Choosing the best balance bike for your child

If you’re looking for a balance bike for your child the choice can be a bit overwhelming as there are just so many makes, models and sizes out there. Here’s some advice for choosing the best balance bike for your child. Just select which one suits your little one the best, and let the fun begin!

The best balance bike for destructive kids

Let’s face it – some children are just heavy handed!  If your darling leaves a trail of destruction wherever they go, then a Puky Balance Bike is for them. I recently asked a group of parents which was the best balance bike, and the one that got the rave reviews for being long lasting and well built was the Puky. It’s designed and manufactured in Germany – which probably explains it!

Puky LR 1L BR balance bike

There are lots of different models of Puky Balance Bikes which you can read about here, or alternatively cut to the chase and buy their best selling model – the LR 1L BR which retails for £85  as a buy-it-now on Ebay.

The best balance bike for style conscious kids

Do you have an image conscious toddler?  If so, the Early Rider is the balance bike for them. It’s actually quite difficult for me to choose which of the Early Rider bikes is the best looking – is it the stylish Road Runner with the drop handlebars,  the Bonsai with a beautiful curved wooden frame or the practical Trail Runner with pneumatic tyres for style while hitting the pump track?? The choice is yours!

Early Rider Road Runner 14 balance bike

The Early Rider balance bike range is available from Evans Cycles  with prices ranging from £110 to £180.

The best value balance bike for your wallet

With kids bikes the cheaper models often compromise on weight and quality, which makes them difficult to ride.  However, the Chicco Bullet comes recommended by parents as being well made, lightweight and easy to control.  Given how quickly they’re likely to be progressing onto a pedal bike, the Chicco Bullet allows you to save now and splurge later when the difference in quality is much more evident.

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike

The Chicco Bullet is available from Amazon and The Entertainer and has an RRP of only £34.99.

Products from

The best balance bike for competitive kids

If your little one has that competitive streak, then the Strider is the perfect balance bike for them. Strider’s are built to be raced (the Strider Balance Bike World Cup takes place globally each year). We love the fact that the Strider balance bikes come with two seat posts, meaning that the bike can be used up to the age of about 5, so the fun doesn’t have to stop just because they’ve grown!

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

The Strider balance bike is available in a wide range of colours from Amazon, priced from £66 for the standard model, and £80 for the sporty model.

If you find yourself with an avid racer on your hands, the Strider bike can be accessorised with coloured wheels and handlebar grips, racing number, and jersey!

The best balance bike for riding on dark winter days

If your little one is regularly riding their balance bike in low light conditions (say home from nursery on dark winter days) then the Phantom Ride light up balance bike will help keep them visible.


The Phantom Ride was designed in California and came to the UK in December 2016. The innovative polycarbonate frame houses two LED units that make the bike quite literally glow in the dark. You can read more about how the bike came into being it in out post on the new light up balance bike.

The Phantom Ride Balance Bike has an RRP of £140 and comes in two colour choices – blue or red – and each colour is available in either plain or glitter options. It’s available online at Leisure Lakes Bikes,  Ebay and Amazon, and is also stocked by some of the local bike shops supplied by Today’s Cyclist – it’s worth a call first to check if they’ve got stock in.

A word of warning – the LED inserts take 3 AAA batteries each (which are not included), so you’ll need 6 AAA batteries to have a fully lit up balance bike.

Products from

The best balance bike for eco-friendly kids

Our kids have to continue to inhabit our planet once we’ve finished messing it up.  The Wishbone Recycled balance bike is attempting to redress the balance slightly.

Wishbone 2 in 1 balance bike

The Wishbone is made out of old carpets (or 100% post-consumer recycled carpet if you want the official title).  There are two versions –  the 2 in 1 allows expansion from a seat height of 23cm (shown above) all the way up to 51cm using Wishbone’s patented “Rotafix” system.  The slightly more expensive 3 in 1 version starts out as a three wheeled trike and transforms into the balance bike, which means it can be used from age 12 months without the need for buying an additional product.

The Wishbone 2-in-1 has an RRP of £150, and the 3-in-1 £170.  Both are available at Amazon and Evans Cycles.

The best balance bike for an 18 month old

The Toddlebike2 is small, lightweight and durable – and so much fun! It’s designed for 18 months and above, and will give your child the confidence to move onto a proper balance bike when they’re old enough.
Toddlebike2 a bike for 3 year old's

The Toddlebike 2 is available to purchase from Amazon for £24.

The best balance bike for ages 5 and over

Most balance bikes are aimed at children aged under 5 and come with 12″ wheels.  If your child hasn’t mastered pedalling and needs to continue using a balance bike as they get older, then it’s important for both their stability and confidence that they have a balance bike that’s the right size for them.

Ridgeback Scoot 14" balance bike


The Ridgeback Scoot 14″ is a larger balance bike, with 14″ wheels, a light weight aluminium frame and a rear brake.  It comes in a range of stylish of colours and has a fresh, modern feel to it.

The Ridgeback Scoot 14″ is available from Amazon and Evans Cycles. It has an RRP of £100.

The best balance bike if money is no object

The Kiddimoto Karbon claims to be the world’s lightest balance bike (although it isn’t!)

Kiddimoto Karbon carbon fibre balance bike

The frame, forks and handlebars are made of 3G Carbon, and a luxury gel saddle ensures the most comfortable of rides.  At £999.99 the Karbon is certainly not going to be seen down too many local parks, and is available exclusively from John Lewis.

The best balance bike for ages 8 and over

For some kids pedalling just isn’t an option, or perhaps they’re coming late to learning to ride a bike.

The best balance bike for a teenager is the Strider Youth 16" wheel

The Strider Youth 16″ balance bike is designed for ages 6 and above, with an extendable seat post that should keep them going until at least the age of 12.

The Strider Youth 16″ balance bike is available from Amazon.  It has an RRP of £165 and comes in a good choice of colours.

The best balance bike for a teenager

The Strider 20″ balance bike is, as you’ve probably guessed, a size up from the Strider Youth 16″.  It’s an excellent bike for teens who don’t have the option of pedalling, or who need additional support balancing before moving to a pedal bike.  It’s suitable for adults too.

The Strider 20″ balance bike is available from Amazon for £200.

I hope this article has helped you in choosing the best balance bike for your child.

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This post was first written in November 2016 and updated in November 2017 to refresh the links.

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