Dinos, Lions and Unicorns – new jerseys for little riders

If you’re a mountain biking kid you obviously want to look the part when you’re out on the trails.

But you also need to be warm, comfy and protected.

Only problem is some of the MTB clothes your mum and dad dress you in can be SO boring!

OK, it can be cool to look all grown up on the pump track, but sometimes you just want to look your age and have some fun.

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Thankfully the great folks at Shotgun understand this, which is why they’ve launched a brand new range of kids mountain biking jerseys for young mountain bikers aged 2 – 6 years.

The technical kids riding jerseys are designed to keep little riders warm on the trails, with a windproof nylon front panel.

But it’s what’s on this panel which stands these out from the crowd.

There’s a choice of the dino, the lion or the unicorn from the popular Shred Til Bed ABC book – all desperate to join your little one for a ride.

The jerseys are made from an eco-friendly cotton modal blend, which is more breathable than traditional synthetic fabrics.  It’s also really durable, which is great for long days at the pump track or out on the trails.

The jerseys come in three sizes – 2-4 years, 4-6 years and 6-8 years.

They retail at £33 and are available to buy now directly on the Shotgun website.

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Shotgun release new kids jerseys for aged 2 to 6 years old
Shotgun release new kids jerseys

Before you go….

If you’ve not heard of Shotgun before, they make a great range of mountain biking accessories for younger kids who can’t ride their own bikes but want to come along for the ride.

Their named after their popular front bike seats, which means kids as young as 2 years can get out enjoying the trails with you.  They’ve also recently released a tow rope, which is a great way to help slightly older kids up the hills so you can both enjoy the descents.


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