Final Flying Fergus children’s book published

The 10th and final Flying Fergus book has been published, with Sir Chris Hoy announcing that with “The Photo Finish” he’s calling time on the popular series of children’s books.

Flying Fergus 10

Launched in 2016, the books trace the progress of Fergus Hamilton from a novice cyclist who gets a rusty bike as a 9th birthday present, through the formation of his local cycling club, the Hercules Hopefuls, who have various adventures and become increasingly successful in competitions. The series culminates in the Hercules Hopefuls racing at the International Championships.  It’s not all about cycling though – the series also follows the personal relationships and traumas of Fergus, his family, friends and team mates, as well as the odd venture into a parallel magical world!

Whilst the series is fronted by one of our most successful and best loved Olympians, Sir Chris Hoy, he’s supported by the team of award winning author Joanna Nadin and illustrator Clare Elsom.

We know that many Cycle Sprog readers are fans of the series, with Pam recently telling us over on our Facebook page:

It’s been brilliant to have an entire series of children’s books focusing on cycling – it would be great to see more authors including cycling both as a sport and a means of transport in their future books.

Flying Fergus 10 is available to purchase now, and the entire series is also available.

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Sue Oliver

Are there Books 11 and 12 in the Flying Fergus series? My grandson Andrew is addicted to them and is currently on Book 10. Chris Hoy has inspired him to read as well as to cycle. I’m so grateful to him.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Sue, but I’m afraid Sir Chris has completed the Flying Fergus series with book 10. If Andrew enjoys cycling books, then do take a look at the Cycle Sprog book shop for more ideas. This is our collection of cycling fiction that may introduce him to different authors.

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