The best bikes for 6 and 7 year old kids (20" wheels) - 2019

When your child reaches about 6 years of age, they may well be ready to move onto a 20" wheel bike with gears and the majority of children will be ready by the age of 7 years.  At this wheel size, things can start to get confusing!  There are many different styles of 20" kids bikes, with each designed for a different purpose. For example you have cyclocross and mountain bikes, road and BMX bikes. However, unless your 6 year old child is focusing on one type of cycling, what they really need is an  all-round bike that can be used for a variety of roles, such as riding on grass, down gravel tracks and of course the commute to school. And that's where the hybrid kids bike comes in, and why we think hybrid bikes make the best 20" wheel bikefor kids aged between 6 years and about 8.

My 7 year old riding the Frog 55 kids bike

A hybrid can do a little bit of everything and makes for a great all-round bike. We're focusing on the best 20" wheel hybrid bikes in this article, which are aimed at kids aged 6 to 8 years (approximately).

In this list you won't find any bikes with suspension, nor with drop handlebars. Check out our other articles if you're looking for something more specialist for your 6 or 7 year old.

What makes a good 20" wheel bike for a 6 or 7 year old?

For this article, we've focused on good quality, lightweight 20" wheel hybrids.

All the bikes featured have flat handlebars, a good range of gearing for tackling both flat and hilly terrain, plus tyres that are suitable for on and off road duties. They're lightweight (under 10 kg) - so fun for a 6 year old to ride - and if looked after properly should be capable of being passed on to a sibling, or sold on to recoup part of the purchase cost.

Some bikes use a twist grip on the handlebars to change gear, others use a thumb trigger.  All gear shifters on the bikes we recommend are suitable for the small hands of a 6 year old, but the general rule (for all bikes, not just kids bikes) is the more expensive the components on the bike, the easier it will be to change gear.  If possible, get your child to try both and see which they find easier to operate. You can always get your local bike shop to swap them over if needed.

How much should I spend on a 20" wheel bike for my 6 year old?

Usually in life you get what you pay for, and so it usually is with kids bikes. However, please rest assured that all the bikes recommended in this article are lightweight and well specified. We do understand that everyone has different budgets, so we've included bikes within a range of price brackets to help you find the right bike for your wallet, and your child.

However, we never, ever, recommend really cheap, heavy steel framed kids bikes. If you're tempted to spend under £150 on a new 20" wheel bike, please please read our article WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY A REALLY CHEAP KIDS BIKE first. You're better off buying second hand one of the bikes listed below.

Best 20" wheel bikes for 6 and 7 year old kids 

In this article we're looking just at flat handlebar "go-anywhere" hybrid bikes for boys and girls. At the end of the article is a comparison table so you can check the size, price, gearing and weight of each bike.  A couple of the bikes (Frog 52 and Islabikes Beinn 20 Small) are specifically designed for smaller riders.

Frog 52 and 55 (£310 - £330) plus 10% off with exclusive code

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Frog have taken the lightweight kids bike scene by storm, and the 20" wheel Frog 55 has been one of the mainstays of its range. We were sent one to review 5 years ago and it's been ridden by 4 different kids and is still going strong.

Frog 55 kids bike is one of the best 20" wheel hybrid bikes around for kids aged 6 year, 7 year or 8 year of age wanting to cycle on road or off road.

The great thing about the Frog bikes is that they now do two frame sizes in their 20" wheel bikes - the Frog 52 and the Frog 55. The inside leg measurement is what guides you to which size your child will need. Both bikes have an all aluminium frame and fork, with an 8 speed Shimano Alivio thumb shifter controlling the changes on the 32T front chainring and 11-32T rear cassette. Tektro supply the v-braking system.  If your child isn't ready yet for gears, there's also a single speed version of the Frog 52.

The Frog 52 and 55 come in a wide range of attractive colours which also includes a fabulous spotty paint job as an option. The Frog website lists the Frog 55 as weighing in at 8.8kg.

One benefit of Frog Bikes is that they come with two sets of tyres, suited for on and off road riding, and plastic mudguards proving this really is a versatile little bike. The 5 year warranty means you're getting a bike that will definitely last several kids and should reach a good resale value at the end of it's life.

The Frog 55 has a retail price of £330  and the smaller Frog 52 has a retail price of £325 for the geared version and £310 for the single speed.

