Family Cycling Podcast – Balance Bikes

Welcome to the Family Cycling Podcast Balance Biking Episode.

Cycling dad of two Alex BB and Cycle Sprog's very own Karen Gee chat about how great balance bikes are for children who aren't yet pedalling.

They are joined by Karen Wood, who has been a leading light in the UK's balance biking community, and who has recently launched the KidsVelo brand of balance bikes.

In the show notes below you can find links to all the products referenced in the podcast.

Happy cycling!

Family Cycling Podcast - Balance Biking

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Show notes

02:37 - Stabilisers vs balance bikes

05:23 - Buying a balance bike

09:24 - Interview with Karen Wood from Kidvelo - setting up a balance biking business - twice!

20:25 - Balance Bike recommendations

22:09 - Brakes on balance bikes

23:10 - How to use a balance bike

27:46 - Secondhand balance bikes

31:14 - Balance bike accessories

Listed below are the products that we mention in the podcast.

Some links contain affiliate links, which is how you can help us to keep the podcast going, as we'll get a small commission for each sale.

We'd love to hear your experiences of using balance bikes, so do please drop a comment in box below.

Thank you

Alex and Karen

Balance Bikes

Black Mountain - balance bikes that convert into pedal bikes

Bike Club - lease a balance bike for a small monthly fee

KidVelo - Karen Wood's company specialising in balance bikes

Hornit AIRO - very lightweight balance bikes

Second hand balance bikes - there's a really good market in second hand quality balance bikes - whether you're buying or selling

Strider Bikes - the bikes Karen Wood started out with

Vitus Nippy - great value, lightweight balance bike

Balance biking accessories

Carribob Strap - for carrying a balance bike when it's not in use

Handlebar tassles - for adding fun to your balance bike

Kids sized cycle helmets - good idea if your child starts to go further and faster and may come off

Tigo Gloves - come in small sizes for little hands

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Alex and Karen


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