The best kids bikes - Spring 2019

Is it possible to pick the best kids bike?  I certainly wouldn't like to have to select just one bike, as what's the best bike for a 4 year old is going to be very different to what's best for a 12 year old mountain biker, or a 9 year old cyclocross racer!  H0wever, I'm totally fed up seeing articles which are entitled "Best Kids Bikes" which select a range of fairly average (or worse, rubbish) bikes that a) the author has never tested and b) are only recommended as they're the best selling kids bikes at a retailer the host website are an affiliate of.

So, in an attempt to set the record straight, here's my list of the best kids bikes for all ages of child. We've reviewed the majority of them here on Cycle Sprog - and others come recommended by friends and followers. Some we do have affiliate relationships with, but many we don't. It's basically a list of brilliant kids bikes - it's been a hard choice, and I'm sure they'll be some commotion about all the bikes I've left out.

Apart from the balance bikes, all the brands featured do kids bikes in lots of different sizes, and we'd be happy to recommend their entire ranges, what ever size bike your child needs.  Don't forget we've got LOADS of other articles to help you find the best kids bikes - I've listed the links after each section to help you find the perfect bike if the one we've featured isn't quite right.

The 2 rules for buying the best kids bikes

If this is your first time buying a kids bike, remember the two questions to ask yourself:

1) Can they pick the bike up? (some cheap steel framed bikes are too heavy for most kids to pick up, or ride up hills etc)

The Woom2 is lightweight enough to be lifted up by a 4 year old

2) Can they operate the bikes and gears? (all the brands featured in this post have child specific brakes and gears - you can imagine the consequences if they can't operate them on a poorly designed bike)

For other things to consider, go to our post 12 things you need to know before buying a kids bike

The best kids bikes for 2019 (age order)

Toddlebikes (£23.95) 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended

Toddlebike2 a bike for 3 year old's

If you've got a toddler who is desperate to start riding a bike, but isn't quite ready for a balance bike, then the Toddlebike is your answer. It's cheap, it's lightweight, and it's loads of fun - plus it will prepare them for the move to a balance bike when they're ready.  You can read our review of the Toddlebike here.

==> Click here to buy a Toddlebikes for £23.95 from Amazon

For more great bikes for toddlers, go to our post The best kids bikes for a 1 year old

Strider Balance Bikes (from £60)

Strider 12 classic - one of the best balance bikes

If you're buying a bike for a 2 year old, then chances are they're not going to be able to pedal a "proper" bike yet. Please resist the temptation to get them a bike with stabilisers - go for a balance bike instead and watch them zoom away (plus they'll find the transition to pedals so much easier when it happens).
Strider make some of the best and most robust balance bikes around - they're used for racing (yes, balance bike racing is a proper sport) and come highly recommended by many parents

==> Click here to buy Strider Balance Bikes from Amazon 

Not quite what you're looking for? Check out our post on The Best Balance Bikes

Islabike Cnoc 14 (Small and Large) - £290

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Cnoc 14 Small - one of the best kids bikes for Christmas 2018

If you're looking for a bike for a young child aged about 3 or 4 years who is just starting to pedal, the Islabikes Cnoc is a great choice, as it comes in a small and a large frame size with 14" wheels and a choice of colours.  However, Islabikes don't just do 14" wheels - they're widely considered to make the best kids bikes - their range includes hybrid, road and mountain bikes. So just be warned they're likely to get hooked! We've reviewed a lot of Islabikes over the years and never fail to recommend them.

==> Islabikes Cnoc 14 from Islabikes for £290

==> Islabikes Cnoc 14 on Ebay - secondhand Islabikes are a great deal as they're so well made they will outlast several children

For more inspiration on first pedal bikes, visit our post on The best 14" starter bikes for ages 3 and 4 years

Frog 48 - 16" wheel single speed bike (£250)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Frog 48 kids bike - the perfect Christmas gift

Frog Bikes are another brand who make some of the most popular and best kids bikes around. They too cover virtually every type and size of kids bike, from balance bikes for toddlers through to mountain, road and track bikes for older kids.  Frog Bikes are sized by the inside leg measurement, so the Frog 48 is aimed at roughly the 4-5 year age group, depending on how tall your child is.  They also do the smaller Frog 43 for younger/shorter kids.   We've reviewed a lot of Frog Bikes, including the Frog 43 and always been impressed with them.

===>  Click here to buy the Frog 48 Kids Bike for £250 from Tredz (free delivery)

There's lots of other great bikes worth considering in our post The best 16" wheel bikes for 4 and 5 year olds

Squish 18 

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

The Squish 18 is a great bike for a 6 year old girl

The Squish 18 is a great choice for Cycle Sprogs who are too small for a geared 20" wheel bike, but have outgrown their starter bike.  Our reviewer loved riding her Squish 18 - and moved confidently onto a bigger bike when the time was right for her.

