The cheapest kids bikes - April 2019

Spring is finally here, and with it the promise of warmer, sunnier times!  Just imagine all the adventures you can have this year cycling with your kids.  If you're looking for a cheap kids bike to get them onto two wheels, then now's a great time to be buying. Many retailers are discounting any remaining kids bikes in their 2018 ranges.  In this post we're looking to help you find the cheapest kids bikes, but only ones that are good quality and safe to ride.

Cycle Sprog Guide to the cheapest kids bikes

Please buy a proper bike, not a bike shaped object

Let's start by getting thing straight - here at Cycle Sprog we want parents to spend their money on a bike that their kid will enjoy riding,  which will give them years of safe cycling fun and be grown out of, rather than fall apart. 


We don't want you to buy a bike that will lie unused, or rust quickly.   This post therefore contains the best value, cheapest kids bikes we could find, rather than those very cheap bike shaped, heavy objects that we know from experience won't be loved or ridden anywhere near as much. Buy a heavy, steel bike for under £100 that your child can't pick up and it is likely to rust / break leaving your child heartbroken, and you angry at the expense of having to buy another one.

You may also want to read our other article, 12 things you need to know before buying a kids bike.

Cheapest Kids Bikes - April 2019

Deals of the week:

2018 Saracen Mantra kids bikes at Tredz - up to 20% off plus additional 10% voucher code

Saracen Mantra 1.6 reduced at Tredz in their Boxing Day Sales deals on Kids Bikes

Tredz are currently discounting the last of their 2018 stock of these lightweight kids bikes - obviously when they're gone they're gone!  Plus, if you buy through our links you can use our exclusive code SPROG10 to get an additional 10% off the discounted price!

The aluminium frame and forks mean the Saracen Mantra will be much lighter than the majority of bikes available for a similar price (which are usually made of much heavier steel).  The Saracen Mantra kids bikes come fitted with child sized brakes (which can be operated with just two fingers) and Kenda small block 8 tyres which are great for all terrain types.

Saracen Mantra 1.6 best and cheapest pink girls 16 inch bike for 3 year old girl

SAVE NOW: Saracen Mantra 2018 kids bikes cheap at Tredz - use code SPROG10 at checkout for 10% off stated price


Ridgeback MX16 kids bikes - RRP £190 - now £126 with voucher code

Use our exclusive link and code to get 10% off this reduced bike

Ridgeback MX 16 kids bike Black Friday deal

The Ridgeback MX range is Ridgeback's budget range of bikes, so do be aware that you're getting a heavier bike than the other bikes featured on this page. However, the MX 16 is a good choice if your child isn't going to be riding too far, or too frequently, and you're looking for a cheap but decent quality bike to keep them pedalling. You'll definitely notice a weight difference compared to some of the more expensive 16" wheel kids bikes, but with child sized components, they'll be safe and have fun on this bike. The frame is aluminium, so it's going to be much lighter than the heavy steel framed cheap bikes that you can buy for under £100.

The RRP for the Ridgeback MX 16 is £190 but Tredz currently have it reduced by 26% to £140.  If you buy through our link you can add our exclusive discount code SPROG10 at checkout and get AN ADDITIONAL 10% off, bringing the bike down to just £126.

Save now:  Ridgeback 16" wheel bikes at Tredz - don't forget to use the SPROG10 discount code!

Vitus Bikes (from £190)

Vitus bikes are sold through Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles. They're clearly taking on the more expensive Frog Bikes and Islabikes, at a cheaper price point. You get a lightweight 6061 alloy frame, child proportioned components, Kenda tyres and easy to use gearing (where fitted).

Vitus Twenty cheapest kids bike with 20" wheels

Vitus kids bikes are available exclusively at Wiggle and  Chain Reaction Cycles, and come in 14", 16", 2o" and 24" wheels, as well as a balance bike.   They are priced from £190 for the 14" to £240 for the 24" wheel hybrid.  They also do a range of reasonably priced mountain bikes.


Wild Bikes (from £175)

Wild Bike 16 Inch Black Friday deal on bikes for a 4 year old

Wild Bikes are the new 'in house' kids bike range from Go Outdoors. Lightweight with a great specification and colour choices, we expect the Wild Bikes range to be popular with both kids and parents alike. And that's before you take into account the excellent price! We won't be surprised to see these flying off the shelves in the run up to Christmas.

The Wild Bikes have sizes ranging from 14" wheel (3 years) through to 24" wheel (approx 10 years).

One other thing - you will need to buy the Go Outdoor discount card for £5 (it's easy to do when on the website) to get the full benefit of the cheaper price on these bikes.

BUY NOW: Click here to buy Wild Bikes at Go Outdoors from £175

Cube Bikes (from £180) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brandCube Kid Girl 200 All Road bike is one of the best bikes for a 6 year old girl

Cube make a large number of kids bikes, in different styles and colours - all of them robustly made (think German engineering!).  At the moment Tredz are selling off the old 2018 models to make way for 2019 stock, so you can get a good deal on a variety of bikes.

We've reviewed three Cube bikes over the years (albeit more expensive mountain bikes) and have been impressed by the quality of their workmanship.

==> Click here to buy cheap Cube Bikes at Tredz - free home delivery available

Pinnacle Bikes (From £180) 

Pinnacle is an in-house brand for Evans Cycles, so is available to be collected on most high streets.  The Pinnacle range is much better specified and a lighter weight than many other kids bikes in the same price bracket.  Parents report seeing their children ride so much more easily once they swap their "princess" or "batman" bike for a Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Ash 202 wheel cheap kids bike

Prices range from £180 for the 14" wheel Pinnacle Koa (ages 4 plus) through to £320 for the largest 26" wheel bike - the Pinnacle Kauri (ages 10 plus).



