The cheapest kids bikes – October 2020

As you may have noticed, there’s been a lot of kids bikes sold this year and we’re now facing a situation where there’s a bit of a shortage. This means there’s not so many deals and discounts on bikes at the moment, but this article will help you find a great bike for your child without spending too much money. You might need to be a little flexible on colour choices right now but bikes do keep coming back in stock. In this post, we’re looking take you through some of the cheapest kids bikes, but please remember – we only recommend only ones that are good quality and safe to ride, and which won’t fall apart mid-year.   This means you won’t find any £50 bikes here, as we know they’re not worth parting with your cash.

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CHEAPEST KIDS BIKES - where to buy a cheap child's bicycle

Cycle Sprog Guide to the cheapest kids bikes

Please buy a proper bike, not a bike shaped object

Let’s start by getting thing straight – here at Cycle Sprog we want parents to spend their money on a bike that their kid will enjoy riding,  which will give them years of safe cycling fun and be grown out of, rather than fall apart.


We don’t want you to buy a bike that will lie unused, or rust quickly.   This post, therefore, contains the best value, cheapest kids bikes we could find, rather than those very cheap bike shaped, heavy objects that we know from experience won’t be loved or ridden anywhere near as much. Buy a heavy, steel bike for under £100 that your child can’t pick up and it is likely to rust/break leaving your child heartbroken, and you angry at the expense of having to buy another one.


The cheapest way is to rent!

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get your child a bike at the moment, then we recommend you take a look at The Bike Club.  If you’ve not heard of them, they’ve had the brilliant idea of offering kids bikes on a leasing model (a bit like other companies have done with cars, property, music, film etc).  It’s really simple – you sign up online for a monthly membership and choose a bike that fits your child now.  When they’ve grown out of it, you send the bike back and upgrade to the next size.

Not only does this keep upfront costs low, they take care of all the hassles of sourcing a new bike for you, plus its much more environmentally friendly as every bike will be ridden multiple times.  You can choose from a new bike or a reUsed bike (which they service after each rider).

In the run up to Christmas 2020 they have some stock of the brand new Forme kids bikes, a quality, lightweight brand launched earlier this year, plus a few reUsed Frog Bikes, Squish Bikes and Islabikes.

As with everything at the moment their stock is moving fast, so if you want a particular model or size we recommend you sign up as soon as possible rather than wait until too close to Christmas.

Monthly fees start at just £5 per month for a reUsed balance bike through to over £26 per month for a new 26″ wheel mountain bike.


The best cheaper kids bikes to buy – October 2020

In this selection, we’re looking at bikes that come in a lot cheaper than the more expensive and established kids bike brands. such as Islabikes, Hoy, Frog, Woom etc, but which don’t compromise on quality, safety or weight. They’re ideal for families who want to get out and enjoy cycling but want to do so on a cheaper budget.

With all these bikes you should be able to buy new and resell on to recoup your costs when your child has outgrown them, if you take care of them, or else in most cases find a decent second-hand one now. We’ve colour coded where to buy new in blue and second hand in green to help you. 

Take a moment to GRAB YOUR FREE KIDS BIKE BUYING CHECKLIST which will help you record all the information you need to find the perfect bike for your child. 


Ridgeback kids bikes (from £170)

Ridgeback Melody 16 inch wheel girls bike with Black Friday deal

Ridgeback Bikes key data:

Price: £170- £380
Wheel Size: 16″ – 26″
Age range: 3 years – 13+ years
Weight of bikes:  8.8kg – 12.8kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, mountain
Warranty: 1 year

Ridgeback kids bikes are that bit cheaper than some of the other bikes featured in this post, and therefore you will notice a slight difference in weight and quality of components. However, the bikes are still a lot better specified and lighter weight than the much cheaper, steel framed bikes available, plus they come fitted with child proportioned components.  Annoyingly Ridgeback still persist with having “girls” bikes called Harmony and Honey, and “boys” bikes called the MX range.  I’ll leave you to decide if you think having your bike called “Honey” is a good idea, but this blog explains why girls and boys bikes deserve to be equal.