BUY NEW:   20" wheel Frog Bikes for Tredz (with free home delivery) PLUS USE CODE SPROG10 AT CHECKOUT FOR 10% OFF

BUY SECONDHAND: There are a lot of second hand Frog Bikes available, as they are so popular, and get outgrown rather than worn out.  Check out Ebay to see if there's one for sale near you. 

Hoy Bonaly 20 (RRP  £310)  

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Sir Chris Hoy - one seriously fine cyclist with an attention to detail that helped propel him to the top of the cycling world. And it's that attention to detail that he has brought to the table for his range of Hoy bikes.

Hoy Bonaly 20" bike new for 2018 for ages 6 years, 7 years and 8 year old girls and boys

The Hoy Bonaly range has  recently been upgraded, with a new, fresher design and lighter weight frame and components for their 2019 range of kids bikes. This means the Bonaly 20 is now one of the lightest weight 20" wheel bikes available, with a stated weight of just 7.57kg (including pedals), which puts it on a par with some of the more expensive offerings.

With grippy little Kenda small block tyres, the Bonaly will be equally at home on road or trail. Picking up the pace comes courtesy of a 6 speed Shimano Tourney 6 speed thumb shifter, with a 32T single chainring at the front and a 14-28T freewheel at the rear. As you would expect with Sir Chris, the details concerning child specific bars, grips, saddle etc have been covered.

Our reviewer, Katherine, was very impressed when she tested the Hoy Bonaly 20 for us.

The new 2019 Bonaly comes in three striking colours (red, blue and yellow) and has a retail price of £310.

BUY NEW: Hoy Bonaly 20 from Evans Cycles

BUY SECONDHAND:  Because of their durability there are usually quite a few Hoy Bonaly 20's available on Ebay. Be aware that the bikes underwent a redesign in 2017, so the majority currently available second hand are the old model. Slightly heavier and different styling, but still a very good, durable bike. 

Squish 20 (RRP £290) 


Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Squish Bikes is a reasonably new lightweight brand from Tandem Group Cycles, who also own Dawes Cycles . The range is designed to be cheaper than the Academy range (see below), whilst retaining child sized components and a light weight frame. 

Squish 20 cheap kids bike - a good quality kids 20" wheel bicycle with gears, at a decent price.

The Squish 20" is fitted out with 7 speed Shimano drive train components, incorporating Altus rapid fire thumb shifters, an 11-28T cassette and a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. These have been selected to offer reliable performance, low maintenance and easy access to spares and servicing if required.

The triple butted alloy frame, custom Squish saddle, double-wall alloy rims and alloy micro-adjust seatpost help keep weight to a minimum, whilst providing an enjoyable riding experience.  It appears they may have achieved what they set out to do, with a good looking bike that comes in three colour schemes, weights just 8.36 kg with pedals and costs only £289.99.

We were impressed with the Squish 18 single speed bike we reviewed - it's cheaper than many of its other rivals, but still offers a good specification.

BUY  NEW ==> Squish 20 with free home delivery <== plus add either SPROG10 at checkout for 10% off

BUY SECONDHAND: Squish Bikes are relatively new, so not very many currently come up on Ebay, although it's worth a look just incase one of the first ones has been outgrown. 

Islabikes Beinn 20 (RRP £390) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

The Islabikes Beinn seems to have been around for ever, with numerous early examples still looking fresh and zooming along paths and tracks near you! You know what you're getting with an Islabikes product - designed with geometry proportioned to fit a child; a lightweight build with no excess; and an excellent resale price when you come to move it on (or a 5 year guarantee if you're keeping it for more than one child). That's why this is one of the most expensive, and popular, bikes on the list. It really is a "go anywhere, do anything" kind of bike.  We put a couple of the larger sized Beinn's to the test - you can read our review of the Islabikes Beinn 24 here and the Beinn 27 here.

Beinn 20 Large in pink - one of the best bikes for a 6 year old or a 7 year old looking for a bike with gears

The Beinn 20 comes in two sizes - large or small. So from about 5 years up, whatever your size there's a Beinn 20 that will fit. The component specification is high, with a 7 speed SRAM system that uses a SRAM 3.0 twist grip shifter, a 32 tooth chainring at the front that mated to a 12-32T cassette at the rear. So with the wide ratio cassette there are plenty of gears to choose from on this one.

The 20" wheel Beinn's are some of the lightest weight bikes on this list, as the small comes in at 8 kg with pedals, and the large at 8.1 kg with pedals. You can add metal mudguards, pannier racks and bottle cages at an additional cost.

