The best bike lights for kids – Winter 2024

The best kids bikes lights - for cycling safely during the winter months

As the darker mornings and evenings of winter are upon us it's time to make sure you and your family are ready for cycling in the dark.

It's really important that you're all lit up and visible when you're riding your bikes in low light and dark conditions.

Most bike lights are designed for adults - in terms of price and usability - so we've been busy looking for the best child-friendly bike lights that are suitable for kids of all ages.

In this article we're looking at the best bike lights for kids of all ages, from small toddlers on balance bikes through to tech-savvy teens.

And if you're looking for lights for your own bike you'll probably find something to suit too!

The best bike lights for kids bikes

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Knog Plus wearable light - Best bike light for very young children

Knog lights - best lights for kids bikes

It can be very difficult fixing a rear bike light to the seat post of a small pedal bike or a balance bike - especially if the seat post is in the lowest position. Then when you finally manage it, you realise the light is so low that no-one can see it, or else it's obscured by a coat dangling down over the saddle!

The Knog + (pronounced Knog Plus) is a wearable bike light, meaning you can put it onto your child's coat, hood or backpack. It can also attach to the handlebars, forks, seat posts, pannier racks and stays, in a vertical or horizontal position, meaning you should be able to find somewhere to mount it.

In wearable mode, the movement of your child will help catch the eye of passing motorists, as the light will be bobbing up and down.

It's also a good light to use whilst walking, scooting or running, as this photo shows.  A great choice for active families, where mum or dad want to nip out for a jog once the Sprogs are in bed.

The Knog + claims to be 100% waterproof, is really lightweight (12 g) and is charged by plugging the light straight into a USB socket, so you don't need any cables.

We reviewed an earlier model of Knog wearable lights which you can read about here.

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Lezyne Femto Drive - best for cold little hands in gloves

Easy to use bike lights for kids bikes

In the depths of winter, your Cycle Sprog doesn't want to have to take their gloves on and off to operate their bike lights.

The Lezyne Femto Drive Light Set are super easy to use - you just touch the front screen of the light and it switches on, touch it again to switch through the different modes, and then again to turn off. No need to take any gloves off at all - as we all know how long it takes to get them back on again.

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Elops bike light - cheapest single kids bike lights 

Btwin bike lights - the best bike lights for kids

At just £4.99 per light, the Elops bike lights are a good choice for kids who aren't riding on dark roads, and just want a bit of illumination.

They're easy to fit onto the bike and are cheap enough not to get stressed about if your Cycle Sprog manages to lose or break them.

They can be used as rear and front lights because with a press of a button they change from red to white.

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Cat Eye Sync - Best bike lights for older kids with a gadget obsession

Kids bike lights

If you're struggling to get your growing Cycle Sprog to take their winter visibility seriously (we all know HiViz is not cool!) the Cat Eye Sync lights may be the answer.

By using an App on their phone, they can control up to 7 bike lights, with features like low battery alerts, one-touch turning on of all lights and a kinetic feature that detects when they're braking and increases the intensity of the light.

They're not the cheapest lights - prices start at just under £50. However, bike lights haven't really been something to show off to your friends, until now.....

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Knog Pop I Front Lights - most stylish bike lights

Knog pop front bike lights for kids

The picture says it all really, doesn't it? Why look at a dreary plastic case when you could be admiring one of these beauties?  The biggest problem is choosing which design!

However, these lights from bike light specialists Knog don't just look good - they have side illumination, are waterproof, have low battery indicators (these take normal batteries rather than needing USB charging) and a variety of modes so you can get a really bright light (for 4.5 hours) or a flashing strobe that goes on for 100 hours.

They also do a set of matching rear lights but of course, you can't see the patterns quite so well.

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Cateye Volt 400 XC Front Light - Best for winter cycling adventures

Kids bike lights - the best

Cycle Sprog Eva spent her birthday money on some bike lights so she could go nighttime off-road cycling with her family.

She treated herself to the Cat Eye Volt 400 XC  and now when the family goes on their off-road adventures she rides at the front and illuminates the path for everyone else to follow.

On the road, she uses the low power setting so as to not dazzle drivers and finds that setting more than adequate when in town.

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Infini Wukong Silicone - cutest bike lights

Bike lights for kids bikes

If you want your child to be enthusiastic about using their bike lights, it helps if there's a fun element to them. These cute little Frog shaped lights will bring a smile to a dark and dreary day.

The silicone strap is designed to fit smaller kid's bike handlebars, the unit claims to be waterproof and you get about 100 hours of battery life on flashing mode and 50 hours on steady.

The best bit is there are so many colours available there should be one to match your bike.

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Alpkit Tau Front Bike light - best for all types of use

The Alpkit Tau comes recommended by several of the mums over on the Family Cycling UK Facebook Group. Beatrice told us "These are fab. They're very easy to use with a flexible rubber attachment which fits to kids bikes/ cargo bikes/adult bikes. Very bright!"

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best bike lights for kids

This is our pick of some of the best bike lights for kids - there are obviously lots of others out there, so if you're using another make or model please drop me a comment in the box below as I'd love to know what you recommend.


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