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Corners, steep hills, obstacles. All words that relate to cyclocross!

I rode my second U14’s cyclocross race recently on the Worx JA 700 and it was a blast. Here’s my thoughts on it.

Riding my first U14's cyclocross race

I had just recovered from a cold and I needed something to get me outdoors and make me feel happy and part of nature again. So, when I saw there was another cyclocross race quite nearby, I jumped at the opportunity. I had really enjoyed my first cyclocross race and couldn’t wait to do another one. I must say though, I’m not the best at it but I am improving and that is what matters. 

We arrived and after getting changed into our biking gear, rode around the course a few times. I have learnt that knowing the course a bit really helps because obstacles don’t come as surprises during the race.

Riding in the U14's cyclocross race at Ulverston NWCCA 2018

I had enough time to rush round before we were called up to the start line

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Junior cyclocross - the start of an U14's CX race at Ulverston, Cumbria NWCCA league race

The second the whistle blew, I knew that the group that I was in was faster that the last cyclocross race I did. There was no way I could keep up and settled down into my own pace.

Riding in a junior British Cycling cyclocross U14's kids cycle race (CX)

About half way through the race I recognised someone I had seen from the start.

U14's cyclocross race on the Worx JA700 kids cyclocross bike

I was sure they hadn’t over taken me and then realised I had just lapped them! I was very happy as it was the first time I had ever lapped someone. Towards the end of the race, I began to get tired and couldn’t wait to the end came.

12 year old racing in a cyclocross CX race on a drop handlebar cyclocross bike for kids - the Worx JA700

The bell rang for the last lap and I struggled across the finish line – happy but exhausted. The next race was my Mum’s race.

I was really proud of my mum for completing the race and hoped the encouragement I gave her helped get her to the end of the race. I’ve told her she needs to write a blog about it soon!

Worx JA-700 kids cyclocross bike after a race

Disclosure: I was riding the Worx JA-700 which Worx Bikes have kindly lent me to review. You can read what I think of it here

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