====>  Buy the Squish 18 from Tredz and use the code SPROG10 for a 10% discount  

There's not many decently specified 18" wheel bikes around, but you can find the ones we recommend in this post: The best 18" wheel kids bikes

Hoy Bonaly 20 - first 20" wheel geared bike (£310)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Hoy Bonaly 20" bike new for 2018 for ages 6 years, 7 years and 8 year old girls and boys

The Hoy range of children's bikes has been recently relaunched, and they're now some of the lightest weight kids bikes available in the UK. The Bonaly is their "Go Anywhere" bike, equally at home on road or on the trails.  The 20" wheel Bonaly is the smallest of their bikes with gears - they also do smaller single speed bikes, plus a drop handlebar bike for those wanting to do road or cyclo-cross riding.  You can read our review of the Hoy Bonaly 20 here.

===>  Hoy Bonaly 20 from Evans Cycles -  free home delivery or in-store pick up 

If the Hoy isn't for you, then we've selected the best bikes for 6 and 7 year old kids (20" wheels)

Whyte 203 - 20" wheel mountain bike (£499)

Whyte 203 MTB - one of the best kids mountain bikes for Christmas 2018

The Whyte 203 is one cool 20" wheel mountain bike, for little rippers who can't wait to get out on the trails.  It was only released at the end of 2018, so your little shredder will be the envy of everyone else at the trail head!

==> Click here to order the Whyte 203 for £499 from Leisure Lakes Bikes

If you need a bike quicker than the Whtye 203 is available, check out this post for more 20" wheel mountain bikes

Wiggins Rouen 540c Road Bike (£300)

Wiggins Rouen 540c kids road bike

If all the success of British road cyclists last year has got your Cycle Sprog desperate for a drop handlebar road bike, then the Wiggins range of bikes provide a good starting point.  They're well specified, but the reason we recommend them is that they're a lot cheaper than some of the more serious bikes around. This will allow your child to work out whether road cycling is for them, without having to spend on the much more expensive road bikes that you may face having to buy if they get hooked!  They come in three wheel sizes, with the Rouen 540c being the smallest (from about 8 years plus).  Note that the Wiggins Rouen bikes only fit road tyres, so if you want to be able to fit wider off road tyres you need a cyclocross bike instead.

==> The Wiggins Rouen range is available at Halfords from £300 with free delivery

If you want a drop handlebar bike that can be ridden off road, check our post on the best cyclocross bikes

Woom 5 - 24" wheel kids city bike (£400)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Woom 5 is a 24" kids bike

If you're looking for a kids bike for urban or gentle off road riding that's a little bit different, then Woom Bikes are a great choice. They're an Austrian brand who are well established on the continent, but fairly new to the UK. They available in a range of sizes from balance bike through to 24" wheel (Woom 5).  We've reviewed a couple of the smaller single speed Woom Bikes and were really impressed with the quality.

==> Click here to buy Woom Bikes from The Little Bike Company

There's lots more 24" wheel hybrid bikes to choose from - all those in this post also do 24" wheel options

Cube 240 SL - 24" wheel mountain bike (£849)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Cube Reaction 240 TM - one of the best kids mountain bikes for 2019


OK, we're a bit biased about this bike, as our youngest Sprog spent all last year reviewing the previous iteration of this bike (you can read our review of the Cube 240 SL here), but it's a brilliant bike that's transformed his mountain biking.  It's not cheap, so is for those ready to take their mountain biking to the next level.

==> Click here to buy the Cube Reaction 240 TM

If the Cube Reaction 240 TM isn't quite the one, then check out our post on the best 24" wheel kids mountain bikes

Scatto JC28 700c kids race bike (from £750)

Scatto JC28 700c kids cyclo-cross bike

It used to be that if you were a little racer you had to wait until you were a big racer to get on a 700c bike. However, the Scatto JC28 has changed all of that. With three frame sizes kids are racing (and winning) on a 700c wheel bike from the age of 7 years.  The Scatto JC28 can be specified for road, cyclocross, triathlon or XC MTB.

The Scatto JC28 is available from Kids Racing 

If the Scatto JC28 is a tad too big or expensive, then check out our post on 20" wheel kids drop handlebar bikes

Cuda Impact (£800)

Cycle Sprog Reviewed and Recommended Bike

Cuda Impact dual full suspension kids mtb

It's unusual to find a decently specified dual suspension kids mountain bike for under £1,000 so we were very impressed with the 24" wheel Cuda Impact both in terms of performance and price. Our young tester loved having "grown up" suspension, and was certainly given the confidence to try out features on the trail he hadn't ridden before.

