3 easy World Book Day costumes for kids who cycle

Coming up with a costume for World Book Day is an annual ritual for most parents with primary school-aged children.

This year, World Book Day takes place on Thursday 2 March 2023.

Do you go all out, or do you frantically look for an easy costume the day before? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve been looking out for the best cycling-inspired WBD outfits for the past few years and here’s our round-up of quick WBD costumes for kids who love to cycle.

After all, what better way to spend the day at school than dressed in your cycling kit and telling others about your cycling skills?

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Books about cycling

In case you don’t know of any books about bikes or cycling, check out our curated list of children’s books about bikes and cycling.

The list includes picture books, chapter books for all ages and children’s biographies of well-known cyclists.

If you’re reading this early enough you might be able to head to the library to borrow one of those or buy one from Bookshop.org.

What do you need for a cycling WBD costume?

For most World Book Day costumes related to a book character who cycles you basically need at least one of the following props:

  • A bike
  • A helmet
  • Cycling gloves
  • A cycling jersey or shorts
costume ideas for world book day for kids who like to cycle

Flying Fergus World Book Day costume

Has your child read the Flying Fergus series of books by Sir Chris Hoy?

There are 10 books in the series – if your child hasn’t yet started reading them, you need the first book in the series titled ‘The Best Birthday Bike’.

Next, you need to persuade them that wearing their cycling kit to school is the best thing ever!

No need to buy anything or do any sewing or crafting, just pop them in a cycling outfit like leggings/shorts and a helmet (if you usually wear one) and that’s it!

If you want to do a tiny bit of crafting, you could add a ‘Hercules Hopefuls’ banner to their top.

Princess BMX for World Book Day

Described as ‘enchanted meets BMX’, this book is especially great for girls who are into cycling or BMX in particular.

Princess BMX is a rebellious princess and the WBD costume is super easy; a cycling jersey or normal top and a (tulle) skirt and you’re done (add a helmet if you have one)!

Marie  Basting's Princess BMX was only published last summer, and it's clearly been a hit!

ET on a bike as World Book Day outfit

A classic that will speak to children, parents, and teachers alike. And to top it off, this is a very easy and fun costume, especially to cycle to school in.

Your children can wear a red hoodie and a basket on their bike.

No need to stay up all night to paper mache ET, just pop in a soft toy and you’re done!


world book day ideas for kids who like cycling ET kid on a bike WBD

Before you go...

Check out our book reviews in Best children’s fiction books about cycling.

We've been looking out for cycling-related World Book Day costumes for a few years now. Here are some articles from previous years if you need some more inspiration:


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