The paintwork on Isla's products is always lush, and the Beinn 20 is no exception with a choice of red, green, pink (my favourite colour) and teal to choose from. Our Cycle Sprogs have been lucky enough to ride Islabikes from an early age, and if you can afford it, then do consider them for yours too.

BUY NEW: The Islabikes Beinn 20 comes in at £389.99 and it can only be purchased new direct from Islabikes

BUY SECONDHAND: Islabikes have been going for so long, and make such great bikes that there is a thriving second-hand market in Islabikes Beinn 20s, especially on Ebay.  The design has changed over the years, but there's original models out there still going strong having severed over a decade of use. There's also a Facebook group dedicated soley to buying and selling Islabikes

Cuda CP20 (RRP £310) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Cuda Bikes sponsor the Triathon Trust who bring fun and free opportunities to children who wouldn't otherwise be able to partake. So the Cuda CP20 is the bike many kids have their very first taste of triathlon on. The fact that these bikes can be carted round the country and ridden by so many children speaks for itself in terms of robustness and quality. The Cuda Performance range has been re-branded this season with a new paint job and some improvements in specification. We reviewed an earlier version of this bike two years ago when it was first launched, and were impressed with the build quality.

The 7 speeds are controlled by a thumb shifter, with 32T at the front coupled up with 12-32t at the back, which should suffice most requirements. It's light enough to allow young children to move it around easily, coming in at 9 kg with pedals.

Cuda CP20 lightweight 20" wheel kids bike for kids aged 7 years - son and daughters will love this bike

BUY NEW: The Cuda CP20 is stocked by a wide range of local bike stockists, making it easy for you to try before you buy. It's also available new on Ebay if you prefer to buy online. 

BUY SECONDHAND:  The Cuda Performance range has been around a few years so second hand models are just starting to appear. Be aware that there are a variety of different Cuda Kids Bikes available, some are quite heavy and not so well specified. The CP20 is their Performance range, so look for these words in the listing. 

Cube Kid 200 (RRP £299) - get 10% discount with our exclusive code

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

If there's one thing that can be said about Cube's kids bike range, it's that they don't hold back when it comes to making them fun and vibrant. The Cube 200 comes in a great range of colours so there should be something to appeal to all little rippers out there.

Cube Kid 200 2019

The Cube Kid 200 is built around a lightweight aluminium frame and forgiving steel forks that should help soak up any bumps. Little legs will enjoy spinning the short cranks which have a single 36 tooth chainring hitched up to a cassette at the rear which has a 34 tooth lowest gear which should be ok for the majority of riding scenarios. Cube are obviously confident in the built quality of their bikes, as they offer a 6 year guarantee on the frame.

There are 7 gears in total, and these are operated via a Shimano Revo Shift twistgrip on the handlebars. The Cube Impac tyres fitted have a deep tread pattern, so while not the quickest on road will certainly provide high levels of grip when venturing onto trails and paths.

The Cube website indicates a weight of 9.8kg for the Kid 200, so it's one of the heavier bikes on this list, due mainly to the steel forks. This is no bad thing on muddy trails, when you want the bike to dig in and provide stability.

Whilst we've not reviewed this specific bike, we've been very impressed with the other Cube Kids Bikes we've reviewed over the years.

BUY NEW: The Cube Kid 200 retails for £299 at Tredz Cycles USE CODE SPROG10 AT CHECKOUT FOR 10% DISCOUNT

BUY SECONDHAND: Various iterations of the Cube Kid 20" wheel bike have been around for years, so there's usually a few available secondhand on Ebay. Check with the seller for which specification it is, as there's been different styles over the years, which will impact the weight, gearing etc

Vitus Twenty (RRP £229) 

As the name suggests, the Vitus Twenty is sporting a fine pair of 20" wheels to whisk you along at pace to your destination. Having seen one at the 2017 Cycle Show, resplendent in it's bright orange paintwork, I was rather taken by it. Plus, getting to talk to Ben who designed it was useful as he was able to explain the team's thought processes during the stages of design and testing.

Vitus 20 kids bike for 5 year old child

With a long, slack geometry the Vitus Twenty should be a stable bike for kids getting used to riding further and assist in developing their skills and confidence.

The Vitus has an alloy frame paired up with cromoly steel forks. On this bike the gearing involves the use of a Shimano Altus thumb shifter.

