Help! Where can I buy a kids bike in time for Christmas 2020??

Christmas is almost upon us, and this year things are quite a lot different to usual (to say the least!)  If you’ve already decided that you want to buy your child a bike for Christmas (and what better present could you possibly buy!)  then you’re going to have to move fast!

2020 has been a crazy year for kids bike sales, and we’re seeing real stock shortages of some of the big brand names in kids bikes.  When stock does arrive on websites or in shops it’s sold out really quickly.  I’m in regular contact with lots of different brands and retailers and the message was the same from them all – buy early to avoid disappointment this Christmas!

With less than a week left until Christmas, and all the distribution and Covid related issues there isn’t much left available but we’ve pulled together the best places to look for a kids bike.

If the retailer doesn’t state the bike will be delivered in time for Christmas please check before placing your order. Also check whether you need to pay for premium delivery in order to get it in time. 

We are hearing tales of some retailers taking orders for stock they say will be delivered in time for Christmas and then emailing later to say it’s not going to be delivered until 2021, so it’s best to go with a recommended retailer.

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Where to buy a kids bike in time for Christmas 2020

Here’s our run down of where you can look to try and get a bike in time for Christmas delivery.  Don’t forget to check that the particular bike you choose says it is in stock and can be delivered in time for Christmas.

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Your local bike shop

This is one of your best bets for finding a last minute kids bike in time for Christmas.  Obviously, like everywhere else they will be low on stock, but may have taken a recent delivery of bikes that was supposed to arrive weeks ago.  We recommend checking in advance whether you need to book an appointment.

Halfords – open until Christmas Eve for in-store stock

Halfords sell several brands of lightweight kids bikes, but they do also sell a lot of very heavy “toy” bikes, which will be much harder for your child to ride and aren’t built to the same standards.  The brands we recommend are Carrera, Voodoo, Pendleton and Wiggins.

Halfords have such a huge network of stores, and they have a really good page showing the dates for ordering in time for Christmas.  It’s possible to order an instock bike from your local store with their “reserve and collect” option up until 24th December (but that’s ONLY if they have it in stock).  The last date for ordering bikes from their warehouse for instore collection was Saturday 19th December, so you are now reliant on them having stock already in your local store for “click-and-collect” only.

Ebay – quality kids bikes available now

This Christmas there is such a shortage of new bikes that it’s really worth thinking of buying secondhand, especially if you’re looking for a popular colour and size.  You may still be in time to find someone local who can do a collection close to Christmas.

Here’s our list of good quality kids bike brands that tend to have quite a lot of secondhand bikes being sold on Ebay.  They’re all really well built so more than capable of being handed down to multiple owners, if well maintained.

Tredz – a recommended retailer – FINAL ORDER DATE HAS PASSED

UPDATE FRIDAY 18TH DECEMBER:   Tredz have just been in touch to say they have received and listed a delivery of
over 40 Frog bikes in various sizes and colours – but that today is their final day for Christmas delivery! 

We recommend Tredz because they are always really honest about the stock levels they have, and really do take customer service seriously.  They coped particularly admirably during Lockdown 1.0 and didn’t have the same scale of problems some other retailers did (some of whom took orders – and payment – for thousands bikes they didn’t have in stock – ooops!)   We use Tredz ourselves and have always been pleased with their customer service.

It’s worth keeping an eye on their website as they get regular deliveries of kids bikes, but given the current situation they’re usually sold quickly!   They stock a good range of quality kids bikes including Frog, Ridgeback, Orbea, Squish and Giant, plus have lots of clothing, helmets and other accessories.

And they make it very clear which bikes are in stock, and how long until they’re dispatched, which gives peace of mind.  They’ve even got a little Christmas present icon on each bike which shows whether they can deliver the bike to you in time for Christmas!