Cuda Bikes are available from a network of local bike shops

If you're looking for a full suspension kids mountain bike and the Cuda Impact doesn't fit the bill, then take a look at our post on the best kids full suspension mountain bikes

Mondraker Factor 24 - 24"/26" wheel MTB (£1,999)

Mondraker Factor 24 - is this the best kids mountain bike for Christmas 2018?

Yes, you can pay near on £2,000 for a kids bike!  However, this isn't any ordinary kids mountain bike - it's a serious machine - a scaled down version of their full suspension adult bike - capable of being raced at the highest level.   It also has the advantage of fitting both 24" and 26" wheels, so you're effectively getting two bikes for the price of one (plus the cost of the set of wheels).

==> Click here to buy the 2019 Mondraker Factor 24 from Tredz for £1,999 

Check out our post on the best kids 26" wheel mountain bikes for more choices

Frog 78 - 26" wheel hybrid for taller kids (£370)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended brand

Frog 78 26" wheel hybrid bike for teenagers

If you've got a very tall child, who is quickly outgrowing most  kids bikes, but isn't yet of the build to move onto a proper adult bike, then the Frog 78 may be the best bike for them. Designed for an inner leg measurement of 78cm, it's a great bike for both on and off road, and priced much lower than an equivalent quality adults bike. It has slightly more mature branding than the smaller Frog Bikes, to appeal to the pre-teen and teenage market.  We've reviewed a lot of Frog Bikes over the years, and always been impressed with them.

==> Buy the Frog 78 from Tredz for £370 with free home delivery

For other 26" wheel hybrid bikes, check out this post: Best kids bikes with 26" wheels - last stop before an adult bike!

Whyte 405 - 26" wheel mountain bike (£950)

Whyte 405 26" wheel mountain bike

We asked our 10 year old Cycle Sprog if he could have any bike which would it be, and he said the Whyte 405.  It's a surprise in some way, as it's not got full suspension or 27.5" wheels which I thought he'd be desperate for.  But, in another way, it's not a surprise, as the 405's lower specification twin, the Whyte 403 (£599) is their best selling bike.  These junior mountain bikes obviously have the "Wow" factor for that particular demographic!  Whilst the 403 is becoming a regular sight at trail centres, the 405 is less common due to the more hefty price tag.  Both bikes are highly desirable to a 10 year old mountain biker - and that's part of what getting that perfect bike is all about!

==> Click here to buy the Whtye 405 from Leisure Lakes Bikes 

Check out this post for more information on 26" wheel kids mountain bikes

Cube Stereo 140 Youth - 27.5" wheel kids mountain bike (£1,699)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Cube Stereo 140 Youth is one of the best 27.5" kids MTB's around

If you're looking for a "proper" MTB for a keen mountain biker who is on the cusp between a kids bike and an adult bike, then the Cube Stereo 140 Youth is a good choice. It's got the all important 27.5" wheels that rippers these days are desperate to get onto, full suspension, and comes in three different frame sizes (13", 16" and 18") to cater for different body sizes. It's a lot of bike, for lots of fun on the trails - our 12 year old has been putting it to the test, you can read his review of the Cube Stereo 140 Youth here.

==> Click here to buy the Cube Stereo 140 Youth from Tredz for £1,699 

We've collated a whole load more 27.5" wheel kids MTB's for you to look at in this article.  

Worx Road / Cyclocross Bikes (from £595)

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended bike

Worx JA24

If you've got a Lizzy Deignan or Geraint Thomas in the family, then they're going to want a serious bike to pick up some speed.  There's not a huge selection of kids road bikes around, but the Worx Bikes are some of the fastest there are.  They range in size from 24" to 700c wheels. Note - these bikes aren't for nervous riders - we should know as our 12 year old has been reviewing the Worx JA700.  Check out our post below if you're looking for something more sedate riders!

==> Click here to see the full range of Worx Junior road bikes

If the Worx is too feisty for your Cycle Sprog, then check out these other great junior drop handlebar road/cyclocross bikes 

We hope this article, or the related posts, has helped you find the best kids bikes.  If you need more advice and inspiration, these articles will be of help:

We'd love to hear what bike you ended up buying your Cycle Sprog. Do leave a comment below, or come over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to share your pictures.

Affiliate Disclosure:  Obviously we love helping people find the best kids bikes rather than terrible heavy, badly made bike shaped objects. However, we do need to feed our own children, so use affiliate schemes to generate an income from the website. This means that some of the links on this page will pay us a commission if you make a purchase. Not all do though, and we only ever recommend bikes we'd be happy for our own Sprogs to ride, rather than those that would make us the most money (this post would look very different if we did that!)  Thanks for purchasing through these links - it means we can hopefully keep on writing next year

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