BUY NEW: Ridgeback kids bikes

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BUY SECONDHAND:  Due to the durability of Ridgeback kids bikes, there’s always a lot available secondhand on eBay. Worth a look to see if there’s one near you available, or what you’re likely to get back when selling on a bike in a few years time.  

Carrera Kids Bikes (from £170) 

Carrera Abyss 20 is one of the cheapest bikes for a 6 year old

Carrera Kids Bikes range key data:

Price: £160 – £275
Wheel Size: 14″ – 24″
Age range: 4 years to 11 years
Weight of bikes:  6kg – 12.5kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, mountain
Warranty: Frame and Forks - lifetime guarantee - all other parts 1 year

Halfords sell some really cheap, heavy kids bikes that we don’t recommend if you want your child to really enjoy their cycling, and for the bike to last a long time. However, their Carrera kids bike range is well worth a look if you’re on a budget – it’s made with a lightweight aluminium frame, with child sized components. As Halfords themselves say on their website about the smallest bike in the range:  “An aluminium frame makes this bike nearly half the weight of the “Police Patrol” bike”. 

The Carrera range comes recommended by the Bikeability scheme as being safe for children to ride on the road – the bikes have front and rear alloy V-brakes for reliable stopping plus Kenda tyres for good grip on various surfaces and weather conditions.

BUY NEW: The Carrera range is available exclusively from Halfords. 

BUY SECONDHAND: Due to their popularity, there’s always loads of used Carrera kids bikes available on eBay. Look for one that’s been well cared for and preferably stored inside and you should get lots more use out of it.  

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Raleigh Kids Bikes (from £175)

Raleigh Pop 18 Kids Bike

Raleigh kids bike range key data:

Price: £175 – £275
Wheel Size: 12″ to 24″
Age range: 3 years – 8+ years
Weight of bikes:  6.4 kg – 11.7kg
Types of bike: Hybrid
Warranty: 1 year

Raleigh were founded in 1885  and are one of the oldest bike brands in the world.  At one point bikes poured out of their Nottingham factory, but in more recent decades they’ve had a turbulent time, with numerous changes of ownership and production shifting out of the UK to Vietnam. It’s safe to say they lost their way when it came to the quality of their kids bikes.

More recently they seem to be turning the tide, and their new Pop range provides a fun and vibrant alternative to some of the other brands at the cheaper end of the kids bike market.  They’ve ditched the very heavy steel framed bikes of the last decade and come up with a slightly lighter weight aluminium framed kids bikes range.

BUY NEW: Raleigh Kids Bikes

Wiggins Children’s Bikes (from £176) 

Wiggins Chartres 24 inch kids bike

Wiggins Children’s Bikes range key data:

Price: £220 – £440
Wheel Size: 16″ – 26″ wheel sizes, 17″ & 19″ frame sizes
Age range: 5 years to 12 years
Weight of bikes:  6.3kg – 11.3kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, road
Warranty: Frame and Forks - lifetime; All other parts - 1 year

Wiggins Children’s Bikes are sold exclusively at Halfords, meaning you can get it delivered to your local store of assembly and collection if that suits you better than home delivery.

All the Wiggins Children’s bikes are very well specified and also come with a great sense of style that Bradley Wiggins is known for, with his signature reverse forks and mod target design. They range in size from a balance bike for toddlers through to 700c road bikes for teenagers.   For winter 2019, they updated their specifications and look.

BUY NEW:Wiggins Bikes from Halfords

BUY SECONDHAND: Wiggins original range of children’s bikes were released in June 2016 so there are now a lot becoming available cheaply secondhand on eBay which are still in an excellent condition. 

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Pinnacle Children’s Bikes (From £195)

Pinnacle Ash 20 wheel cheap kids bike

Pinnacle Kids Bike range key data:

Price: £195 – £400
Wheel Size: 14″ to 26″
Age range: 4+ years to 10+ years
Weight of bikes:  6.7kg – 11.6kg
Types of bike: Hybrid
Warranty: Evans Cycles website says "All products ordered from Evans Cycles come with a full warranty which covers manufacturing faults and defects in workmanship."

