woom launch NOW urban kids bike

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As more and more families are swapping to cycling for their every day transport, it's important to have a kids bike that will handle everything that's needed of it - every day of the year. So, we are really excited to learn that the new woom NOW urban kids bikes are finally available for sale here in the UK and in the USA.

Launched in Europe back in March 2022, these Austrian-designed bikes are designed to handle day-to-day commuting around cities, with a whole host of well-thought-out features to make life easier for the rider.

The woom NOW bikes are now available more widely from the Little Bike Company in the UK, and Woom US in the United States.

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Perhaps the most obvious and unique feature about these kids bikes is that the front wheel is smaller than the rear wheel - so be prepared for some questions about the bike at the school gate!

woom state that this allows for more confident and precise steering, plus it gives a bigger space for a front rack to carry school bags, sports rucksacks, shopping etc.

The premium lightweight bike is available in 3 sizes - the first measurement is the rear wheel, the second measurement the front wheel:

woom NOW 4 - 20"/ 16" wheels - minimum inside leg 54cm (age approx 6-8 yrs)

woom NOW 5 - 24"/ 20" wheels - minimum inside leg 64cm (age approx 8-12 yrs)

woom NOW 6 - 26"/ 20" wheels - minimum inside leg 74 cm (age approx  10-14 yrs)


Woom NOW urban kids bike
Woom urban kids bike

The new urban kids bike features hydraulic disc brakes, and 8-speed twist shifter gearing and is available in 2 colours; green/red & blue/black.

The woom NOW is fitted with mudguards, a mid-mounted kickstand, and LED lights powered by a hub dynamo with a backup light function so they continue working when the bike is stationary (at junctions etc).

The front rack which is integrated into the aluminium frame and allows a 10kg carrying capacity. Combined with a small front wheel, the rack has a lower centre of gravity, so as not to affect the bikes handling.

This frame geometry was adapted by woom for transporting cargo with an eye to manoeuvrability in an urban setting and an upright sitting position for visibility in traffic.

The Schwalbe Big Apple extra-wide tyres will help cushion the ride on cobblestones and won't get stuck in light rail or tram tracks either.

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Woom NOW urban kids bike

It's great to see kids bike design really focus in on the day to day needs of cycling kids, and woom have certainly thrown down the gauntlet to other premium kids bike manufacturers with the three bikes in the  woom NOW range.

With the benefits of everyday cycling becoming more and more obvious all the time (cost, health, environmental, time, convenience) let's hope we see more and more of this type of kids city bike out on the streets of our cities.

We'd love to know what you think of these new bikes - would you consider getting one for your child? Do drop us a comment in the box below.

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