The Vitus Twenty comes with 7 gears and uses a nice Shimano Altus derailleur at the back to keep things changing smoothly, with a single 32T chainring and a cassette with 12-32T ratios. Braking is courtesy of a v-brake system from Tektro. Colour schemes for the Vitus Twenty are bright yellow or red.

There is also a Vitus 20 + for those wanting to get off road onto the trails.

The Vitus range comes with a 2 year frame warranty, and 12 month parts warranty.

BUY NEW: Vitus 20 from Wiggle

BUY SECONDHAND:  The Vitus kids bike brand is quite new, so it's unusual to find many second hand. However, the Vitus name was used to rebrand Verenti kids bikes, so if you seach Ebay for Verenti Twenty, or Verenti 20 you may be in luck. 


Woom 4 (RRP £370) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

The Austrian kids bike brand Woom is a relative newcomer to the UK, with a range of very lightweight bikes. The Woom 4 is their 20" wheel offering, and at 7.9 kg it's one of the lightest bikes on the market. If you're looking for a quality bike for general use, that will get people talking, then the Woom is worth of consideration.

Woom 4 20" kids bike is the lightest bike on the market for kids aged 6 and 7 years of age. It's a unisex bicycle

This light weight comes courtesy of an aluminium frame and forks. The Woom 4 is an 8 speed bike, with the gears operated by SRAM twist grips.

The Woom 4 is a good choice for urban cycling, as it comes with a kickstand for ease of parking up when you've got where you want to go. However, as it's fitted with Kenda Small block tyres, you can also venture onto gravel and grass without any worries.

We've reviewed two single speed, smaller Woom Bikes - you can read our review of the Woom 2 and the Woom 3 to find out how they performed.

BUY NEW: The Woom 4 is available exclusively in the UK from The Little Bike Company for £370.   For orders outside the UK visit the Woom Bike website

BUY SECONDHAND:  Woom Bikes have only recently come to the UK, so it's very unusual to find one secondhand, although you may strike lucky if someone has moved here from the continent with one.

Wild Bike 20 (£220)

Wild Bikes 20 inch pink kids bike

Wild Bikes are a brand new lightweight kids brand, launched at the end of October 2018.  They're available exclusively at Go Outdoors, (although you do need a Go Outdoors discount card, which is £5). There's a pink and a blue option in the 20" wheel bike. You can read more about our thoughts on these new bikes here, and the follow up post here!

BUY NEW: Wild Bike 20 at Go Outdoors

BUY SECONDHAND - Wild Bikes were only released in Winter 2018, so are not available used just yet.

Orbea MX 20" (£269 to £419) 


Orbea have a strong lineup for 2020 on the kids bike front, with a variety of options covering the 20, 24 and 26 inch wheel sizes. Orbea's approach is to use a common frame and specify it with different components depending on what type of riding your child might be looking to do.

Orbea MX20 Park in green - one of the best 20" wheel kids hybrid bikes for a 6 year old or 7 year old kid tackling year round riding to school, plus weekend riding

For example, there is a MX 20 Speed and a MX 20 Park model, with the differences in specification being that the Park (pictured) is fitted with mudguards and lights - ideal if you're using it for the school run.

These bikes come with  7 speed Shimano gearing has 14-34t at rear and 36t at the front, which should be more than adequate for the majority of school runs (you'll know if you live somewhere steeper!)

As you climb the MX ladder, there are the Team 20 and the top Team Disc models that have an improved specification, with the Disc model coming equipped with 9 speed Shimano Altus gearing.

Orbea Team Disc 20 20" wheel kids bike for age 7 to 9

This gives a 34t single chainring, a trick shadow rear derailleur and an 11-36t cassette to give a wide range of gears to cover most eventualities. The Team Disc is also fitted with Shimano Acera M396 disc brakes rather than the v-brake option. These premium end MX's are probably more suited to hitting the trails than the school run!

The weights of these bikes, as provided by Orbea to a Cycle Sprog reader in May 2019 are:
MX20 XC: 10.3kg
MX20 Team: 8.97kg
MX20 Team Disc: 9.55kg
MX20 Park: 9.95kg
MX20 Speed: 9.96kg

BUY NEW: The full Orbea MX20 range is available at Tredz  USE CODE SPROG10 AT CHECKOUT FOR AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF

BUY SECONDHAND: Used 20" wheel Orbea kids bikes do come up on Ebay. As there's so many different bikes in their range make sure you check the basics like the weight and gearing on the bike if it's not clear in the listing.

