Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers

The Cycle Sprog choice of Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers:

Christmas is a magical time for toddlers, and you can make it even more special by giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime: a love of cycling. Here is our guide to some of the best Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers (i.e. the 1-3 age range).

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Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers: Bikes


If your toddler is desperate to get cycling, but is too young, then a Scramblebug is a great alternative.  It folds down small for carrying when they’ve had enough!

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Kidvelo Rookie Balance Bike


The Kidvelo Rookie 12 is perfect for toddlers aged 18 months+ who are ready move onto two wheels. They also have a really clever range that converts from balance to pedal bikes for older kids too!

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Hornit AIRO 12"

The Hornit AIRO 12" is a brilliant lightweight balance bike your sprog will love! Read our Hornit AIRO 12 review for more details.

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Toddlebike/Lena Scooter

The Lena Toddlebike is a perfect beginners ‘scooter’ (or pre-balance bike) for when a child has begun walking (usually around 18 months, but it can be earlier) and has an inside leg measurement of 20cm.

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Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers: Accessories

Cycling gloves for toddlers

Keeping little hands warm when you’re cycling in the colder weather is always difficult. Tigo’s range starts at just 2 years and over. Other options for gloves for little hands can be found in our guide to the best kids' winter cycling gloves

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Toddler bike helmet

Whether your little one is using their own bike or riding on yours, it can be challenging to find a helmet that’s small enough. The Decathlon 500 is the smallest helmet we’ve managed to find!  The best toddler bike helmets is the place to visit if you're keen for a few other helmet options.

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Strider Rocking Base

Forget rocking horses! Strider have the perfect way to introduce your sprog to the joys of balance biking, from the comfort of your front room!

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Kids Ride Shotgun Seats

Is your sprog not quite old enough to be hitting the trails on their own bike, but wanting to get involved regardless?

The Kids Ride Shotgun seat is the perfect way to get your little ones hooked on feeling the wind in their hair and the flow of a mountain bike trail.

Buying this for a family member or friend’s kid could make you the coolest aunt or uncle around! Read our Kids Ride Shotgun Seat review - our reviewer loved whooshing around the berms of the Hope Line at Gisburn Forest, with cries of “lean dad, lean!”.

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Baby buff

You can never have too many buffs in your life! They are brilliant at keeping your sprog’s neck warm, but also make a brilliant under-helmet layer, keeps long hair tucked into a helmet and can be used off the bike too.

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Teddy/Snack transportation bag

A little bike bag designed to perfectly fit balance bikes, scooters and little bikes- enable your child to carry their own snacks, spares or even bring a teddy along for the ride!

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Hornit light and bell

This bell and light is designed for little hands and has a whopping 25 different sound effects. Not for the parent that likes a serene ride in the countryside, you'll be accompanied by burps, hoots, sirens and roars with this gift. Perfect for little bikes or to activate from upfront seats, get your toddler involved with letting everyone around them know they are coming!

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Warm hands!

These pogies by Kids Ride Shotgun are a brilliant way to keep little hands warm if your child uses an upfront seat. The pogies attach to handlebars and little hands can slide in and out easily- totally faff free!

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Christmas gifts for cycling toddlers: Cycling Books

What better way to encourage them to love reading AND cycling than books about bikes!

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Christmas gifts for parents of cycling toddlers

Balance bike carry strap

Do they end up carrying their child's balance bike back from the nursery drop-off or around the park when they decide to walk instead? This strap will make their life a little easier and keep their hands free for everything else.

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Wall Art

Wanting something a little different for a parent that loves riding with their sprog? We love this mama/papa and baby bear MTB wall art.

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Before you go….. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to get your toddler a balance bike or a pedal bike with stabilisers this Christmas it’s worth understanding the difference between the two. We usually (but not always) recommend a balance bike.

Our blog Does my child need stabilisers? explains everything you need to know!


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