Tern unveils the Orox, an adventure cargo bike

Here at Cycle Sprog, we have tested a couple of the best cargo bikes, but they have mainly been designed for urban riding.  So we are excited to see Tern developing an off-road, adventure-focused cargo bike for families who want to ride off the beaten track. 

The Orox, which is going to be available in the UK from May, is an adventure cargo bike designed to navigate any terrain and weather condition with ease. 

The Orox is designed to carry up to two kids or one adult when riding on paved roads; one older kid when riding on graded and maintained gravel roads; or no passengers but lots of cargo when riding on more technical trails.

With dual-battery capability and an efficient Bosch motor, Orox has a range of more than 300km (with two batteries), opening the door to big days and remote riding.

two tern orox bikes riding in the woods

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Go Anywhere

Traditional cargo bikes tend to face limitations on unpaved roads, while most off-road bikes struggle to carry substantial cargo. 

With large-volume tyres and a Bosch motor, Tern have clearly designed the Orox to bring cargo bike utility to any type of terrain. It’s great that their press release is targeting companies who need to transport goods and people along off road tracks as well as leisure cyclists. 

Whether it’s negotiating poorly maintained urban streets during the week or heading out for a weekend overnight wild camp, the Oryx certainly looks like it could appeal to families. However, the variations in how many children you can carry on different terrains could prove frustrating for families wanting to carry their children at all times.  

Orox’s frame and fork are designed to let riders swap in their choice of 26 x 5”, 27.5 x 4” or 29 x 3” tyres. Heavy-duty mudguards should keep the rider and bike clean(er) when things get wet, while the Frame Pack insulates the battery for optimal performance when the temperature drops. 

Orox is a heavy-duty haulier with a max gross vehicle weight capacity of 210 kg on-road and 180 kg off-road. Bikepackers could use it to extend family trips by bringing more supplies (or the inevitable kids’ toys, spare bike and snacks!). 

Tern promises a full selection of Tern accessories to allow families to kit out their Orox to fit their unique adventuring needs. 

Sizing of the Orox 

Unlike other Tern bikes that are one size fits all, the Orox comes in a medium and large size. Special adjustments to frame geometry and component choice allow the Large size frame to fit riders up to 195 cm tall and 130 kg in weight. On the smaller side of the spectrum, the Medium size Orox frame fits riders from 155 cm tall, thanks to a mid-step frame design. 

Pricing & Availability 

Tern has announced that Orox pricing starts at £5,900. Bikes will begin to arrive in bike shops in Europe and North America this April and the UK in May. 

orox longtail cargo bike rack
orox frame bag

What our team think: 

Saskia, Cycle Sprog’s cargo bike expert, whose family relies on a longtail cargo bike and box bike instead of a car thinks: the large rear wheel is pretty high up to carry two children, or one older child on. Most premium longtail bikes offer a 20 inch rear wheel (Tern, Bike43, RM Multitinker), with some others a 24 inch rear wheel (Benno Boost) or 26 inch rear wheel (RM Multicharger). The high centre of gravity on the Tern Orox might make the bike harder to handle compared to a longtail bike with a smaller rear wheel. 

However, the large front wheel will roll over bumps and potholes with ease compared to smaller front wheels.

The geometry of the bike invites a more forward-leaning, sporty, riding position and a high stand over height. This moves away from Tern’s usual more upright riding position that is common in most cargo bikes, and into a more efficient pedalling position. This bike is clearly targeted at the confident, off-road leisure rider rather than the usual cargo bike market of utility, school runs and day to day riding. 

I personally wouldn't advise it as the perfect bike for the urban school run, but it might work well if your school run is up muddy tracks and you're carrying just one child and want the bike primarily for leisure riding. 

Emily, Reviews and Rides editor and keen gravel rider and bikepacker: This bike looks like it could be the perfect solution for adventurous leisure riders who are keen to ride off-road with their families. While maybe the world of bikepacking is a little niche, more and more people are discovering that you can have some incredible adventures on two wheels. But with kids, you are limited to terrain that is trailer-suitable, or you have to wait until they are old enough for a Kids Ride Shotgun seat. The Orox could bridge this gap, meaning you could take your child on bumpier single-track adventures in a rear seat, with e-assist to help make hauling all the weight of children, camping kit and snacks a bit more enjoyable. 

Living in the Lake District I can also see that this bike could enable families to venture further into the more adventurous terrain they ride when they don't have the kids in tow. 

I run a women's gravel cycling community and think this bike would enable so many more women to join our community bike rides without having to worry if the terrain is smooth enough for a trailer or if they are fit enough to be able to keep up uphill. 

Final thoughts

We’re pleased to see that the Tern accessories are compatible with their existing range, as our testers of the Tern GSD love the Stormshield to keep their kids happy and dry. The bike will inevitably be big and heavy, and transporting it might be a challenge. Would you be able to take it on a standard UK train, or put it on a car bike rack? It will be interesting to find out more. 

What we do know is this bike is an exciting addition to Tern’s range, moving away from their true utility bikes and into the leisure cycling world, and we look forward to seeing one in the flesh! 

What do you think? Would you love to get your hands on one of these? Let us know in the comments below. 

family loading up their two orox cargo bikes


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