Pinnacle is an in-house brand for Evans Cycles, so is available to be both home delivered or collected on most high streets.  The Pinnacle range is much better specified and lighter weight than many other kids bikes in the same price bracket.  Parents report seeing their children ride so much more easily once they swap their “princess” or “batman” bike for a Pinnacle.

Prices range from £195 for the 14″ wheel Pinnacle Koa through to £400 for the largest 26″ wheel bike – the Pinnacle Kauri.

BUY NEW: Pinnacle kids bikes from Evans

BUY SECONDHAND:  Pinnacle Bikes have been around for years, and there’s always quite a few available on eBay – always a sign of a good brand! 


Vitus Kids Bikes (from £230)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand


Vitus Twenty cheapest kids bike with 20" wheels

Vitus Bikes range key data:

Price: £230 – £400
Wheel Size: 14″ to 24″
Age range: 3 years – 8+ years
Weight of bikes:  6.5kg – 11.1kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, trail
Warranty: 5 year frame and forks, 2 year components

Vitus bikes are a great choice as they’re clearly taking on the more expensive Frog Bikes and Islabikes, at a much cheaper price point. You get a lightweight 6061 alloy frame, child proportioned components, Kenda tyres and easy to use gearing (where fitted).

Vitus kids bikes come in 16″, 2o” and 24″ wheels, as well as a balance bike.   They also do a range of reasonably priced mountain bikes, although these tend to sell out quickly!

You can read our thoughts on the Vitus 20 Plus here.

BUY NEW: Click here to buy Vitus kids bikes

BUY SECOND HAND:  Vitus kids bikes are quite a new brand (the adult bikes have been around a lot longer). Due to the popularity of Wiggle and CRC, we’re starting to see the first of them arriving on eBay.  However, for a  couple of years, before they were called Vitus, there was a range called Verenti so it’s worth checking this search term on eBay too as you may get a real bargain!


Cube Kids Bikes (from £250)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brandCube Kid Girl 200 All Road bike is one of the best bikes for a 6 year old girl

Cube Kids Bikes range key data:

(NB below details don’t include the very top end mountain bikes)

Price: £250 upwards
Wheel Size: 16″ – 26″
Age range: 5 years – 12 + years
Weight of bikes:  7.5kg – 13.8kg
Types of bike: Hybird and Mountain
Warranty: Frame 6 years; rest of bike 2 years

Cube make a large number of kids bikes, in different styles and colours.  All of them are robustly made – they are a German company after all!

We’ve reviewed three Cube bikes over the years and have been impressed by the quality of their workmanship.

One thing to note is that the smaller bikes come with a rear coaster brakes to allow back pedalling to stop rather than having to use a brake lever. Some people really like this for their child, others don’t.

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BUY NEW: Click here to see the Cube Bike range

BUY SECONDHAND: Thanks to their robust build quality, Cube Bikes tend to last a long time. Hence it’s often possible to get a great bargain secondhand Cube kids bike on eBay. Cube have a bewildering range of models each year, so check the specification carefully so you know what you’re buying. Some of their smaller bikes have a rear coaster brake, which is popular on the continent but not particularly common on UK bikes.  

Squish Bikes from £250

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand


Squish 14" wheel kids bike

Squish Bike range key data:

Price: £250 – £530
Lease: from £9.45 per month
Wheel Size: 14″ – 26″ wheel size & 14″ frame size (MTB)
Age range: 3+ years – 10+ years
Weight of bikes:  5.8kg – 13kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, mountain
Warranty: Frame and Forks - 3 years; components - 1 year (excluding wear and tear)

Squish Bikes are another reasonably new entrant to the kids bike market. Owned by the same company as Dawes, they are a midrange brand that hasn’t sacrificed a decent specification and respectable weight in order to lower the price.

