Was this the easiest World Book Day ever?

World Book Day is nearly upon us again (it's Thursday 1st March 2018, although our school celebrates on the Friday each year for some reason).  If you're one of those fabulously creative people who relish the challenge of dressing your child up as a literary character, then read no more. However, if like me you would rather be out riding your bike than creating costumes, here's my secret to making the easiest world book day costume ever.

Firstly, you need to make sure your child has read, and loves, the Flying Fergus series of books by Sir Chris Hoy.  There's now 7 books in the series - if your child hasn't yet started reading them, you need the first book in the series:

Next you need to persuade them that wearing their cycling kit to school is the best thing ever!

I can quite happily confirm that having done this last year, it was absolutely the easiest World Book Day costume ever!!. For the weeks previously 8 year old T has been telling everyone he was going as Flying Fergus, and he was going to make this own costume. True to his word, he went upstairs after breakfast and reappeared minutes later in his full cycling kit, clutching his Flying Fergus books.

The easiest world book day costume ever

No face paints, not a stitch of sewing, no crafting parts of costumes from yoghurt tops (last years Biggles outfit that Chris made!). The hardest part was to choose which of the books he was taking in to show the class.

He finally settled on Book 3 – The Big Biscuit Bike Off.

The easiest world book day costume! Flying Fergus World Book Day costume

All that was required was a couple of the obligatory photos and we were off to school. Result!!!

Now, for some reason our school decided to celebrate World Book Day on Friday, when the rest of the world was doing it on the Thursday.  I'd already spent time looking at Twitter and was really pleased that there were a number of kids who had gone as Flying Fergus too. I wasn’t surprised to see that regular the son of regular Cycle Sprog contributor Emma dressed up as Flying Fergus – I know he’s a huge fan of the books.

I really admire people who are artistic and have the talent and time to produce fabulous world book day costumes. So, it’s not surprising that there were quite a lot of outfits that copied the clothing that Fergus and his friends wear in the book.

I was particularly awestruck by this outfit, which showcased hand drawn checks on the shirt.

It was good to see Daisy, Fergus’s friend, out on her bike for World Book Day, as well.

It was fabulous to see Sir Chris Hoy commenting on all the Fergus’s (on the Thursday - sadly for my son not on the Friday!) and retweeting some of his favourites.

There was also one boy who went as the author himself, complete with medals he'd won himself. The book that had inspired him was Chris Hoy's non-fiction offering - On Your Bike.

What made me really happy was that when I picked T up at the end of the day he told me that lots of the children in his class had been really impressed with his cycling outfit and been keen to look at his book. If every child who goes dressed as Flying Fergus inspires a class mate to get on a bike and discover how fabulous cycling is, then it’s been a really good day.

Here’s a selection of the best of the rest I found on Twitter, which I’m hoping give you some inspiration for the easiest World Book Day costume for 2018.

For long time fans of Flying Fergus, the good news is there's a new book coming out on 1st March to co-incide with World Book Day - Flying Fergus 8: Trouble on the Track that now available to pre-order. 

If your son or daughter went to school on World Book Day dressed as character from the Flying Fergus books, or any other cycling themed book, then do let us know via Facebook or Instagram.

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