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Frog 78 Black

Frog 78

The Frog 78 is the largest of Frog’s three 26″ wheel bikes, and is an all round bike suitable for children (or smaller adults!) with a minimum inside leg of 78cm.   

The handlebars can be adjusted within a 54mm range and there’s a quick release seat post that makes adjusting the saddle height easy to do. Your kid should hopefully therefore get a decent amount of time on this bike, but some kids do grow very rapidly at this age. 

It’s comforting therefore to know the Frog Bikes really hold their value, so if you keep it well maintained you should be able to sell it on to fund the next bike. 

Frog 69 Orange

Frog 69

NOTE: There is a limited stock of Frog 69’s at the moment and Frog Bikes website says the next stock is due in Spring 2022

Frog have three 26″ wheel  bikes, and the Frog 69 is the smallest, and is for children with a minimum inside leg of 69cm.

It’s a versatile bike which rides well on most terrains so  is a good choice for anyone who isn’t really specialising in one particular type of cycling.

One word of warning – Frog is very much known as a kids bike brand, so if you have a shorter but older child (particularly an image conscious one in their teens) you may encounter the desire to move onto a more “adult” brand. 

Frog Road 67 Blue

Frog Road 67

When we reviewed the Frog Road 67 our 9 year old tester really liked having the auxiliary brake levers on the handlebars, as the transition to cycling entirely on the drops takes time.

The handlebars are suitably narrow for kids shoulders and the gear shifters are nice and close to the bars to make changing gear easier for small hands.

There’s cantilever brakes and enough clearance for wider tyres should you wish to use it for cyclocross / triathlon.