The 14″ Squish bike (pictured above) is the smallest offering and costs £249.99. There are also 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes, and we like the fact that there are two frame sizes for the 26″ wheel bike to cater for taller kids.

The range has an 18″ wheel bike, which is unusual for a lightweight kids bike. You can read our review of the Squish 18 here.

If you want to keep your up front costs really low you can lease a Squish Bike from The Bike Club. You just pay a monthly subscription fee, and when you’re child outgrows the bike you send it back and upgrade to the next size. It’s hassle free and an environmentally friendly way of owning bikes.

LEASE NOW:  Click here to lease a Squish Bike

BUY NEW: Click here to buy Squish Bike

BUY SECONDHAND:  Squish Bikes are still relatively new, so not many are currently making it onto eBay, although it’s worth keeping an eye out as we expect numbers to increase as time goes by and the initial owners start to outgrow these bikes. 

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Wild Bikes (from £175)

Wild Bike 16 Inch Black Friday deal on bikes for a 4 year old

Wild Bikes key data:

Price:  from £175
Wheel Size: 14″ – 24″
Age range: 3+ years to 12+ years
Weight of bikes:  5.8kg – 9kg
Types of bike: hybrid, mountain
Warranty: 1 year

Wild Bikes are the new ‘in house’ children’s bike range from Go Outdoors. Lightweight with a great specification and colour choices, we expect the Wild Bikes range to be popular with both kids and parents alike. And that’s before you take into account the low price! We won’t be surprised to see these flying off the shelves this summer.

The Wild Bikes have sizes ranging from 14″ wheel (3 years) through to 24″ wheel (approx 10 years).

One other thing – you will need to buy the Go Outdoor discount card for £5 (it’s easy to do when on the website) to get the full benefit of the cheaper price on these bikes.

BUY NEW: Click here to buy Wild Bikes at Go Outdoors from £175

BUY SECONDHAND:  Wild Bikes were only released in the winter of 2018, but are few are now starting to pop up on eBay, so it’s worth checking there


Cheapest Balance Bike 

In our recent poll of parents as to which balance bikes they’d recommend, the Chicco Bullet balance bike got the thumbs up as being cheap, easy to ride and well made.

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike

Chicco Bullet key data:

Price: £30
Age range: 2-5 years
Weight of bike:  2.7kg
Types of bike: Balance
Warranty: Please check suppliers warranty details

The Chicco Bullet is available through Amazon from £30

Cheapest Kids Mountain Bike

Scott Scale Range (from £279)

Scott Contessa 20 2021 bike


Scott Scale bike range key data:

Price: £299 – £799
Wheel Size: 16″ – 26″
Age range: 3+ years – 12+ years
Weight of bikes:  8.2kg – 13.6
Types of bike: Mountain, Trail
Warranty: Frame - 3 years

The thing with mountain bikes is that if you buy too cheap you might as well not bother – the bike will be too heavy to get up hills, and the suspension won’t work. You’re better off spending your money on a hybrid bike from the list above instead.  However, if you’ve got that bit more cash and are looking for a proper mountain bike, the Scott Scale range has something for all budgets, with the 20″ wheel bikes starting at £279.00

One thing to look out for on cheaper kids mountain bikes is complicated gearing. It’s hard for children to cope with 21 or more gears, plus there’s more to go wrong. The Scott Scale range comes with much simpler gearing (i.e. a single chainring at the front) that you tend to associate with more expensive kids mountain bikes.

There are a variety of bikes in the range, and you go all the way up to £799 for the top of the range 24″ wheel race bike with disc brakes and rigid forks.

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BUY NEW:  Check out the entire Scott kids mountain bike range

BUY SECONDHAND:  It’s always a bit of a risk buying a cheap second hand kids mountain bike, as it may have had a hard life.  There are sometimes a few available on eBay, but check that the suspension hasn’t been damaged and the brake pads aren’t worn through! 


