WulfSport Stratos Kids Cycling Gloves Review

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Wulfsport Stratos Kids Cycling Glove Review

Little Pro have kindly kitted out our 5 and 8 year old testers, who love riding off-road in the Lake District. They have been putting a set of children's MTB specific clothing to the test, including the MTB Works Trail Ready Jersey and Padded Shorts. Little Pro specialise in all things children's cycling, enabling kids to have clothing and accessories that fit and perform well, not just badly shrunk versions of adult kit.

Cycling specific gloves for mountain biking offer kids the dexterity and protection they need for riding off road.

Wulfsport Stratos Kids' Cycling Gloves brings everything you might expect from an adult mountain bike glove in a child-friendly package.

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Wulfsport Stratos Kids Cycling Glove in use

The gloves feature non-slip amara (synthetic suede) palm with padding to keep things comfortable. They have mesh, vents, grip and protection in all the places you'd expect. They have a simple velcro closure and are machine washable.

They come in 4 sizes from XXXS to Small and have options for 7 colours (including typical boy and girl colours) and should fit kids between 2 to 13 years old.

The sizing for the gloves works ok based on ages, but it would help to have a measurement across the width of a hand to refine the choice as a 3-year age span size can vary a lot. We had a pair of XXS for the 5 year old and XS for the 8 year old which both fitted well.

Leaving the house to ride bikes can be a logistical challenge. Bikes, clothes, helmets, gloves... the list goes on, but I've always felt gloves were essential and will prioritise the time to find the inevitable lost glove!

Previously we used whatever gloves we had kicking around for the kids. They grow fast and lose gloves in an instant, so there has been a reluctance to shell out on specific mountain bike gloves.

So, with the arrival of the Wulfsport Stratos gloves, it was time to try something more appropriate. First up, the fit has been excellent, they are not just small, they are child-sized and shaped, and what's more, they are easy to put on and take off.

Once on, it was clear the kids enjoyed wearing them, they provide the grip needed, but with a level of sensitivity to help the endless gear shifting and braking conversations I'm currently having with the kids. The silicon finger grip very much helping with pushing shifters and pulling levers.

They've kept them on for lunch, snacks and playing in the mud, and proved to be versatile, but also hard-wearing. What's more, they go through the wash and dry quickly. I doubt they will wear out before they are outgrown.

They are not super warm and may be considered a summer glove depending on where you live and how hot your little riders get.

I'm not a massive fan of the motocross look of the gloves and prefer a more neutral style for a glove that is so versatile, but I'm not sure why my opinion comes into this really as the kids love them!

Final Verdict

Great fit, function and durability. A brilliant range of sizes and colours make these suitable for all children that cycle! These are great examples of how adult kit can be shrunk down so the kids get the gloves they deserve.

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