E-bikes and child bike seats – all your questions answered

Cycling with your baby, toddler or child is a lovely way to be outside together, and having them close to you on a bike seat will allow you to chat to each other while you’re cycling.

The electric assist on an e-bike will help you with the additional weight you’re carrying and will make cycling up hills with your child in a bike seat much easier.

Whether you’re looking for leisure rides on the weekend, or using the e-bike to cycle to nursery or school, a child seat on your electric bike will give you plenty of options to go for adventures with your little one.

Finding the right e-bike for yourself can be overwhelming, let alone if you add a child seat to the mix. We have got first-hand experience of finding bike seats and fitting them and we are here to help.

In this article we’ll help you find the right set up for your e-bike with front or rear child seat to carry your baby, toddler or child, up to around 10 years old.

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What type of child seat can I fit onto an e-bike?

There are several options for fitting a bike seat to an e-bike. In this article we’ll be covering several types of front and rear seats, to suit children aged 9-12 months up to 10 years old.

We will cover different mounting options, to make sure you know what to look out for when searching for a solution to carry your child on your e-bike.

Child seat options:

Front seats for babies and toddlers

Front bike seats are either full seats that mount to the head tube below your handlebars or on a bar that fits between the seat post and head tube of your bike, or an open-style seat that mounts to the top tube on your bike.

Find out more about front seats for babies and toddlers.


front seat for baby or toddler

Front seats for slightly older children (3-6 years old)

Front seats for small children are open-style seats that mount to the top tube of your bike. They come with footrests and sometimes little handlebars for your child to hold on to.

Find out more about front seats for slightly older children.

front seat for small child

Rear seats for toddlers and small children (up to 5 or 6 years old)

Rear seats are full seats that mount to a pannier rack or to the seat post of your bike.

Find out more about rear seats for babies, toddlers and small children.

rear bike seat for child

Rear seats for older kids (up to 10 years old)

Rear bike seats for older children are open-style seats with a seat, backrest and footrests that mount onto the pannier rack of your bike.

Find out more about rear bike seats for older kids.

front seat for small child

Which e-bikes fit rear child seats?

We’ve put together some options for e-bikes that are suitable to be fitted with a rear bike seat. We opted for hybrid bikes because they are versatile all-rounders suitable for most people. If you are not sure what type of bike is best for you, read our article on What to look out for in an adult’s bike.

E-bikes that come with a pannier rack fitted are usually suitable for a rack-mounted bike seat for children up to 22kg.

The bikes featured all have a step-through frame, to make it easier to get on and off the bike with your child sitting on a bike seat.

Look out for the e-bike's maximum total weight, which refers to the maximum combined weight of the bike, rider and anything you carry such as a bike seat and child. You may reach the maximum load with a bike over 20kg, a child over 20kg and a rider over 70kg for example.

We recommend a rack-mounted rear bike seat for these e-bikes, with mid-range and premium options available for £84 - £120.

Decathlon Elops Long Distance 500 E-bike (from £1,599 + bike seat)

This fairly lightweight e-bike has a rear rack that can hold 27kg, which is suitable for a child up to around 8 or 9 years old.

The maximum load for this bike is 140kg, which would include the bike (23kg), rider and bike seat and child.

The Decathlon Elops Long Distance 500 E-bike comes with battery-powered lights, integrated battery and hub-drive motor.

What we like: good entry-level and lightweight e-bike to carry your child on.

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Specialized Como e-bike (from £2,499 + bike seat)

This e-bike is rated to pull a thru-axle trailer and comes with a lot of features including a lock on the motor and motion sensor alarm.

The maximum rider weight is 113 kg and the bike weighs 24 kg. The rear rack capacity is very good at 27 kg.

This bike has an MIK HD rear rack, which means you can click an Urban Iki rear seat with MIK HD mount directly onto it (from £84.99).

What we like: low step through frame with mid-drive motor with front suspension. Major plus is the option to fit a front rack to carry up to 10 kg.

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Specialized Como 3.0 IGH 2023 e-bike step through frame

Momentum Transend E+ (from £2,499 + accessories + bike seat)

This stylish e-bike has a high maximum load of 156 kg, which would include the bike (23kg), rider and bike seat and child.

This e-bike doesn't come with rear rack or mudguards fitted, but they are available to buy separately:

This e-bike is also compatible with frame-mounted rear seats, if you prefer to not install a rear rack.

