Cycling on canal towpaths – a six year old’s view

The ‘cycling on canal towpaths’ article has been written by our son, aged six, who is a keen cyclist and fan of getting out into the open air at any given opportunity. His interest in cycling extends to following Team Sky and British Cycling, and he is a bit of a fan of Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins. He also does the daily school run on two wheels.

Cycling on canal towpaths - N ready to go

I love riding my bike, and cycling on canal towpaths is one of my favourite places to ride. I like tow paths because some are in the countryside and some are in cities, so I can see a lot of different things.

They’re good once you’ve learnt to ride quite well, because they’re nice and flat and so its easy to pedal.

I like seeing and going under the bridges,  looking at the boats and seeing what they’re called. I think ‘The Precious Acorn’ would be a good name for a boat!

As well as riding and seeing the canal you can see lots of trees and grass and if you’re lucky you might see some animals and birds such as ducks and sometimes swans. They look lovely and white but they can be a bit fierce so be careful.

Cycling on canal towpaths - canal bridge view

Cycling on canal towpaths – a route I’d like to ride

Llangollen Canal to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The Llangollen to Pontcysyllte ride is one I want to try, and has lots of great things to see.

Cycling on canal towpaths - Pontcysyllte Aquaduct, Canal and River Trust

Find a Canal or River ride near you!

The Canal and River Trust have lots of great cycle rides that go along canals and other waterways. You can find hundreds of miles of cycling along canal towpaths all over the country, so head out and enjoy yourselves!!

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Mr Sutton

What great advice! My family like cycling along canal towpaths too.we like the Lancaster canal northwards towards Kendal. The aqueduct over the Lune is fab My son rides on a tagalong behind me pretending to be Mark Cavendish.


That’s a great stretch of canal isn’t it. My kids do love aqueducts and viaducts, plus the boats, ducks and swans also help make each ride so exciting. Today I’ve had Wiggo behind me on the tagalong – he’s got a bit of training to do if he’s going to challenge for the yellow jersey again in 2014!!

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