Squish Bikes from £210 (plus 10% off at Tredz)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Squish Bikes are another new entrant to the kids bike market. Owned by the same company as Dawes, they are a budget brand that hasn't sacrified a decent specification and respectable weight in order to lower the price.

Squish 14" wheel kids bike

The 14" Squish bike (pictured above) is the smallest offering, and costs £209.99  There are also 16", 18", 20", 24" and 26" wheel sizes, and we like the fact that there are two frame sizes for the 26" wheel bike to cater for taller kids.

The range has an 18" wheel bike, which is unusual for a lightweight kids bike. You can read our review of the Squish 18 here.

Squish bikes are available at a network of local bike shops, and online from Tredz.

==> Click here to buy Squish Bikes from Tredz - free home delivery plus an extra 10% off if you use the code SPROG10

Wiggins Bikes (from £180)

Wiggins Bikes are sold exclusively at Halfords, meaning you can get it delivered to your local store of assembly and collection if that suits you better than home delivery.  Wiggins Chartres 20 cheap kids bike

All the Wiggins bikes are very well specified, and also come with a great sense of style that Bradley Wiggins is known for, with his signature reverse forks and mod target design. They range in size from a balance bike for toddlers through to 700c road bikes for teenagers.


Ridgeback kids bikes (from £160 PLUS 10% off at Tredz)

Ridgeback Melody 16 inch wheel girls bike with Black Friday deal

Ridgeback kids bikes are that bit cheaper than some of the other bikes featured in this post, and therefore you will notice a difference in weight and quality of components. However, the bikes are still a lot better specified and lighter weight than the much cheaper, steel framed bikes available, can come fitted with child proportioned components.  Annoyingly Ridgeback still persist with having "girls" bikes called Harmony and Honey, and "boys" bikes called the MX range.  I'll leave you to decide if you think having your bike called "Honey" is better or worse than having it called "Cupcake", but this blog explains why girls and boys bikes deserve to be equal.

Buy now:  Ridgeback Kids Bikes at Tredz. Use our exclusive SPROG10 discount code at the checkout to get 10% off the stated price.

10% off selected kids bikes and helmets at Tredz

Tredz have kindly given us a 10% discount code for Cycle Sprog readers. There are a number of brands excluded, but these links will take you to the bikes included in the deal. All you have to do is add the code SPROG10 at checkout to get the additional discount (on top of any discounts already being offered)



There are quite a few brands excluded, so you can go to this post to find out all the details.

Cheapest Balance Bike - the Chicco Bullet (RRP £35)

In our recent poll of parents as to which balance bikes they'd recommend, the Chicco Bullet balance bike got the thumbs up as being cheap, easy to ride and well made.

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike

The Chicco Bullet is available from Amazon at the reduced price of just £28.

Cheapest Kids Mountain Bike

Scott Scale Range (from £269)

The thing with mountain bikes is that if you buy too cheap you might as well not bother - the bike will be too heavy to get up hills, and the suspension won't work. You're better off spending your money on a hybrid bike from the list above instead.  However, if you've got that bit more cash and are looking for a proper mountain bike, the Scott Scale range has something for all budgets, with the 20" wheel bikes starting at £269.00

Scott Scale 20 inch wheel kids MTB is one of the cheapest, well specified mountain bikes on the market

One thing to look out for on cheaper kids mountain bikes is complicated gearing. It's hard for children to cope with 21 or more gears, plus there's more to go wrong. The Scott Scale range comes with much simpler gearing (i.e. a single chain ring at the front) that you tend to associate with more expensive kids mountain bikes.

There are a variety of bikes in the range, and you go all the way up to £599 for the top of the range 24" wheel race bike with disc brakes and rigid forks.

==> The full Scott Scale kids mountain bike range is available from Tredz.

Cheapest Kids Road Bike

- Wiggins Rouen (from £300)

As you'd expect from a former Tour de France winner, the Wiggins range features a lot of kids road bikes. This road bike model is named the 'Rouen', after a stage in his winning TdF.

Wiggins Rouen 540c kids road bikeThe Wiggins Rouen kids road bikes are well specc'ed and designed for the money, ranging from £300 for the smallest 540c bike (ages 8 plus) through to £400 for the 700c bike with carbon forks (ages 11 plus). They're available exclusively at Halfords.

If the Wiggins bikes don't hit the mark, check out our other posts on 20" kids road bikes and 24" kids road bikes.


Cheapest Frog Bikes

You can sometimes get a discount on a Frog Bike - check out our post to see where the cheapest Frog Bikes currently are. 

However, usually the best value, cheap kids bikes are actually second hand. Both Frog Bikes and Islabikes are well made, lightweight and designed to last, so if you buy carefully you'll be onto a winner.  Check out these links:

We hope you found this post useful - if you find your child the perfect bike at a great price, please do let us know, either in the comments section below, or via the Cycle Sprog Facebook page.

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Affiliate Disclosure:  Like most websites we use affiliate schemes to help fund the ongoing hosting and maintenance of our website. If you purchase your cheap kids bike using our links it doesn’t cost you any more, but you’re helping to keep Cycle Sprog going. Thanks so much for your support,  Karen and Chris

This post on the cheapest kids bikes was first published in December 2016 and updated for March 2019.

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