Woom NOW 5 kids bike review

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The woom NOW 5 is an urban kids bike for 8-12 year olds and was launched in 2022.

The woom bikes are a top of the line kids bike range and include very exciting specs, including some that we’ve never seen before on kids bikes.

In the UK woom bikes are available via The Little Bike Company who kindly sent us the woom NOW 5 bike to review. We were not paid to write this review and all opinions and photos are our own.

To find out more about the woom range, read our comprehensive guide to woom kids bikes.

Review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike

Kids city bikes

The woom NOW bike is a newcomer in a growing range of city bikes for kids.

City bikes are bikes that include features which are particularly useful for everyday riding in urban settings and usually include full-length mudguards, a step through frame, rack, chain guard, and kickstand.

Who are woom?

woom bikes are an exciting and innovative kids bike brand who were founded in Austria in 2013.  They are the brainchild of two dads with lots of experience in the bike industry.

woom are truly pushing the boundaries when it comes to kids bike design. In addition to the woom NOW bikes, the woom kids bike range also includes hybrid kids bikes (including a balance bike) and lightweight kids mountain bikes.

Woom NOW 5 - full kids bike review

Getting to know the woom NOW 5 urban kids bike

Different wheel sizes are all the rage for cargo bikes, but we’ve never seen them on a kids bike before! The front wheel of the woom NOW bike is smaller than the rear wheel, which should allow for more precise and confident steering.

Apart from the different wheel sizes, the thing that jumps out when you first see this bike is the stylish but at the same time sporty look, and of course the front rack.

The woom NOW bikes come with some very interesting specs such as integrated lighting and hydraulic disc brakes.

Woom says the bike is suitable for 7-11 year olds (125 - 147 cm) but we found the bike slightly too big for a child who was 125 cm tall.

The Little Bike Company says it’s for 8-12 year olds which is more accurate - minimum inside leg measurement 64 cm.

Our tester, 8-year-old Lyle, put the woom NOW 5 bike to the test during the cold and wet winter months in the South West of England.

Review details

  • Bike model: Woom NOW 5
  • Reviewer’s age: 8
  • Reviewer’s height: 135 cm
  • Reviewer’s inside leg: 65 cm
  • Bike weight: 11.8 kg
  • Gears: 8 speed
  • Warranty: woom offers a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on aluminium frames, rigid forks, handlebars and stem (needs activation)
  • Cost: £789
  • Date of review: 2023
  • What we like: cool features like the integrated bell and lighting, as well as the front rack.

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Full review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - sizing

Overview of the woom NOW 5 city bike

The woom NOW range was created because parents kept asking woom for a fully equipped city bike for their kids, on the back of the very successful ‘classic’ woom range.

With the woom NOW range, they set out to create an urban bike that works for kids in terms of both form and functionality.

You can clearly see this approach when you look at the bike. It looks “cool”, or whatever words the kids use these days.

However, this bike is not just about looks. It is a lightweight urban bike with high spec components. These include:

  • bigger tyres, which help dampen any bumps and they’ve got built-in puncture protection too.
  • hydraulic disc brakes, powerful even in wet conditions
  • integrated lighting, powered by a dynamo in the front wheel hub

The woom NOW 5 is essentially a 24” wheeled-bike for 8-11 year olds, but with a smaller, 20” front wheel, for more precise and confident steering.

The smaller front wheel also offers space for the front rack, and because the rack sits slightly lower this brings the centre of gravity down which makes for a more comfortable ride.

Review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - front of the bike
Review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - bike in use

First impressions of the woom NOW 5

Our tester, Lyle, is a very active boy who loves all sorts of wheelie stuff, from roller skates to bicycles. He loves cycling and going fast, but also going off-road when possible.

His older brother, Evan - age 10, also tried out the bike. He’s not as ‘daring’ as Lyle but also really enjoys cycling.

Lyle really loved the woom NOW 5 review bike as soon as he saw it - the front rack totally won him!

Lyle’s mum loved the look of the bike too, but more importantly she noticed the fact that it’s really light.

Once they got to use the bike they noticed more things they liked, but more on that later.