The optional rear rack can hold 25kg and the front rack 15kg. The rear rack is an MIK HD compatible one, so you can use an Urban Iki rear seat with MIK HD mount directly onto it (from £84.99).

What we like: beautiful e-bike with mid-motor with a lot of carrying capacity and the option to install a front rack.

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Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Lowstep 2023 (from £2,699 + bike seat)

This Raleigh Motus Grand Tour is kitted out with the well-known Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and comes with a built-in rear wheel lock.

Maximum total load is 120kg, which would include the bike (28kg), rider and bike seat and child.

This rear rack is also MIK HD compatible, so suits the Urban Iki with MIK HD mount.

What we like: low step through frame with mid-drive Bosch motor.

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Cargo bike option: Tern HSD (from £3,700 + bike seat)

Some cargo bikes are especially designed to carry one child. One of the top-of-the-range options is the Tern HSD, a so called ‘midtail’ electric cargo bike. ‘Midtail’ refers to the slightly longer rear rack (but not as long as on a longtail cargo bike), designed to carry stuff (or kids!).

Maximum total weight is 170kg, which would include the bike (25kg), rider and bike seat and child.

The benefits of a cargo bike are that you can fit panniers in addition to a bike seat and that it has a higher maximum total weight, so you can keep carrying your child (and other stuff) on the bike when they get older.

What we like: great long-term investment if you're planning to do all sorts of trips with your bike and child, including shopping for example.

Find out more about the Best cargo bikes for families.

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Which e-bikes fit front child seats?

Finding an e-bike suitable to be fitted with a front seat is somewhat complicated. On e-bikes with a step-through frame, you can only fit head tube-mounted front seats and it can be tricky to tell if the seat will suit you and your e-bike, because there may not be enough space between the bike seat and your saddle. This will depend on the combination of the geometry of your bike, your height and the seat.

MTB-style front seats compatible with e-bikes

A lot of e-bikes have an integrated battery in the downtube (the tube running between the handlebars and pedals), which means it is wider than a normal downtube.

Kids Ride Shotgun have thought of this and have developed a mountain bike-style front seat that has zero frame contact and adjustable leg width to be suitable for use on e-bikes with integrated batteries.

The Kids Ride Shotgun Pro seat fits most electric mountain bikes.

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Kids Ride Shotgun Pro seat

Mounting a bike seat onto your e-bike

Front child seats can be mounted onto:

  • the head tube
  • the top tube or cross bar
  • a bar that is placed in between the head tube and the top tube

Rear child seats for children up to around 5 years old (or 22kg) can be mounted onto:

  • the pannier rack of your bike (rack-mounted)
  • a mount attached to the seat tube of your bike (frame-mounted)

We’ve made a handy overview of rack-mounted and frame-mounted rear kids bike seats.

Rear bikes for older kids are always mounted onto a pannier rack.

Does the position of the battery make a difference when fitting a child seat?

E-bikes come with a battery which powers the motor. The battery can be fitted to your bike in two different places:

  • On the rear rack
  • On the frame of your bike (usually on the downtube or seat tube)

Read more: E-bike motor and battery options.

Wherever the battery is located, you will probably be able to fit a rear bike seat. Whether you can fit a front seat won't be depending on the position of the battery. More on this later on.

If you are looking for a rack-mounted rear seat, you'll need to check the suitability of the rack firs. Measure the width of the rack and also check the maximum weight it can hold. The rack will need to be able to carry the weight of the bike seat and your child - and don’t forget your child will grow and get heavier!

If you want to use a frame-mounted bike seat on an e-bike with a battery on the rear rack, make sure the seat won't be touching the battery.

If the battery is on the rear rack, a rack-mounted seat will have to go on top of the rack, which will be slightly higher due to the battery. This will heighten the centre of gravity.

Battery on e-bike on frame

Centre of gravity on an electric bike

You may have heard mentions of ‘centre of gravity’ when looking at e-bikes and especially e-cargo bikes so we thought we’d dive into a bit more detail on what this is all about.

The centre of gravity refers to the point on your bike which is the centre of all its combined weight. On a non-electric bike this is less important, but when you add a battery and motor to a bicycle this suddenly becomes very important because your bike will become more difficult to balance due to its weight.

