Wild Bike! Our readers take on the challenge to find out more!

Cycle Sprog readers really are an amazing bunch of people!! Last week I wrote a post about the new range of lightweight kids bikes that had just landed at Go Outdoors. They're called Wild Bikes and seemed to be priced very cheaply for the specification - even more so at the moment as they've just been reduced by another 20% for the Black Friday weekend.  This makes them incredibly cheap - £140 for the 14" wheel Wild Bike starter bike through to £192 for the 24" wheeler (although you do need a £5 discount card to access the deal).

Whilst it's easy to be impressed with the specification of a kids bike on paper, we'd want to see it in person before recommending to our readers. Only problem is that we live quite a long way from the nearest Go Outdoors store -  however what we'd not counted on was just what a truly amazing bunch of readers we have!!

Wild Bikes - cheap alternatives to Islabikes and Frog Bikes - cheap kids bikes

Stephen immediately got in touch and said he was going to check them out as soon as possible, as he'd been looking for a cheaper alternative to Islabikes and Frog Bikes to recommend to parents at his Go Ride Club.

Hours later he reported back that he'd been to his local Go Outdoors Store and had a good chat with the staff.  They'd confirmed that Wild Bikes are made and designed by the people at Calibre.  If you've not heard of them, they make the legendary adult sized Calibre Bossnut Evo, which always gets rave reviews as a brilliant mountain bike, not only for the price but for the specification and ride too.  This means we can hope that the Wild Bikes to have been designed and specified with a similar amount of care and attention to detail.

Wild Bikes are a new cheap brand on kids bike

He confirmed for me that the rear cassette on the 20" and 24" wheel Wild Bike has a range of 11-32, which was the missing bit of information on the specification.

Gears on the Wild Bike 24 - a cheap kids bike from Go Outdoors - on extra discount this Black Friday

Plus he took all the photos included in this post - what a superstar!

Stephen's conclusion was "They do seem really good and I will recommend them as the new budget option. Build quality seems excellent and the staff I spoke to certainly rate them". 

Wild Bike weights

Next up Jim got in touch, to say "Just popped in to have a look at these bikes. Unfortunately they had sold the only 20 inch Wild Bike they had, which is the one that I was most interested in. I weighed the 18 at 6.8kg and the 24 at 9.4kg." 

I'm wondering if he took his own scales, or borrowed a pair from elsewhere in the store!!

The 18" wheel therefore compares quite closely to the stated weight on the Wild Bike website (6.7kg).  However, the 24" wheel bike is, as I'd suspected, weighing in at 9.4kg which is heavier than the stated weight of 8kg.

Then, yesterday Jennifer got in touch. She'd actually taken her Cycle Sprog into her local Go Outdoors and had a sneaky test ride!  She told us:

"I popped into Go Outdoors yesterday with my 6 (nearly 7 year old). I was impressed. They had all the sizes in stock, though not all the colours.  

Wild Bike - cheap kids bikes from Go Outdoors

They had a useful height chart (I've seen similar in Evans) and she's just tipping into the 20" bracket (120cm, I think).  We took it for a little spin around the aisles (before we got told off and told to stop!!!! 🤣) and she liked it. She could access the brakes very easily and it stopped quickly and easily.

Wild Bike cheap kids bikes

I'll probably buy one. I've been waiting for a 2nd hand Islabikes Beinn 20 Small on eBay for months now, but these are rarely below £250. I'd rather buy a new Wild bike.  

Only gripe, the colours for the 20" aren't particularly inspiring, blue and purple which is quite nice and bright pink and silver which is also quite nice, but the 18" colours are much more interesting."

Thanks Jennifer - I hope you didn't get too much of a telling off! It's a pity that there is nowhere for kids to try these bikes out in-store, as being able to test ride a bike is usually an important benefit of buying in store, rather than online.  Perhaps this is something Go Outdoors can think about providing in future.

Wild Bike - a cheap kids bike

I feel very privileged that we've got such amazing readers who are taking pictures of, weighing and test riding the bikes - although I do wonder what the staff think is going on!!!

Thank you so much to Steven, Jim and Jennifer for their feedback on these bikes. It certainly sounds as if they may well be that elusive thing - a well specified, lightweight kids bike at a cheap price. Obviously, how they ride and how long they last will be interesting to see.  Wild Bikes have a 1 year warranty (Islabikes and Frog have 5 years on Frame and Forks and 2 years on components), but there's nothing so far to suggest these bikes won't last well beyond the warranty timeframe.

Cheap kids bikes - an alternative to Islabikes and Frog Bikes

One last thought. In the initial post I'd already highlighted the similarities between the Wild Bikes and Squish Bikes.  However I also thought the logo looked familiar, and it wasn't until I had both the Wild Bike and Whyte Bikes pages open at the same time that I remembered.....

Wild Bikes and Whyte Bikes logo

Where to buy the Wild Bikes Range:

The Wild Bikes Range can be purchased exclusively from Go-Outdoors, who offer an instore Click and Collect service or free home delivery.  They are currently on a special Black Friday discount, with prices ranging from £140 to £192 (with a Go Outdoors Discount Code).

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  1. Andrew says:

    I wish to respond to the comment about being told off for riding in store. As a bike tech working for GoOutdoors I find it frustrating that people, not only children, feel it is appropriate to ride a bike around the store. Given the other customers in the store I feel this is an accident waiting to happen and so this would be my reason for discouraging it.
    However, at my store, Penrith, we allow any customers that are interested in a test ride to take a bike out for a lap or two of our car park at the rear of the store, which is usually quiet. With the obvious warning about looking out for any cars coming or going.
    Maybe all GoOutdoors stores aren’t lucky enough to have the option of offering this. I am sure they would if they could. As bike techs we know how important it is to get a bike that feels right.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Andrew - thanks for taking the time to respond. The thought of having children (or adults) riding around the store is obviously a big H&S risk. It's good to know you have a facility at your store for test riding, as this is so important when trying to choose a bike. Perhaps it's something that stores without a facility could consider providing - a small (and safely enclosed) area at each store for test riding may be an attraction for customers? I'm sure all Cycle Sprog readers seeing this will now ask for assistance rather than letting their child ride around the aisles. Kind regards Karen

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