Best kids cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are an important part of keeping your child safe and comfortable whilst they’re riding their bike.

Gloves are particularly important if your child is riding long distances, mountain biking, racing or cycling in cold weather.

Even for riding shorter distances or gentle leisure cycling, they can help to make riding more comfortable if your child finds their handlebar grips uncomfortable.

And of course, they look great and can make children feel grown up and ready to go on a bike ride.

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In a hurry?  Quick pick of the best kids cycling glove brands:

Ti-Go – The go-to brand for the very youngest of cyclists, Ti-Go sizing starts at just 2 years of age and goes through to 14 years of age. They've got a range of different gloves for different seasons and riding styles.

B’Twin – Decathlon’s in-house brand are great value and come in a range of short finger, long finger and winter gloves with sizes suitable from 8 to 12 years of age.

Endura – Get mini-me versions of Endura’s adult gloves – designed for comfort and protection.

What to look for when buying your child a pair of cycling gloves

Fit: The most important thing is that the gloves fit. If they’re too big then chaffing and blisters are more likely. Too small and they'll be really uncomfortable.

Breathability: Ventilation is very important, especially if your child is riding fast or uphill. Even on cold days, hands can get sweaty if there's no breathability in the material.

Comfort: The padding on the palm help prevent sore hands and blisters so check there's enough of it. Very cheap gloves tend to skimp in this area.

Tech compatibility: Long fingered gloves sometimes come with mobile-friendly material on the fingertips, which you may, or may not want on your ride. Fingerless mitts are obviously tech friendly!

Protection: If your child is doing tricks or riding in a way that they're at high risk of coming off their bike then look for knuckle protection and extra durable materials.

What type of cycling glove does your child need?

There are four main types of kids cycling gloves designed for different types of riding:

  • Short finger mitts
  • Long finger lightweight gloves
  • Mountain biking gloves
  • Winter gloves

In this article we’ll take a look at what each type of glove offers and pick some of the best child-sized cycling gloves available.

Short finger kids cycling mitts

Cycling mitts are a great way of stopping any soreness in your child's palms from gripping onto their handlebars.

The padding in the palms makes it much more comfortable to ride longer and bumpier rides, plus they've got protection should they fall off their bike, as it's often the palms that hit the ground first.

You can also turn them into winter gloves by putting a very thin pair of thermal gloves underneath.

Ti-Go short fingered mitt


Ti-Go short fingered mitt - kids cycling gloves

Brand: Ti-Go
Price: £11.95
Age: 2-3, 4-5 years
Colours: Blue, Pink or Orange

The Ti-GO kids short finger gloves are the perfect affordable option for tiny hands needing extra padding, grip and comfort on the handlebars whilst cycling.

The gloves feature super soft inner lining and velcro fastening making it easy to put the gloves on tiny hands, the velcro also allows the gloves to grow with the rider.

These kids gloves are also available in full finger style.

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Altura Airstream short finger gloves

Altura airstream short finger gloves - what are the best kids cycling gloves

Brand: Altura
Price: £15.00
Age: 5-6, 7-9, 10-12 years
Colours: Lime, Blue or Pink

The Altura Airstream kids mitt gloves are a bright and protective glove for young riders.

The high-wicking fabric and suede palm provides comfort and practicality, with the cuff tab allowing for an adjustable fit.

This also allows the Altura Airstream gloves to grow with your child.

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Kiddimoto fingerless gloves

Brand: Kiddimoto
2-5, 4-8 years
14 patterns to choose from

The Kiddimoto fingerless gloves are for young riders looking for protection, comfort and style whilst riding.

The gloves are available in 14 brightly coloured patterns designed to appeal to this younger age range.

The stretchy material allows the Kiddimoto gloves to grow with your child and they are finished with adjustable velcro straps to ensure they fit children's wrists correctly.

They also do a full finger version too.

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Full finger kids cycling gloves

Long finger kids cycling gloves serve two main purposes. Firstly they keep little fingers warmer than mitts, which can be really important during the spring and autumn months. Perfect for when it's not cold enough for a proper winter glove, but too chilly for mitts.

