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Cycle Sprog is a family cycling website, which was set up by husband and wife team Chris Jones and Karen Gee in 2012.  As parents of two young boys, we had been through 5 years of transporting one and then two children by bike -  firstly for fun at weekends, and later as a method of getting to school each morning, and doing away with the daily “find a car parking space within 2 miles of the school” challenge.

The idea for Cycle Sprog emerged out of frustration at the considerable time spent online when one of the boys outgrew a way of being carried.

“When we were moving from a trailer to a tag along and front seat combination, we were moaning about how little information there was online for parents who want to cycle with their children” says Chris. “When we realized just how much time we’d spent over the years looking up advice and finding places to buy seats, trailers, clothing and accessories the idea of creating a family cycling website aimed specifically for parents was born.”

Cycle Sprog - the family cycling website

At Cycle Sprog we aim to provide an online ‘handbook’ for parents containing all the information they need to get cycling with their families. For those with smaller children, we've got advice on getting started, from choosing a rear seat for a one year old, a balance bike for a toddler or a first pedal bike once they’re old enough to go solo.   For those with older Cycle Sprogs we've got advice on going further afield on junior sized hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes.

We're also trying to offer advice on great family cycling routes throughout the UK, although this is a slightly longer term project!

We don't sell any products directly on Cycle Sprog, instead at each step in the family cycling journey we provide friendly advice on the range of equipment that’s available and links to online retailers to make purchasing hassle free.  However we firmly believe that your local bike shop provides the personal service and skills that just can’t be found anywhere else and for this reason we also recommend local and independent retailers too.

For some of the links to retailers we will get a small commission if you purchase a product, which pays for the ongoing costs of hosting and maintaining the website. Where a product has been provided to us for review we will always let you know this.

As Cycle Sprog is constantly evolving, we'd love to hear if you have any ideas on what else you’d like to see on this family cycling website. If you'd like to get involved in writing an article about your family cycling experiences please do drop us a line at info@cyclesprog.co.uk

 The Cycle Sprog Team

 Chris Jones

With an MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering and a love of everything to do with wheeled transport (bikes, cars, motorbikes etc), it was inevitable that Chris would want to cycle with his children.  When he gave up work to become full time dad, a rear bike seat was his first purchase. Nearly 5 years later he now looks after two boys and cycles everyday to school, where he also helps out with reading and trips.

Karen Gee

Lucky enough to have Chris cycling her boys to where they need to be, Karen goes to work as a project manager.  At weekends she enjoys cooking big breakfasts and Sunday roasts, and of course getting out on family bike rides.  She is hopeless at anything mechanical, and isn’t interested in technical reviews – she wants to know how practical they are to use, and where to buy them.  If they look great too, that helps!

Karen also writes blogs for other cycling websites and family publications, including Cycling UKSustrans Free Range Kids, and British Cycling's Breeze Network.

Cycle Sprog Contributors

We're delighted to have some brilliant writers and cycling experts who have written for us on Cycle Sprog, including:

Juliet Kemp - author, mother and cargo bike fan
Sally Thomas - cycle retailer and mother
Jessica Hicks - founder of Cycle Hire Info
Robert Henshaw - inclusive cycling expert from Quest 88
Mark Taylor - editor in chief of  the 'bikes.org.uk' website

Cycle Sprog review panel

We also have a growing panel of parents who help us review family cycling products.  Our reviews will use a product for a number of rides and then review them from the point of view of a parent, together with the input of their child (where appropriate).

We're also always looking for parents (and young people) who are willing to share their experiences of cycling - please get in touch at info@cyclesprog.co.uk if you'd like to write an article.

A note about kids, sprogs and young people

This is a family cycling website aimed at providing information to parents about cycling with their children.

Throughout we use a variety of words to describe a person under the age of 16. These include child, children, kid, young one, little ‘un, terror, sprog, darling plus any others that spring to mind as we type.  We aim to write articles that are enjoyable to read, with the odd hint of humour, for people who want to cycle with their families, but don’t have time to trawl the internet for information.

We know that a kid is a baby goat, and we are not trying to encourage goats to cycle.   Please do not mail us or leave comments about this – it’s not funny or clever and we will remove them (the comments – not the goats).

If you are interested in cycling goats however, we recommend the following blog, which incidently has some brilliant photos of the use of bicycles in Africa.

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