Family Cycling Podcast – Winter Cycling

Welcome to the Family Cycling Podcast Winter Cycling Episode.

Cycling dad of two Alex BB and Cycle Sprog's very own Karen Gee chat about their experiences of trying to keep their children warm and dry whilst cycling during the winter.

They are joined by Paul Ebry from Little Pro who explains what to look for when buying kids winter cycling clothing and gloves.

In the show notes below you can find links to all the products referenced in the podcast.

Happy cycling!

Family Cycling Podcast - Winter Cycling - keeping warm and dry

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Show notes

Listed below are the products that we mention in the podcast.

Some links contain affiliate links, which is how you can help us to keep the podcast going, as we'll get a small commission for each sale.

Our special guest was Paul Ebrey from Little Pro where you can find so many great items of kids winter cycling kit.

We'd love to hear what you use to keep your children warm and dry whilst cycling in the winter, so do please drop a comment in box below.

Thank you

Alex and Karen


Tigo Winter Gloves - suitable for ages 2 - 7 years with easy opening cuff

Polaris Mini Hoolie Gloves - another highly recommended kids size winter cycling glove

Shotgun Pogies - weather proof mittens for smaller children using a front bike seat

ETC Junior Mittens - these kids sized mittens are made specifically for cycling in, so shouldn't get "stuck" like Alex's son's did

Adult Winter cycling gloves - windproof and waterproof is what's needed for winter riding

Alex’s Bar End Mittens - easy to keep track of as they stay on your handlebars - unless your other half doesn't like them!


Outer Layers for keeping kids warm and dry - having a warm layer and a water proof layer helps with year round usage and stops overheating with one chunky layer

Thermal kids sized cycling leggings - great for keeping legs warm when out on winter bike rides

Thermal underlayers - for keeping warm on and off the bike


Hamax Bike seat poncho - for keeping little ones dry on a bike seat

Front Bike Seat Windshield - weather protection for your child (and you!)

Trailers - offer protection from the rain and come in single and double versions. Note not all come with water proof covers and these need purchasing separately 


Contigo thermal mug The mug Alex uses to keep his coffee warm on the school run

Camelbak  We saw a recommendation on the excellent Family Cycling UK Facebook Group for adding warm drinks to a Camelbak to keep your back and your tummy warm!  We've not tried this ourselves, but if you try it out do let us know how you get on (we're not being held responsible for any mishaps on this!)

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Alex and Karen


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