Carrera Abyss and Suruna 20" wheel kids bikes (RRP £260 - often reduced)

Carrera is one of Halfords in-house brands, and is a good choice if you're wanting to buy a bike from this retailer.  Some of their other offerings are rather heavy, steel framed affairs, but the Carrera range is much lighter weight (stated weight of 10kg), thanks to its aluminium frame.

Carrera Abyss 20 is one of the cheapest bikes for a 6 year old - available from Halfords its suitable for girls and boys aged 6 or 7 years oldWhen the Carerra bikes are reduced (which they quite often are) they can be some of the cheapest lightweight aluminium framed bikes around. Obviously you're not getting the same quality of components as the more expensive bikes featured in this post, but you won't regret investing the extra money over some of the Carerra's cheaper rivals.

The tyres on the Carrera are Kenda K-841, so should be good for tarmac and light trails, and the Shimano Altus gearing (operated by the Shimano Revoshift twist grip) are good entry level components.   The bike comes in a unisex green (called the Abyss) and a purple which is branded as being for girls and called the Suruna.

BUY NEW: The Carrera 20" wheel hybrid bikes (the Abyss and Surana) are available exclusively from Halfords with an RRP of £240.    You can order on-line and get the bike delivered to your local store, where they will build it up for you free of charge if you select this option at checkout. Alternatively you can choose home delivery and assemble yourself.

BUY SECONDHAND: The Abyss and Surana are reasonably new bikes and are lighter weight than their predecessors due to the aluminium frame. They are becoming available on Ebay (Click here for the Abyss 20 and here for the Surana 20 on Ebay).  Do check if you're buying an older Carrera 20" wheel bike as it may be a heavier steel frame. 

Ridgeback Dimension 20 (RRP £310)


Ridgeback have refreshed their brand image for 2018, with a more contemporary look to their bikes.

Ridgeback Dimension 2018 - a bike for a 7 year old girl

The Dimension 20 has an aluminum frame and steel forks and has a stated weight of 8.9 kg. Gearing is controlled by a Shimano Rapid Fire 7 speed thumb shifter. Ridgeback are another company confident in their bikes, as they offer a lifetime guarantee on the frames.

The Dimension 20 comes in two colours, the purple (above) and blue.  The bike has an RRP of £309

==> Click here to buy the Ridgeback Dimension 20 with free home delivery PLUS USE SPROG10 CODE for extra 10% off<==

BUY SECONDHAND:  The Ridgeback Dimension range has been going for a while now, so more used bikes are becoming available on Ebay and other forums. Ridgeback do a few bikes and they've not all been as well specified as the Dimension range, so make sure you check the listing carefully before buying. 

Wiggins Chartres 20 (RRP £310 - currently £250)

The Wiggins kids bikr range have proved to be really popular with Cycle Sprog readers - we've had quite a few parents get in touch and tell us how impressed they've been with the bikes, given how cheap they are.  They're lightweight, well specified and with a price tag to keep your bank manager happy.

Wiggins Chartres 20 cheap kids bike - one of the best 20" wheel kids bikes around at a lower price point for children aged six and seven years of ageThe 20" wheel bike in the range is no exception. The Chartres 20 is named after one of the stages of Wiggins' victorious Tour de France, and the bike also delivers a winning combination of low weight (an impressive 8.8 kg), good looking design (with Wiggins' signature reverse forks) and child sized components such as saddle, brakes levers and thumb shifter for the 7 gears.

BUY NEW: the Wiggins Chartres 20 exclusively at Halfords

BUY SECONDHAND: The Wiggins Chartres 20 is getting increasingly popular on Ebay as the bikes were released in July 2016 so many are now being grown out of and sold on. 

Pinnacle Ash 20 kids bike (RRP £240) 

The Pinnacle Ash 20 gets glowing reviews on the Evans Cycles website - 4.8/5, with 100% of the 22 reviewers recommending it at the time of checking.

Pinnacle Ash 20" wheel cheap kids bike for ages 6 and 7 years - suitable for boys and girls wanting a budget bike

The Ash appears to have everything people want with most comments mentioning how easy the Tekro Mini V brakes and 6 speed Shimano Tourney TX30 thumb shifter are to use. Comments also note how lightweight it is compared to most other bikes at that price point (stated weight is a respectable 9.1 kg).  The Kenda K-Rad Tanwall tyres allow the Ash to be ridden most places your average 6 year old wants to go. At £240 that's not bad!