The bike’s front rack definitely gives it a very distinct look and from the side you can see the wider tyres.

The frame is also quite unusual, with a lower step-through frame, but not fully step-through, making it perfectly suitable for both boys and girls.

How is it to cycle on the woom NOW 5?

Lyle has been riding the bike on a variety of terrains, over the time of the winter months, including gravel paths, grass and mud, and roads.

The hydraulic disc brakes coped perfectly with any type of weather and were easy to use, and some skidding may have happened to the delight of our tester.

The 8 gears are easy to use, with a SRAM twist grip shifter on the handlebar. Having the gears all on one side makes them really easy to use, while the range allows cycling up a hill with a bit of extra pedal power.

The woom NOW bikes originally have a Microshift shifter fitted, but Simon at The Little Bike Company upgrades the bikes by replacing this with a SRAM twist grip shifter as well as a SRAM rear derailleur because they are much smoother and easier to use.

Lyle was particularly fond of the front rack on the woom NOW 5 and said “the basket is big and I have a lot of space to put all my cuddly toys in!”

The full-length mudguards are great for riding in all-weather and kept our tester dry when riding in the rain and through deep puddles.

Review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - bike in use
Review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - twist shift
Full review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - cassette

Finishing touches on the woom NOW 5

The high spec together with the finishing touches are what makes this bike special, in our opinion. Lyle and his mum both particularly loved the integrated lighting, which is very bright and powered by the front wheel hub, so no need to remember to bring lights or charge them! The integrated lights also include a reflector.

The LED lights are powered by a dynamo hub in the front wheel and the lights stay on for 10-20 mins after you've stopped so you’re visible when stopping at a junction, for example.

In depth review of the Woom NOW 5 kids bike - front bike light
Woom NOW 5 kids bike review in full

Another cool feature is the integrated bell. On the left side of the handlebars there is a twist grip and if you turn it it will ring the bell. Lyle liked using the bell without having to lift his hand or look for where the bell is. As a bonus, the sound is really nice and effective.

A very welcome feature on this bike are the chunky tyres, which have a reflective strip on the side, making your child more visible in the dark.

Front rack on the woom NOW 5

The front rack certainly stands out because we’ve not seen a kids bike yet with this feature, at least not on kids bikes in the UK.

Depending on what your child would use the bike for, this rack might be useful. Do they cycle to a sports club every week and carry their own kit?

I’d argue that the need to carry a decent amount of stuff on kids bikes becomes even more important once they start secondary school. The next size up, the 26”/20” wheeled woom NOW 6 might therefore be the one to look out for if you've reached that stage.

The rack includes a 3-point strap with a buckle which can be fitted on any of the bars at the rear of the rack, allowing for different sized bags to be held tightly. The strap works very well whatever the size of the bag.

The rack can be folded upwards when not in use.

In addition to the front rack, there is also an easy-access mesh bag between the frame which can hold small items, such as snacks.

Full review of the Woom NOW 5 children's bike

Alternatives to the woom NOW 5

The woom NOW range is a premium kids bike which can only be compared to other top of the range kids bikes.  The price of the woom 5 NOW reflects this at £789 / $1003 / EUR 921.

The Islabikes Beinn 24 or 26 would be the equivalent in terms of size and cost £599 for the basic bike.

At over £150 more than an Islabikes the woom NOW 5 might seem like a very expensive kids bike, but by the time you add a kickstand, mudguards and a rack to the Islabike you’re not far off from the price of the woom NOW 5.

The only other competitor to the woom NOW 5 in terms of kids city bike design is the Frog City 61 which retails at £495, but you don't get the same innovative features of the woom NOW range.

Final verdict on the woom NOW 5

The woom NOW 5 is an amazing piece of kit that would work very well as an all-rounder bike for an 8-10 year old. The high spec and stylish design comes at a price though, which is at the upper end of the spectrum for kids bikes, even when taking into account the more expensive mountain bikes.

The bike is fully kitted out though and you wouldn’t have to spend a penny more on accessories, because everything you’d possibly want is already on the bike; mudguards, kickstand, lighting, and even a fancy bell.

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