Should we do this again?

It’s something we’ve been thinking about for ages, and have been creeping ever closer towards…. the world of video reviews and Vlogging. It’s becoming ever more popular and it’s been on the Cycle Sprog “To Do” list for ages.

Well, today we’ve finally given it a go!  We had the perfect opportunity as the kind people at The Little Bike Company had sent us one of the new “Woom 2” bikes to take a look at. No more excuses…… time to record our first ever video review!

We chose a great day – murky grey and heavy rain so no natural light (cue lots of moving around of lamps). Then, the musician next door started practising for a concert. Suddenly a tree surgeon arrived with a chain saw to cut down a tree close to our house. Perfect conditions then!!!

However, after a couple of trial runs, we managed to record this entire review in one take!  It’s not perfect, but it’s not horrific(?).  So now we have a choice:

  1. we can spend hours and hours re-recording and editing (for example Chris forgot to say that the Woom 2 costs £260 and weighs just 5.2kg)
  2. we can just let you see it and find out if you think we should continue doing video reviews

So, in the interests of time we’ve decided on option 2).  Here goes………

It would be really good to know whether you like the video review format – if you do, please subscribe to the Cycle Sprog You Tube channel, and we’ll be able to judge whether it’s worth us continuing to develop our skills, or whether we stick with the writing.

If you’ve got any comments on what we could do better, please leave us a comment below.

Many thanks,

Chris (video star in the making!?????) and Karen (who’d have guessed I could hold an iphone steady for that long and only get my thumb in the way once?)

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Woom Bikes, you can read our “proper” article about the entire Woom Bike range or visit The Little Bike Company’s website, as they’re the sole distributors of Woom Bikes in the UK.

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