BUY NEW: The Pinnacle Ash 20 has an rrp of £240 and is available exclusively from Evans Cycles 

BUY SECONDHAND: The Pinnacle range is one of Evans Cycles best selling kids bikes, so it's quite common for them to come up secondhand on Ebay. 

Cannondale Quick 20 (RRP £300)

Cannondale revealed their new kids bike range at the Cycle Show 2017, so the Quick 20 is reasonably new on the block. Their website labels them up as girls and boys models due to the paint schemes, but to be honest is there any need for this, as the geometry is the same?  Anyway, there's an aqua blue Quick 20 which is the 'girls' and an orange one for the 'boys'.  Some retailers have chosen to ignore the "girls" and "boys" labels, which is an encouraging move.

Both look great so take your pick - this is the "girls" bike:

Cannondale Quick 20 in aqua - one of the best 20" wheel bikes for children wanting a lightweight, well specified kids bike for kids aged 6, 7 and 8 years of age.

Components are attached to an alloy frame and fork with lovely smooth welds. Riding on wheels shod with the popular Kenda Small Block tyres means great traction on a variety of surfaces.  A 7 speed Shimano twist grip changes gears between the 30 tooth Prowheel chainring and the Sunrace 11-28t cassette at the rear.

Surprisingly for a bike of this price, Cannondale do not provide a weight for the Quick 20. With it's lightweight frame and alloy finishing kit it shouldn't be a bloater and should come in under 10kg.


BUY SECONDHAND:  The Cannondale Quick 20 is too new a bike to expect it to come up frequently secondhand 

Saracen Mantra 2.0R (RRP £299 - now £243 with our exclusive code) 

A name synonymous with the UK mountain biking scene, Saracen have a broad range of bicycles on offer including some excellent kids bikes. The Mantra kids range is their premium product and includes sizes from 16" up to 24" with full on mountain bikes available at both the twenty and twenty-four inch wheel options. However, we're looking at hybrids suitable for 7 year old kids, and Saracen have not disappointed.

Saracen Mantra 2 - one of the best 20" wheel hybrid bikes around this year for a 7 year old child

The Saracen Mantra 2.0R is a stripped back speedster. With a custom butted alloy frame matched to a set of alloy forks, the Mantra 2.0R looks every inch the speedy racing snake. Also, the Mantra has a really low step over frame so easy to get on and off and lots of confidence inspiring clearance over the top tube.

Kenda small block tyres have been specified to give a useful balance suitable for both on and off road riding. Saracen have specified a Shimano Altus thumbshifter to operate the 8 speed system via a 32 tooth chainset and 12-34T cassette. This range should be more than sufficient for most hills a child is likely to come across in the UK and because if doesn't have a left hand shifter and lots of gears to worry about changing gear will be easy.

Unfortunately Saracen don't specify a weight, but with the specification this will be a reasonably lightweight bike, which is why we've included it here.

BUY NEW: ==> The Saracen Mantra 2.0R is available via Tredz - use the code SPROG10 for an extra 10% off

BUY SECONDHAND: It's quite unusual at the moment to find 20" wheel Saracen Mantra's available, but it's worth a quick check on Ebay and other forums as they do occasionally come up. Be aware that there is the 2.0 (a mountain bike with suspension forks) and the 2.0R featured above which is more of a hybrid bike

Discontinued 20" wheel kids bikes:

We know that many of our readers like to buy second hand so in this section we'll list bikes that are no longer available to buy new, but can still be found second hand.

Dawes Academy 20 (Original price £329)

Dawes Academy 20 2018

Sadly, the Dawes Academy range has been discontinued.  The Academy was a leading range of kids bikes for a number of years, and were particularly popular with young triathletes.  These bikes are very well specified and light weight (tipping scales at just 8kg), with child sized components. There's a simple to use gearing system, with just 7 gears ranging from 14 to 28T cassette at the rear and a 32T chainring at the front which should give a good range of gears for getting up and down any hills.

See specification details of the Dawes Academy 20 here

BUY SECOND HAND: Due to their longevity, it's often possible to find second hand Dawes Academy bikes on Ebay.  Be aware that there are other, less well specified and heavier Dawes kids bikes, so it's worth checking if the description isn't clear. 

Comparison of quality 20" wheel kids bikes

The table below shows you some of the key features of the recommended bikes. We've taken information from the manufacturers website where given. The weight is as stated, but where we know it includes pedals we've put a (WP). We hope this will help you pick the correct bike for your child and budget.

