such, have shaped/bent legs and work well when pedalling, but don't lend themselves to use in other sports such as running as they rub a bit. You best stick to bikes with these.

The shorts come with removable hip padding. It's worth noting here that the padding isn't in the bottom area- like you'd find in usual padded cycling shorts. A chamois is often worn to add extra protection and comfort between your bottom and the saddle- these shorts don't have this. What these shorts do have is removable hip padding, the pads are not rigid plastic or soft foam, they sit somewhere in between, like a stiff piece of fabric that would certainly do a good job to prevent gravel rash but wouldn't provide much cushioning!

As you'd expect they are very durable. They may never wear out. This is reassuring as they are not cheap, but it's an investment in shorts that can take a beating and offer a much higher level of protection than a standard pair of shorts. Oh, they wash easily too and dry quick, so that's a win! These could continue to be worn year round, with some thermal leggings underneath in the colder months.

Overall thoughts

Very durable and robust shorts that perhaps work better in larger sizes. Our tester could take or leave the pads, but as a heavy-duty mountain bike short, they are cut well and offer a high level of protection.

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