Cheapest Children’s Road Bike

Wiggins Rouen (From £360, often on offer)


Wiggins Rouen 540c kids road bike

Wiggins Rouen key data:

Price: £360 – £440
Wheel size: 26″
Frame size:
17″ – 19″
Age range: 9 years – 12 years
Weight of bikes:  9.3kg – 9.9kg
Types of bike: Road
Warranty: Frame and Forks - lifetime; All other parts - 1 year

As you’d expect from a former Tour de France winner, the Wiggins range features a lot of kids road bikes. This road bike model is named the ‘Rouen’, after a stage in his winning TdF.

The Wiggins Rouen kids road bikes are well specced and designed for the money. They’re available exclusively at Halfords.

If the Wiggins bikes don’t hit the mark, check out our other posts on 20″ kids road bikes and 24″ kids road bikes.

BUY NEW: Wiggins Bikes from Halfords

BUY SECONDHAND:  There are often some really good secondhand bargains on eBay that have been well maintained – sometimes you can find one that’s hardly been ridden! 

Cheapest Frog Bikes

SAVE £5 ON FROG BIKES AT TREDZ: Sign up for the Tredz Bikes newsletter (you can do this from the bottom on any bike page) and they'll immediately send you a code to get £5 off your first purchase

Frog Bikes key data:

Price: £290 – £670
Wheel Size: 14″ – 26″
Age range: 3+ years – 14years
Weight of bikes:  6.4kg – 11.5kg
Types of bike: Hybrid, mountain, road, track
Warranty: 2 years - extended to 5 years for frame if you register the bike within 28 days of purchase

At the moment there’s such a shortage of Frog Bikes that it’s highly unlikely to find one reduced, but you should worth checking out our link to see where else the cheapest Frog Bikes currently are.

However, usually the best value, cheap kids bikes are actually second hand. Frog Bikes are well made, lightweight and designed to last, so if you buy carefully you’ll be onto a winner.  Check out these links:

or you can lease a Frog Bike with the Bike Club. 

Cheap Islabikes

Islabike key data:

Price: £320 – £800
Wheel Size: 14″ – 26″
Age range: 3+ years – 13+ years
Weight of bikes:  5.2Kg – 9.4kg
Types of bike: Road, hybrid
Warranty: 5 years on frame and forks and a 2 years on parts

Islabikes are THE premium kid bike, with prices to match.  However, there are so many available secondhand that if you know where to look you can sometimes find a real bargain and get a second-hand Islabike cheaper than a new bike of another brand.  Check out our post on “Where to buy cheap Islabikes” for more advice on how to do this.

Alternatively, go straight to eBay to see what’s available.

Sometimes The Bike Club have Islabikes in stock to lease.

We hope you found this post useful – if you find your child the perfect bike at a great price, please do let us know, either in the comments section below or via the Cycle Sprog Facebook page.

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This post was first published in December 2016 and updated for October 2020.


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  1. Steve says:

    Hi, Just to flag the Vitus 20 is now out of stock at wiggle and chain reaction cycles. I ordered one from chain reaction cycles following one of your reviews. This was before black friday and had my order confirmed, only to find out a week later my order had been cancelled. No communication from crc. Very poor.

  2. Keith T says:

    Hi Karen. One of the best places that I have found for ‘real’ kids mountain bikes is This tends to be because its a real enthusiasts site by people who wouldn’t think twice (well maybe three times) about spending 4-5k on their own adult bikes so when coming to sell on their kids mountain bikes they are usually in great conditon at a great price.

  3. Andrew Newman says:

    I just tried to buy a Wiggins Macon from Halfords and they told me it has been discontinued.

    • Karen says:

      Oh no Andrew – that is very bad news indeed. That must have been why they were reducing them. Such a shame as it was a quality bike at a very good price. Thanks for letting us know – we’ll up date the post. Thanks Karen

  4. Paddy says:

    Hi do u operate in Ireland thank you

    • Penny Millar says:

      Hi Paddy.
      With regards to bike sales? We don’t actually sell bikes or bike accessories directly. You’ll find links that take you to bike sellers and distributors within the posts, most should be able to deliver to Ireland, delivery options/charges will be on each of their pages. Hope this helps? Penny

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