Knog Blinder review: a USB bike light that's great for kids

The Knog Blinder is a range of USB rechargeable bike lights for either the front or rear, with a fantastic selection of colours Knog Blinder review - an LED rear bike light with USB charging, suitable for use by kidsand LED layouts to choose from. The Knog Blinder is also a bike light that really appeals to kids, as they can choose from circles, crosses or stripes.  Or if they fancy lighting their way with a Skull, Heart or flower then the Blinder is the bike light for them!

We tested the Standard Blinder rear bike light which comes kitted out with four LED's in a square pattern and gives out 44 lumens, which in layman's terms means 'bright', with Knog claiming light is visible at over 800 metres.

It would appear that the 'Blinder' moniker is spot on then!

Knog Blinder review - first impressions

Knog Blinder review - USB powered rear bike light great for kids bikesThe Blinder is a stylish piece of kit - very tactile and feels great in the hand. Weight wise it comes in at 39 grammes, which is heavier that some bike lights but does give a sense of solidity. At the front there is a hard wearing anodized aluminium cover that is available in a variety of colours to keep your kid happy, while the rear is made from tough polycarbonate, with a UV-resistant silicone strap and stainless steel clasp for attaching the light to your bike. It's good to see that the materials chosen for the Blinder are intended to last, and avoid degradation from the sun and dreaded corrosion!

How do I charge the Knog Blinder Bike light?

The Knog Blinder is a petite little thing. With a front face measuring 42mm x 42mm it's the length of an AAA battery, so you wouldn't get one inside. However, flip the Blinder over and there snuggled into the casing is a connector to stick into your computer and get some charge.

I've successfully plugged it into all ports on two laptops, but if your ports are very low down on the casing, say 6mm between table and bottom of port, then you might struggle. There are two solutions to this: you can position your laptop near edge of table, and hope little people don't knock it off, or you can buy the Knog Blinder USB extension cable which allows you to easily charge it up out of harms way.

Fitting a Knog Blinder light to your bike

Knog advise that the Blinder will fit on seatposts ranging from 22mm up to 32mm diameter which covers the majority out there,Knog Blinder review - showing strap and clasp so unless you have something unusual going on then it should fit fine.

Getting the light on the bike is straightforward and involves wrapping the silicone strap around the seatpost, hooking onto the clasp and then snapping it into the closed position. On the test mule, the light felt very secure and could not be budged off line. Another positive is that the light is angled so that the LED's project their light out towards the traffic and not at the floor.

How easy is it to use the Knog Blinder bike light?

A single button is used to switch the light on/off, and also for moving through the four flash modes. With the light on steady, Knog claim you should get around 3 hours of light, increasing up to around 50 hours with the mode 4 flash.

Switching on the Knog Blinder requires you to hold the button in a tad longer than you'd expect (0.75 sec), but this is a useful feature that stops accidental activation. Moving through the modes takes just a tap on the button, while turning off requires a longer push (0.5 sec) to stop you from plunging unexpectedly into darkness.

In the Winter Glove test, the Blinder passed with flying colours due to some clever design, with the area surrounding the button being curved just enough to let a podgy finger find its way to the target.

Wet weather resilience is always towards the top of my list, so I was impressed when the Blinder passed the Soggy Bear test without hitch, and would have endured the torrent of water for much, much longer than the two minutes test condition.

My 6 year old son has no problem in operating the Blinder when it's in position, and enjoys deciding which flashing mode to select.

Knog Blinder review: The final verdict

As is the norm with Knog products, the Blinder bike light has been designed with the cyclist in mind. Classy looking and well made, it fits securely to the bike and provides a good, strong light that will make other road users aware of your presence.

The fun range of shapes, together with the cool name, mean it's a light that will appeal to kids of all ages too, which is helpful when you're trying to make sure they're visible during the winter months.

We used the Blinder daily throughout the depths of winter, and were very impressed with both the amount of light it gave out, and the fact that it still looks like new. It's certainly a product we'll be using again this winter.

Where to buy the Knog Blinder bike light

The Knog Blinder is available either as a single front or rear unit, or as a twin pack.  You can check to see if your local bike shop stock Knog by clicking here.  They are also available to buy online from Chain Reaction Cycles and Amazon (who both have a wide range of shapes and colours).

The Knog Blinder was provided to Cycle Sprog for review.  This article was originally published on 8th November 2012, and updated in November 2015.

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