Check Availability at Tredz


The Bike Club is a great way to find a cheap kids bike - including cheap Frog Bikes, Islabikes, Squish Bikes and Forme Kinder and Cubley children's bikes. You lease your child a bike for a monthly rent and send the bike back when you child has outgrown it

Update 21st December:   Last date for Christmas delivery has passed

The Bike Club are proving a really popular choice with Cycle Sprog readers this year, as they allow you to lease a kids bike rather than buy outright. With uncertainty over incomes it’s great that you don’t have to pay for the full cost of a bike.  Instead, for a monthly subscription you get to rent a quality kids bike from them (they only deal with reputable brands such as Frog, Squish and Forme) and when your child has outgrown it you just send it back and upgrade to the next size up.   It’s a great way to be more environmentally friendly this Christmas too as you’re reducing the number of kids bikes required as the same bikes can be used over and over again.

Forme Kinder MX20 red kids bike - a kids bike with gears for a 6 year girl or boy

You can usually choose between:

  • a brand new bike (they mainly have the brand new Forme bikes in this category as they’ve managed to get their hands on lots of the new models of the small Cubleys and larger geared Kinders) or
  • a ReBike, which has been previously used and returned (Frog, Squish, Cuda and Islabikes are all available within their fleet).  All ReBikes are fully serviced, and you pay slightly less per month than you would for a new bike.

UPDATE: Tuesday 6th April 2021 - The Bike Club currently have a some of the new season Forme Bikes in stock, plus some Squish and Frog Bikes also available.  They've added this link which takes you to bikes ready for dispatch if you need a bike quickly. 

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If you have an old kids bike you've been meaning to sell on, then The Bike Club also have a hassle free way to do this, called reCycle.

They will even send a courier with a box to pick it up!  Get a valution of your old bike here.  

Bike Club reCycle Scheme banner

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Rent Now At The Bike Club


The Black Mountain KAPEL and HUTTO are a bike with an extendable frame so the bike grows with your child

Last order date for UK mainland delivery is 18th December.

If you’ve not heard of Black Mountain Bikes yet, they’re very clever. The frame is extendable, so your child gets to use the Black Mountain instead of two pedal bikes as well.   They can start out in a balance bike mode if you need it for younger or more nervous pedallers.

They’re not the cheapest option to buy upfront, but when you factor in the resale options these work out a good value alternative to buying a two pedal bikes from rival brands.

I was chatting to someone at Black Mountain Bikes the other day, and they told me they’re expecting to sell out of their 16″ wheel SKOG  very soon having already sold out of the smaller PINTO a couple of weeks ago.

For older kids they also do the KAPEL (18″) and HUTTO (20″), which come with gears, and whilst these are selling quickly they had a wider range of colour options left in these sizes.

Check Availability at Black Mountain Bikes

Frog Bikes in time for Christmas? Only if you’re lucky!

Cheapest Frog 55 kids bike on Black Friday

UPDATE FRIDAY 18TH DECEMBER:   Tredz have just been in touch to say they have received and listed a delivery of
over 40 Frog bikes in various sizes and colours – but that today is their final day for Christmas delivery! 

Frog Bikes have been really badly hit by stock shortages this year.  All Frog Bikes in the UK sold out during Lockdown 1.0 and we’ve only been seeing very small quantities coming through and selling out almost immediately since then.

The latest update they’ve issued is that production was starting again with small numbers of different bike sizes and colours becoming available, but they are selling out almost as soon as they’re off the production line.  It’s worth calling your local bike shop to see if they have any instock

The alternative is to buy one second hand

If you can’t find a Frog Bike, don’t panic! There’s a whole load of other bike brands that are just as good – check out this list for inspiration. 

Buy New  Buy Used

Chain Reaction Cycles – FINAL ORDER DATE PASSED

CRC are another company we’ve used a lot, and they’ve been having good reviews on Trust Pilot (with only a couple of delivery hiccups) during Lockdown 2.0.  They are clear on the number of kids bikes in stock, and only have small numbers of bikes listed at any time.  We have been particularly impressed with the Vitus Kids Bikes we’ve reviewed – they’re a good value alternative to some of the bigger names.

Vitus 20 - a first geared bike with 20" wheels for a 7 year old child

Check Availability at Chain Reaction Cycles


We hope you’ve not left it too late, and that you manage to get your bike in time for Christmas delivery. We’d love to know what bikes you’re treating your family to this Christmas – do please leave us a comment below, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can share your Christmas day successes with everyone! 

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