Danny MacAskill now offering child care!

Go on the trailer ride of your life!

We all need a break from our sprogs every so often and it's brilliant when a friend offers to take on the child care duties for an hour or two.

Especially if they offer to get in a bit of fresh air with a trip to the duck pond.

It all sounds very sedate - unless your friend happens to be Danny MacAskill!!!

Hold onto your seats - it's time to enjoy some Danny Daycare.....

If Danny's latest video leaves you thinking you'd like to take your own Cycle Sprog on a (much more sedate) bike ride, then bike trailers are a brilliant way to do this.

You can find out about all the different trailers available in our cunningly titled article  "The best children's bike trailers"

How to start cycling with your kids

Fuel prices have reached record levels, and they're unlikely to drop any time soon.  Swapping to cycling for shorter local journeys is often quoted as being a quick way to save money.

But how do you do this if you've got a family????

Don't panic - Cycle Sprog is here to help!

Here's a selection of articles to get you started - and don't forget to sign up for our FREE guide to cycling to school 


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