New family cargo bike launched by VELLO

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Some exciting news today in the world of family cargo bikes!  Another option is going to be available from late next year.

Austrian company VELLO is launching a new longtail cargo bike, called the VELLO SUB Smart Utility Bike.

It's being initially offered via pre order on Indiegogo from the 18th October 2022 with an expected delivery date of autumn 2023.

The SUB will initially be built in two configurations, a flagship titanium model weighing just 24kg and a chromoly steel version at 28kg.

VELLO SUB Longtail cargo  bike with two rear seats for children fitted

Here's what we know so far about the spec of the VELLO SUB:

Total load - 210kg - space for 2 passengers and cargo

Standard bike length - 180cm

Motor - 600W (250W Rated) Bosch Cargo Performance Line motor with 85 NM of torque

Batteries - 2 x 500Wh Bosch batteries

Battery range - up to 250km (155 miles)

Drive train - Gates Carbon belt drive with Enviolo internal gearing system - 380% gearing range

Tyres - Ultrawide 20” Schwalbe tyres

Brakes - Four piston Magura MT-4 hydraulic disc brakes

Accessories - will be compatible with child seats with a quick release / tool free fixing system

I obviously asked VELLO whether this is a once only opportunity to buy the bike via Indigogo of whether it will be more widely available next year, and they confirmed that indeed the SUB will become a model within the range. "This is just the launch phase for now with the pre-order incentives".

The pricing for pre-orders are:

VELLO SUB chromoly steel - pre order price starts at £2999 for the single speed configuration and £3499 with gears.

VELLO SUB Titanium - pre order price starts at £3749 in single speed configuration and £4249 with gears.

VELLO SUB Longtail cargo bike in action with two children on the back

Here's some more details of the bike that VELLO have shared with us:

The low weight has been achieved by utilising VELLO’s minimalist, pure approach to design, stripping all unnecessary weight from the frame, then matching it with some of the best components available on the market.

The SUB is just as capable as much larger, heavier cargo bikes, with space for two passengers as well as a front cargo rack.

With a total system load of 210kg the SUB can act as a viable car replacement for trips to the supermarket and performing the morning school run."

VELLO claim the SUB will be "one of the lightest cargo e-bikes ever built" and is the "culmination of years of knowledge and engineering expertise developed building the world’s best folding bikes as well as VELLO’s previous pioneering Cargo bike concept, the ‘Biquattro’."

They go on to explain that "the wide tyres will keep the centre of gravity low and provide a stable, safe and easy to manoeuvre bike regardless of whether it’s loaded with cargo or passengers.

Its standard bike length (180cm) means it can still be taken on a train or fitted to a bike rack for weekends away.

A collapsible handlebar and folding pedals allow the SUB to be reduced in width to just 29cm, perfect for safe storage inside your home or apartment where storing a typical cargo bike would not be possible.

The SUB uses premium components including the latest 600W (250W Rated) Bosch Cargo Performance Line motor with 85 NM of torque that will make short work of getting multiple passengers and heavy cargo around town. The motor is powered by two 500Wh Bosch batteries enabling a potential range of up to 250Km. A Gates Carbon belt drive is matched with an Enviolo internal gearing system to offer a practically maintenance-free drivetrain with a 380% gearing range. While the four piston Magura MT-4 hydraulic disc brakes offer unmatched stopping power to ensure safe operation when carrying heavy loads."

VELLO claim that "a key part of the design process was to make the bike as versatile as possible. To address this VELLO has developed a tool-free, quick release accessory system that enables you to change the configuration of your SUB quickly and easily. Furthermore, child seats and cargo baskets can be quickly fitted and removed tool-free thanks to the MIK HD safety system that saves you fiddling with complicated brackets or mounting systems."

VELLO do have a history of successful Indiegogo campaigns, with their original bike and VELLO Bike+ being supported by nearly 500 backers to the tune of over £800,000.

I'd love to hear what you think about this new entrant to the longtail cargo bike market - do drop your comments in the  box below.

If you'd like more info on the VELLO SUB, their Indiegogo page can be found here.



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