BikeRRPWeightInside LegSaddle HeightChild HeightNumber of gearsGears operated byRear CassetteChainringWarranty
Islabikes Beinn 20 Small£3908 kg (WP)47 - 57 cm -112 - 127 cm7Twist12-32t32tFrame and forks: 5 year
Components: 2 year
Islabikes Beinn 20 Large£3908.1 kg (WP)52 - 62 cm -120 - 135 cm7Twist12-32t32tFrame and forks: 5 year
Components: 2 year
Woom 4£3607.9 kg52 - 70 cm--8Twist11-32t32tFrame and Forks: 5 year
Components: 2 year
Cannondale Quick 20£300NOT STATED - - -7Twist11-28t30tMinimum legal requirement
Dawes Academy 20£3308 kg - - -7Twist12-28t32tFrame and forks: 3 years
Components: 1 year
Frog 55£330 with two sets of tyres8.8 kg55 cm min - -8Thumb11-32t32t2 year frame, forks and parts
Additional 3 years on frame and forks if you register bike
Hoy Bonaly 20£3107.57kg (wp) for 2018 model 8 kg for older model - - -6Thumb14-28t32tNot stated
Cuda CP20£3109 kg (WP)56 - 70 cm7Thumb12-32t32t1 year
Ridegback Dimension 20£3108.9 kg - -120 - 140 cm7Thumb12-28t36tLifetime frame
Frog 52£330 with two sets of tyres8.75 kg52 cm min - -8Thumb11-32t32t2 year frame, forks and parts
Additional 3 years on frame and forks if you register bike
Saracen Mantra 2.0R£300NOT STATED - -119 - 130 cm8Thumb12-34t32tNot stated
Orbea MX Park 20£299NOT STATED - -115 - 135 cm7Thumb14-34t36t2 year frame, forks and paint
Cube Kid 200£2999.8 kg - - -7Twist?-34t36tFrame 6 years, Components 2 years
Squish 20£2908.36 kg (wp)53.5 cm--7Thumb11-28t32tFrame and forks: 3 year
Components: 1 year
Wiggins Chartres 20"£2508.8 kg - -117 - 136 cm7Thumb14-28t32tNot Stated
Pinnacle Ash 20£2409.1 kg - -120 - 135 cm6Thumb14-28t32tNot stated
Halfords Carrera£23010 kg - -117 - 136 cm7Thumb12-32t 32t2 year frame
1 year parts
Vitus Twenty£2209.4 kg - -120-130 cm7Thumb12-32t 32t2 year frame
1 year parts

Obviously this isn't an exhaustive list of excellent 20" wheel hybrid bikes for kids as there are so many to choose from. However, if you feel that we've omitted a bike that you think thoroughly deserves to be included then please leave us a comment below. Thanks!

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The best full suspension kids mountain bikes - 2019

The best full suspension kids mountain bikes - 2019

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kids bikes

The best kids 24" wheel mountain bikes - 2019

The best kids 24" wheel mountain bikes - 2019

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kids bikes

The best kids 26" wheel mountain bikes - 2019

The best kids 26" wheel mountain bikes - 2019

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  1. Tim Holman says:

    Hello. I registered ages ago and was pleased to hear from you. We bought our three year old grandson a Cnoc16 from Islabikes early last year and he was cycling within seconds having started on a crap balance bike we'd got secondhand. He's now ready, more than ready for gears and a bike for longer distances, although he has done up to 10k without difficulty on the Islabike, which has been a great buy despite the expense but because of the totally child oriented design and components. So it was great to get your reviews on the 20" hybrids. We are biased in favour of Islabikes understandably. Have heard that thumb shifters for wee, not so strong fingers can be a problem, which itself points us towards Islabikes because of the twistgrip shift, so any further comment on that would be a help if you are able.
    Thanks for the website: it'll be on my list of favourites.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tim, Thanks for getting in touch - so glad your grandson is enjoying his Cnoc 16. As with anything, the quality of the components makes a huge difference in how easy the bike is to ride. Islabikes use top-end components, so their gears are very easy to use for most children. A bike with a cheaper twist grip will likely be harder to move. Some children prefer thumb shifters - it can be personal preference or what they first learn with. Again a well specified one should be easy to use, although if they have weak to double jointed thumbs then it's best to stick to a twist grip. Hope he enjoys the move up to the next wheel size. Kind regards Karen

