Kidical Mass – get your voice heard!

Do you want to be able to cycle safely, especially with your family?

Would like safer spaces to cycle so you and your family can cycle more?

Do you want to make your voice heard, so future generations can ride their bikes safely?

Would you like to meet likeminded people in your area?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of the above, you need to know about Kidical Mass!

What is Kidical Mass? This photo shows a group of cylclists of all ages riding through a street in Bath, UK, on a Kidical Mass ride

What is Kidical Mass?

Kidical Mass is a growing worldwide body of people with the same vision - to allow children and young people to be able to safely and independently travel by bicycle wherever they live.

Their motto is "Kids Are Traffic Too" and they're looking for "Space for the next generation"

They spread their vision by arranging local rides for all the family which highlight the demand for improved safe spaces for children to walk, scoot, wheel and cycle in their neighbourhoods.

When does Kidical Mass take place?

Kidical Mass can take place at any time, but each year there are a couple of big weekends when Kidical Masses take place all across the world, known as KidicalMASSive.

The next big Kidical Mass week is 20 April until 26 May 2024.

However many Kidical Masses take place every month, and others on a more ad-hoc basis.

With so many rides being organised around the UK, why not get involved and make your voice heard, as well as having a fun day out with other like-minded families?

Kidical Mass in Reading UK - riders gather at the start of the ride with their bikes in front of a statue

Who can attend a Kidical Mass?

Anyone can attend a Kidical Mass ride - from 0 to 99 (and beyond). Plus it's free to attend!

Kidical Mass Rides are designed to be inclusive for all ages and abilities, for disabled and able-bodied alike.

The rides are fun, safe environments for families and friends to cycle together. 

You don’t have to have a kid to be involved!

Where can I find my local Kidical Mass Ride?

Kidical Mass rides happen all across the world, and are particularly active in Europe and North America as families demand child-friendly cities and cycle-friendly cities.

Across Europe there are over 200 grassroots groups who all see the need for changes in our cities and towns to give children space to enjoy the freedom and safety they deserve.

The first Kidical Mass in the UK took place in London in 2015, and the movement has grown countrywide since then.

UK Kidical Mass Groups

Barry Island Kidical Mass

Bath Kidical Mass

Birmingham Kidical Mass

Bishop's Stortford Kidical Mass

Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Kidical Mass

Brighton Kidical Mass

Bridgwater Kidical Mass

Bristol Kidical Mass

Cardiff Kidical Mass

Chandlers Ford/Eastleigh Kidical Mass

Colchester Kidical Mass

Coventry Kidical Mass

Crewe Kidical Mass

Derby Kidical Mass

Devizes Kidical Mass

Dundee Kidical Mass

Eastbourne Kidical Mass

East Grinstead Kidical Mass

Earlswood/Redhill Kidical Mass

Edinburgh Kidical Mass

Exeter Kidical Mass

Falmouth Kidical Mass

Glasgow Kidical Mass

Guildford Kidical Mass

Inverness Kidical Mass

Leicester Kidical Mass

London Kidical Mass - Central London

London (North West) Kidical Mass - Harlesden / Queens Park

London (South East) Kidical Mass - Bromley

Lymington Kidical Mass

Manchester Kidical Mass

Newcastle and North Tyneside Kidical Mass

Norwich Kidical Mass

Nottingham Kidical Mass

Oxford Kidical Mass

Perth and Kinross Kidical Mass

Portsmouth Kidical Mass

Reading Kidical Mass

Royal Leamington Spa / Whitnash Kidical Mass

Sheffield Kidical Mass

Shrewsbury Kidical Mass

Wokingham Kidical Mass

Worcester Kidical Mass

York Kidical Mass

UK Wide Facebook Group for connecting to other groups and sharing knowledge

Kidical Mass - riders taking part riding in a long group next to a river

International Kidical Mass

The Kidical Mass movement started  in the US by cycling advocate and local Safe Routes to Schools programme manager Shane Rhodes who led the first Kidical Mass in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon. In Europe the movement is lead from Germany, where it is incredibly popular. 

Kinder aufs Rad - Kidical Mass website

International Kidical Mass groups on Twitter

Been on a Kidical Mass? Or organising one?

Tag us on Social Media (we're @CycleSprog on Instagram and Twitter) and we'll spread the word! And why not drop us a note in the comments below to let others know how you got on.

Check out our article on how to set up a Kidical Mass event. 


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