And it becomes even more important when you add a child or two children to your bike. The lower the centre of gravity of an e-bike, the easier it will be to handle and balance the bike.

In an ideal situation, the battery and the motor sit low on an e-bike. The lower the better.

Remember that you will be adding some more weight higher up on the bike, including kids bike seats, your children, and yourself.

Choosing between a rack-mounted and frame-mounted rear seat

If you haven’t bought your e-bike yet, we’d recommend buying an e-bike where the battery is on or integrated in the frame of the bike and is fitted with a rear rack or has mounting points for one. This way, you’ve got a lot of different options and you’ll be sure to easily find a set up for your e-bike to carry your child.

If you’re short and your seat post is down as far or nearly as far as it can go, there may not be enough space on the seat tube to mount the bracket onto for a frame-mounted bike seat.

Pros of rack-mounted bike seats on e-bikes:

  • Child seat is on the lowest point on your bike, so lower centre of gravity
  • Can swap for a bike seat for an older child

Pros of frame-mounted bike seats on e-bikes:

  • No need to fit a pannier rack on your e-bike
  • More bike seats available, in a wider price range
Yepp Maxi rear bike seat rack-mounted on bike

Are there any particular types of e-bikes that can’t be fitted with a child seat?

You can basically fit a rear bike seat to any e-bike, but full suspension mountain bikes and most folding bikes are not suitable to use with child seats.

Carbon e-bikes are also not suitable for child seats which clamp onto your bike.

If you are looking for a frame-mounted rear seat, make sure your e-bike has a round seat tube and doesn’t have cables attached to it.

For front seats, you'll have to make sure there are no controls integrated at the location where you'd fit the bike seat. Some e-bikes have a power button on the top tube, which could be covered by the child and their seat making it impossible to turn the bike on.

For head tube-mounted front seats, you'll need to ensure your e-bike is compatible with the seat in terms of stem diameter. For Thule Yepp Mini and Urban Iki front seats, there are adapters available to fit the bike onto stems with limited mounting space, like mountain bikes.

What other things to look out for in an e-bike to carry kids on?

Other things to look out for in a new e-bike are to do with your needs, stability of the bike and other practical things.

Most of these things can be altered or fitted on any e-bike, but if you are currently looking to buy one, look out for these things to save time and spending later on:

  1. The weight limit of the rear rack: Remember that this weight limit will need to be able to carry the weight of the bike seat and your child.
  2. Step-through frame: If your child will go on the rear of your bike, you may want to consider a step-through frame for easier getting on and off the bike.
  3. Mudguards: Having mudguards will help you and your child not to get wet or muddy when cycling on wet roads or paths.
  4. Kickstand: A kickstand is a very handy thing to have when you need to lift your child in and out of the e-bike. A double kickstand is even better, but usually not fitted as standard.
  5. More than one child: If you are thinking of carrying two kids in bike seats on your e-bike you will need to look for an e-bike that can have a frame-mounted seat fitted on the crossbar or a front seat to the head tube. You may also want to look into cargo bikes for families.

What pannier rack is best to carry an older child on a junior bike seat?

Most rear racks go up to 25 or 27 kg, which may not be enough for an older child in a junior bike seat.

We recommend the Tortec Expedition rear rack which can hold a maximum load of 35 kg and is therefore a good option to use with an older child.

How to carry stuff when your rear rack is taken up by the bike seat

With a bike seat mounted to the rear rack on your bike, you can usually not fit panniers on.

There are a couple of solutions to this:



I am looking to buy an ebike the Wisper 705 cadence, I’ve been recommend this type for ease of use due to my health conditions. However I have 2 younger children too big for bike mounted seats, 1 has a disability trike which converts to a tag along trike attaching at the seat post. And we are looking to get a trailgator style tag along for our youngest who has just started riding a bike age nearly 5 so for family bike rides both adults will have one tag along. But the wisper705 that I’d like to buy has a battery contained within the rear rack. Is it still possible to use a trailgator style tow along with battery in this location?

Penny Millar

Hi Emma
Thanks for your comment. We’d recommend checking with the manufacturer and take their advice on this. Kind regards, Penny


Hi I have to brought an electric bike/ moped. Which child seat would fit this please


Hi Sophie Thanks for getting in touch. Every e-bike is different, so you will need to check with the manufacturer and/or your local bike shop to determine which on exactly fits your bike. Kind regards, Karen

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