Help! Where can I buy a kids bike with quick delivery?

“Help!  I urgently need to buy my child a bike – where has one in stock that can deliver to me quickly???”  It’s a question we’re getting asked a lot at the moment.  When cycling was one of the only allowable activities during lockdown it seems that the UK’s entire stock of kids bikes was bought up in a couple of weeks!  Whilst kids bikes are slowly coming back into stock, some retailers have delivery times of almost a month.

This has left lots of parents and grandparents frantically searching around for the perfect bike for their child / grandchild in time for a birthday or because they’ve grown out of their existing bike or need to start cycling to school, only to find there’s a 6 month waiting list for their chosen bike.

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Where can I buy a kids bike with quick delivery

Where to find a kids bike with quick home delivery in the post-covid era

In this post we’ll look at some good options for finding an in-stock bike in the UK at the current time, which you can get delivered quickly.

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On-line retailers with kids bikes in stock and clear delivery times

In the inter-connected world we live in, many online stores don’t actually hold stock of kids bikes. They simply tap into a distributors stock list and sell what’s listed as available.

Pre-Covid this was never much of a problem, but in the new normal this can mean you end up very frustrated, waiting for a bike that the company you’ve bought from has no control over.  You need to wait until the distributor has delivered the bike to the company you bought from, for them to assemble and safety check it and send it to you.

Other retailers display a list of loads of kids bikes, and you have to click through them all to find which are actually available at the moment. No – I don’t want to go onto your waiting list and be emailed in 2022 when the bike comes back in stock! I want to buy it NOW! (and preferably have it delivered this week too…..)

The world has obviously changed, and we do need to be more patient now, but we all know there are times when you REALLY need to buy a kids bike and get it delivered quickly.

Your best bet is to buy from a store that allows you to check for what they hold in their warehouse.    We recommend stores such as Tredz Bikes who have recently  implemented a new search facility which allows you to check just for bikes they have in-stock in their own warehouse. Plus they clearly display the number of days until dispatch, so you know exactly the minimum wait will be at the start of your search.

Best kids bike retailers for showing in stock bikes with clear (and hopefully quick) delivery dates

These are our recommended retailers who clearly show you to show their in-stock kids bike options with estimated delivery times before you have to start keying in all your personal details. At the time of writing most of these also had reasonably quick delivery times (i.e. under a week, with some just 1 or 2 days).

HOWEVER, please be warned that there may still be occasions when dispatch may be delayed once you’ve ordered, so do try and order well in advance of any special day.

Tredz – check in stock kids bikes and delivery dates

Chain Reaction Cycles – check in stock kids bikes and delivery dates

Leisure Lakes Bikes – check in stock kids bikes and delivery dates

AW Cycles – check in stock bikes and delivery dates 

Tweeks Cycles – check stock levels and dispatch times

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Second hand kids bikes

With such a limited number of new kids bikes available at the moment, buying second hand makes real sense.   A secondhand quality kids bike is always better value than a really cheap new kids bike, and if you can find on local you can often pick up the next day.

Click here to see a selection of secondhand quality kids bike brands we recommend

For other ideas on where to find second hand kids bikes read our article The best places to buy a second hand kids bike

Your local bike store

Stocks of kids bikes are very low in lots of bike shops, but it’s well worth checking to see if your local ones have got anything in the size you need, or are able to order in quickly.

Where to buy the best kids bikes now

Specialist kids bike retailers

The majority of the most popular specialist kids bike brands sold out of the stock of their most popular bikes right at the start of lockdown, and have really long waiting lists for when the bikes come back in stock.

Where can I buy a kids bike with quick delivery?

At the time of writing Black Mountain Bikes did have stock of some of their larger bikes (18″ KAPEL and 20″ wheel HUTTO) with shipping within 5 to 8 days and the smaller bikes, the PINTO and SKOG within 10 days.

Islabikes had stock of some colour / size combinations, but are advising dispatch within 22 working days.    If you really need an Islabikes quickly, then read this article

Woom Bikes are out of stock in virtually all sizes

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