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Have you ever wondered what it’s like going to watch the cycle racing at a velodrome? 8 year old Ethan and 6 year old Lucy were lucky enough to go to see the National Track Championships which took place at the end of January 2019 at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.  Here’s their Sprog Blog all about the day – over to you Ethan…..

My birthday surprise!

First of all Mummy and Daddy surprised me and Lucy by telling us we were going to Manchester velodrome to see the National Track Championships. It was even more of a treat because the next day it was my 8th Birthday.

When we arrived the first thing we saw was the BMX track with lots of boys and girls about my age riding on it. It looked really awesome and they did massive jumps, I might be a bit scared but I’d like to try soon!

Watching the BMX riding at the Manchester Cycle Centre

We went to the café and there were loads of jerseys on the wall and pictures of famous riders like (Sir!) Chris Hoy on the wall. When we went into the velodrome I thought it was big and very hot.

Watching the track cycling at the velodrome

We found our seats and then looked around and we stood at the top of the turns and they were very very very steep! There were riders warming up and we were very close to them. After we had had a look round, Daddy bought us some giant foam hands to cheer with and we had our faces painted!

The races started and I was surprised by how fast they went!

Daddy sent pictures of Lucy and me to British Cycling and we got our picture on the massive screen in the velodrome for everyone to see – they came on a few times!

Ethan and Lucy's photo on the screen at the velodrome

My favourite races were the men’s km race because it was very fast and each rider rode on their own against the clock and the men’s point’s race. They did 120 laps and every 10 laps they sprinted and the winner got the 5 points – it was very exciting and I cheered a lot and waved my hand! There were two Ethan’s in the race.

The Kieran was a funny race because the riders chased a man on a funny little motorbike!

We got back home so late that it was already my birthday as it was after midnight but I wasn’t allowed my presents until the next morning!

I would like to go back and see some more races at the Velodrome and have a go when I am a bit bigger!

Ethan, age 8

Sounds like the perfect birthday treat, Ethan. I hope you enjoyed opening your birthday presents when you woke up the next day.  Here’s Lucy to tell us about her day:

When Mummy and Daddy told us we were going to Manchester Velodrome we watched some races on TV the night before to see what it would be like.

I watched the BMX first and I sat at the top. Nanny and Grandad met us at the BMX track.

We went into the velodrome and we walked all the way round while the riders warmed up on the track and then we sat down and the races started.

Kids watching track cycling at the velodrome

My favourite race was the women’s scratch race which was 40 laps and Laura Kenny went really really fast in the last lap and she won, it was very exciting.

The men’s points race with 120 laps was very long and exciting and was very loud because everyone was cheering.

Taking kids to watch the cycling at the velodrome

Daddy sent our pictures and they went on the big screen and everyone saw it.

I liked the medal ceremonies and I made daddy and Ethan wait until the very end of the night to watch them all. We didn’t get home until half past midnight!

Lucy, age nearly 6!

Thank you so much to Ethan and Lucy for sharing their fabulous day at the velodrome with us all. If you’ve got an exciting cycling story you’d like to see published in our Sprog Blog, go to this article to find out what you have to do

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