  2. Carl says:

    We brought a Wiggins 20 inch Chartres. We are very happy. It's a good bike. As in VERY good. My little one has done 50m + in the last month.
    Its tough, well built and light. Great gear ratios let my little one get a 1m long 5-7.5% hill with no drama. He uses it for his cycle club and off road also. Its a great jack of all trades take it to the park, ride it 15miles, take on a bit of down hill bike.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Carl - sounds like your Cycle Sprog is getting great use out of the Chartres. Good to hear it's got the gears to get him up the hills - there's nothing more dispiriting than having to get off and push! Thanks for the update - and hope he continues to enjoy his cycling - he's certainly getting the miles in! Karen

  3. Edward Bryan says:

    We've just bought our second chartres (the 24 inch) and it's brilliant. He loved the 20 inch version and cycled miles on it. Halfords will give you a discount for buying another wiggins which was good to discover!

    • Karen says:

      That's good to know Ed - thanks for the update. Hope he enjoys the 24" version as much as the 20". Will definitely be faster! Karen

  4. Stephen says:

    Hi, after looking at most these bikes pretty much over the last 3 months, i thought it also worth mentioning the Raleigh Performance 20 which comes (or did) in 10 or 11 inch frame and light c.8kg. good geometry and my 6yo son really liked how it felt. Decent components and riser bars which can be usefully asjusted dor fit/growth. Price is also competitive with the range in the article and some deala to be had though not many dealers stocking.

  5. Will says:

    Our daughter moved from her Cnoc 16 to the Isla Beinn 20 and has loved it for the past few months, especially with mud season now in full swing. Whilst spending hours looking for a replacement to the Cnoc we fell in love with the Cannondale Quick 20 (her sister has the ‘Boys’ 24 in Acid green). The Quick 20 is weighing in at 8.2kg with pedals so is up in the light category and we would have gone for it but were questioning the resale value in 12 months, hence the Isla instead.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Will - thanks for getting in touch. The Cannondale is a great bike too, isn't it - we're finding that there are so many makes and models to choose from now - all with great specifications! At the moment the Islabikes do tend to hold their value well, as they've got the brand name plus the excellent quality of the build is proven over years and year. Hope your daughter has loads of fun on the Beinn 20. Karen

  6. Chris says:

    I always use your website as my first place of research when buying a bike for my children. I have just used it for the fourth time to purchase my son a Orbea MX20 Team disc as he has outgrown his Frog 48.
    Thanks for the great site 👍🏻

    • Karen says:

      So glad you find the website useful Chris - really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Hope your son enjoys his new bike! Karen

  7. James says:

    I found your site really useful when researching bikes for my seven-year-old. No mean feat finding the right bike - he's small for his age, but really wanted to get out on the trails.

    We eventually settled on the Orbea MX20 Team. This combined all the features he and we (his parents) wanted. For us, these were:
    1. Trigger shifters, rather than twist grip or tourney - because our son found them more intuitive and they enable him to maintain his grip while shifting;
    2. V brakes rather than discs - because they're lighter and easier to maintain, and less of a draw for small fingers;
    3. A decent range of gears covering most kinds of riding; and
    4. Tyres that are big enough to provide a bit of give when riding trails but are equally good on tarmac.
    It is a great bike, my son loves riding it and I'm definitely happy with it!

    In case it helps others to choose, I was worried about buying a bike without knowing its eight, so I emailed Orbea prior to making a decision. The response was:

    MX20 XC: 10.3kg
    MX20 Team: 8.97kg
    MX20 Team Disc: 9.55kg
    MX20 Park: 9.95kg
    MX20 Speed: 9.96kg

    • Karen says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback James - those weights are really useful to have - it's strange they don't make them publicly available. Glad you're pleased with the bike - here's to you both having lots of fun times out on the trails together. Karen

  8. Ruta says:

    I have purchased Saracen Mantra R2.0 for my daughter - could't find any wheight before. But - it is about 8.00 kg without pedals and up to 8,5 kg with them. The stem is very long - I asked to cut down some 5-6cm at the lokal bike store so I can take the seat down as much as possible for my 115cm daughter (otherwise at the lowest position you still have some 8 cm out from the frame till the seat). it is good for longer children but as my daughter felt scary at the beginning with BIG bike, it feel beter with a lower position in the beginning. We moved from Earlyrider Belter to this and it is great bike as well.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for that feedback Ruta - I'll add in the weights to the article. Good tip about the sizing - wondering if a bike shop could also supply a shorter post, so there's still the benefit of the longer one at the child gets longer. Hope she had great fun riding it. Karen

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