Sealskinz kids winter gloves review

winter cycling gloves for kidsAt the tail end of last winter we purchased a pair of Sealskinz kids winter gloves in a lovely, bright blue hue.  With the first cold spell kicking in they’ve been brought out of storage and onto N’s hands for the daily cycle to school, so while I have them next to me on the desk I thought I’d write a Sealskinz kids winter gloves review to help anyone looking to invest in a pair of warm children’s gloves for winter.

Sealskinz kids winter gloves review  – construction

Sealskinz winter kids glove review - waterproof kids glovesThe Sealskinz kids winter gloves have a textured polyurethane palm that gives good grip on bike handlebars, especially in the wet.

The cuff is knitted and reasonably long, and where it joins to the glove it is well stitched and elasticated to provide a closeness to the wrist which avoids cold air (or snow) from entering.

Also, due to the length of the cuff it is possible to tuck it inside the sleeves of a jacket.

The rear of the gloves, covering the fingers and back of hand, is a rip stop 100% nylon fabric and this makes up the outer shell of the glove. The lining is 100% polyester, and managed to keep little fingers lovely and warm through last year’s cold spell.

Sealskinz kids winter gloves review

There is a clip on the gloves to join them together – as returning home from school with a single glove is not as amusing as a seven-year-old seems to think!


The Sealskinz kids winter gloves come in sizes S/M and L, with ‘S/M’ allegedly fitting the hands of children aged 6 to 9, and the ‘L’ fitting 10 to 13.

We bought N the S/M when he was 6. They were a touch large, but now aged 7, our Cycle Sprog who is tall and slim, has tried them on and they’re becoming a tight fit for his hands.

So, I would say the S/M size will fit children aged 5 up to maybe 7 or 8, depending on size of hand, but I’d be very surprised if a 9 year old could squeeze their mitts into them.

Durability of the Sealskinz kids winter gloves

Last winter the Sealskinz gloves were used as daily hand fodder for N while riding the bike for the journey up to school. However, as we had snow, the gloves also managed to get to grips with a bit of the white stuff – well, quite a lot of it actually. So they’ve taken a bit of a pasting from dragging snow off footpaths to create snowballs and snowmen, and had several soakings from dipping hands into the slushiest areas of a snow covered garden. But an overnight drying session on the radiator saw them ready for action the next day.

Sealskinz kids winter gloves review – how have they held up?

So far so good, as there is no sign of abrasion to be seen anywhere on the glove. I had expected to see some scuffing on the fingertips, but as it stands they’re in good shape. There is a little bit of piling evident on the cuffs, which I think will be a result of rubbing against the velcro fastenings on N’s jacket cuffs, but it’s hardly noticeable.

windproof kids cycling gloves - Sealskinz kids winter gloves review

Where to buy Sealskinz kids winter gloves

The Sealskinz kids sized waterproof and windproof gloves we’ve reviewed here are available for purchase at various retailers, and also online at Amazon. They come in three colours – blue, black and pink.

For smaller hands, Sealskinz have introduced a similarly styled mitten available in pink and blue, which is suitable for children up to five years.

Who are Sealskinz? 

I always like it when I find a good product from a British company. Whilst writing this Sealskinz kids winter gloves review I found the history section on the Sealskinz website fascinating: Sealskinz – A Great British Company

This Sealskinz kids winter gloves review was first published in October 2014 and updated in January 2016


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