These gloves also provide better protection around the fingers should your child come off their bike, but are far more flexible and easy to wear than specialist mountain biking gloves (which we'll look at in the next section).

They therefore make a great choice for kids riding green, blue and red mountain biking trails, plus anyone out on a leisure trail or commuting who wants a bit more warmth and protection than a mitt affords.

Ti-Go long fingered mitt

ti-go long fingered gloves - best children cycling gloves

Brand: Ti-Go
Price: £11.95
Age: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 years
Colours: Blue, Pink or Orange

The Ti-GO kids long fingered gloves are a great affordable option to protect little hands.

The padded 'GO-SHOCK' palm and soft inner lining ensures comfort on the handlebars for longer bike rides.

The gloves feature a velcro fastening making it easier to get the gloves on small hands, and is also allows the gloves to grow with the young rider. They are also available in short-finger style.

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Endura Hummvee long fingered gloves

Endura Hummvee kids long finger cycling gloves - best gloves for children who love cycling

Brand: Endura
Price: £12.99
Age: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 years
Colours: Royal blue, dark blue, grey camo

The Endura Hummvee long finger gloves are a good choice for young riders.

Made from a stretch material, with a lightweight, hardwearing palm providing protection on the handlebars on all terrain.

The gloves feature an elasticated cuff to ensure they fit your child's wrist correctly and allows for some growing room.

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Btwin long fingered gloves

Btwin long fingered kids gloves

Brand: Btwin
Price: £13.99
Age: 8, 10, 12 years
Colours: Black/Grey

The Btwin long fingered kids gloves are designed for style and comfort for young mountain bike riders.

The gloves are breathable and protective and have excellent grip which makes keeping control of steering and using the brake levers easier than ever.

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Kids mountain biking gloves

Mountain biking comes with a higher risk of coming off your bike, so good hand protection is essential, as is ventilation to prevent overheating, especially during the uphill stages of a ride.

For gentler forms of mountain biking the full fingered gloves featured above will be more than adequate. But if your child is riding fast, jumping and doing tricks, or riding downhill trails then they're going to need gloves that provide knuckle and wrist protection too.

This selection of kids MTB gloves are designed for just this purpose.

Ti-Go pro MTB gloves

Ti-go pro kids cycling gloves - best gloves for cycling

Brand: Ti-Go
Price: £19.99
Age: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 years
Colours: Black/Orange/Blue

The Ti-Go pro MTB gloves are Ti-Go's most advanced kids glove.

Featuring 'GO-SHOCK' palm pads with gel protection, and 4-way stretch fabric, proving comfortable whilst gripping the handlebars on all terrain.

The gloves also feature an upgraded silicone cover on the velcro fastener, making it even easier for little hands to take on and off.

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Fox dirtpaw long finger MTB gloves

Fox long finger MTB gloves - best mountain biking kids gloves

Brand: Fox
Price: £18.99
Age: Small, Medium, Large
Colours: Black/White, Orange, Yellow, Red

The Fox Dirtpaw MTB gloves are a quality choice of glove for young riders.

With padded palms and thumb overlays providing additional comfort and durability with added protection for the hand and knuckles too.

These gloves are touchscreen compatible and feature stretch mesh finger gussets for increased airflow, and a hook and loop fastening for a secure fit.

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Wulfsport attack long finger gloves

wulfsport long fingered gloves - best kids gloves for cycling

Brand: Wulfsport
2-4yrs, 5-7yrs, 8-10yrs, 10-13+yrs
Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

The Wulfsport attach long finger gloves are a great comfortable pair of gloves for young riders.

The non-slip, padded, palms provide extra grip and durability, and the mesh panelling enhance air flow to the hands whilst cycling.

The Wulfsport attack gloves also boast a silicone knuckle guard design for safety and are easy enough for your child to put on and off due to the TPR wrist strap velcro fastening.

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Kids winter cycling gloves

When winter comes around you need to make sure your child’s fingers and hands are warm yet the gloves are flexible enough to allow them to safely ride their bike.

There's a wide range of different winter cycling gloves depending how warm and waterproof you need them to be. For that reason we've got an entire article dedicated to kids winter cycling gloves.

More reading: Best kids winter cycling gloves


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