Best kids road bikes for 2019

Last year was an epic year for British road cyclists, what with Geraint Thomas, Chris Froome and Adam Yates winning all three grand tours between them. Has this success has inspired your child to get out training in the hope of one day follow in their footsteps? (Perhaps by then it'll be our sons AND daughters stepping up onto the podium).  If you're wondering which kids road bikes are out there, we've picked the best kids road bikes that will appeal to inspired young riders - there's something for all budgets and experience levels.

Please note though, that in order to get the best out of a road bike, your child does need to be a competent and confident cyclist, as they need to be able to ride safely using drop handlebars and skinny tyres.  If they're not quite ready, then a hybrid bike will give them much more fun.

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The Best Kids Road Bikes 2019

All these bikes will inspire wanna be Tour de France riders - some are suitable just for road riding, and others can also be fitted with cyclocross tyres. If you're definitely looking for a more all round drop handlebar bike that can also be used for cx, then check out our post on the best cyclocross bikes for the 2018/9 season.

Frog Road Bikes (from £425)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended

Frog Bikes are renowned for having taken the market by storm with their colourful yet top quality range of kids bikes. To make things better for those inspired by Geraint Thomas's win, they do a Team Sky bike, and all the bikes are assembled in Wales! What more could a budding Tour de France rider need???

Best kids road bikes - Frog Road BIkes

Their smallest road bike is the 20" wheel Frog 58  - it's the smallest drop handlebar bike available, and suitable only for those younger children with great bike handling skills. Most other manufacturers don't introduce a road bike until 24" wheels, when the majority of kids tend to have better control.

Frog have three sized road bikes - the Frog Road 58, 67 and 70 which have 20", 24" and 26" wheels respectively. The 58, 67 and 70 refer to the minimum inside leg your child needs to ride the bike.

There's a wide range of colours available and they can fit road and cyclocross tyres, so should be a bike to suit all younger riders, although those approaching teenage years and needing a 700c wheel will be disappointed.

We've reviewed a couple of the Frog road bikes and have been impressed with the build quality and specification of the bikes.

You can buy the Frog Road bike range from Tredz, who are based in Geraint's home town of Cardiff and offer free UK wide delivery and interest free finance.

Hoy Meadowmill (from £460)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended

Geraint Thomas isn't just a Tour de France winner - he has had huge success on the track having won three world championships and two Olympic gold medals!  Not quite as many medals as Sir Chris Hoy, who dominated at the velodrome, and aims to inspire the next generation with his own range of kids bikes.

The Hoy Bikes range used to have a specific kids road bike, the Hoy Cammo, which has now been discontinued, but occasionally come up on ebay secondhand. 

Best kids road bikes this Christmas - Hoy Cammo 24" kids road bikeThe Cammo's replacement is the Hoy Meadowmill, a more multi-purpose drop handlebar bike which can also be used for cyclo-cross or gentle off road riding and comes in 24" and 26" wheel sizes. We're currently in the process of testing this bike, and have been impressed with how it is handling. We've also reviewed other bikes in the Hoy range and have not been disappointed.

Hoy Meadowmill 26 2018 - kids road and cyclocross gravel bike

Hoy Kids Bikes are available exclusively at Evans Cycles. You order on-line and they can deliver free of charge to your home, or you can have the bike sent to your local Evans Cycles store, where they will assemble the bike free of charge.

Islabikes Luath (£650 - currently reduced to £500)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended

The Islabikes Luath is another multi-purpose kids drop handlebar bike that can be ridden both on road or for cyclocross with just a change of tyre. Designed by many times cyclocross champion Isla Rowntree, these bikes have great racing pedigree. One of the brilliant things about Islabikes is their longevity - both our Sprogs have ridden a Luath 26 and it still looks as good as new.  You can read our review of the Luath 26 here.

Available in wheel sizes 24", 26" and 700c the Islabikes Lauth provides a good option for slightly older kids looking for a bigger wheel size than the Frog and Hoy bikes offer.

The Luath is available exclusively from the Islabikes website or can be collected from their showroom in Ludlow.

There's also a thriving second hand trade in Luath's on e-bay.

Cuda Performance (from £500) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended

Cuda CP24R - kids cyclocross bike

The Cuda Performance Range is another road / cyclocross bike which comes in 24", 26" and 700c wheel sizes, making it a versatile option for older riders.  Cuda has a range of different bikes, so make sure you're looking for those starting with CP for Cuda Performance range if you're looking for their best specification.

We reviewed a Cuda CP700R when it was first launched and our tester was impressed with it's handling.

Cuda bikes are sold via a network of local bike shops and can also be bought via e-bay.

Worx Junior Road Bikes (from £595)

Cycle Sprog Reviewed and Recommended

Review of the Worx JA-700 junior road cyclocross bike

Our own Cycle Sprog spent all last summer test riding the Worx JA-700 junior road bike, which also comes in smaller sizes with 24" and 26" wheels. It's designed to go VERY fast, so is only for serious and confident riders. It certainly gave 12 year old N a love of road riding at speed! You can read our review of the Worx JA-700 here, and how he got on riding it in his first sportive ride.   The bike can be specified for either road or cyclocross riding.

The Worx Junior bikes are available exclusively via the Worx website.

Wiggins Rouen Kids Road Bikes (from £300)

Bradley Wiggins 2012 Tour de France victory marked a turning point in British success in the event. It's hard to comprehend that there's been six British winners in the past seven years, but before Sir Bradley no Briton had ever worn the yellow jersey on the final Sunday of the race!   In 2016 Wiggins launched his own brand of kids bikes, available exclusively at Halfords, to inspire the next generation of cyclists.

Wiggins Rouen 700c road bike with carbon fork

The Rouen range are the best kids road bikes if you don't have a big budget to spend as they're significantly cheaper than the other lightweight, quality kids road bikes out there.  They're well specified road bikes, (it's worth noting they can't be fitted with wider tyres, so are purely a road bike).  There are three bike sizes in the range - the smallest being a 540c bike.

The Wiggins kids road bike range is available exclusively at Halfords - you need to order the bike online and they will deliver it either to your home, or to your nearest store (if you'd prefer them to assemble the bike for you).

Scatto J-Race 700c Road bike (£900)

For those really serious about getting a podium place, then you need to get onto big wheels as soon a possible. The Scatto J-Race has 700c but a frame sized for a 8 year old, which will give a real advantage during a race.Scatto J-Race 700c road race bike

There's not much that the team at Kids Racing don't know about bikes that are designed to be ridden fast so if this is your aim give them a call and they'll help you find the best bike for your size and riding style.

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