Keep little fingers warm with Shotgun pogies

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If you've ever tried to use a front bike seat with your child in winter you'll know the BIG problem.

Cold fingers!!!

And if you can find gloves to fit, the hassles of getting them on and off.

Thankfully, help is at hand with a great new product - kids sized pogies - from the New Zealand brand Kids Ride Shotgun (and they know a thing or two about cold winters!)

If you've not heard of pogies before, they're like super insulated pockets or mittens that you put your entire hand into to keep warm.  They're popular with kayakers, as well as cyclists in colder climates than the UK.

Now Kids Ride Shotgun have developed some to keep children's small hands warm when they're using their front bike seat during winter.

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Inspired by a home-made oven-mitt glove that Kids Ride Shotgun team member Trev Worsey made to stop his 3-year old son's fingers getting cold, the new pogies are such a good idea for when your child is riding upfront.

The pogies are designed for kids 2-5 years (one size fits all), and are made from durable 100% ripstop polyester, with 10,000mm waterproofing and 5000gm breathability ratings.

Once wrapped around your handlebars (or your shotgun kids handlebars), they create a warm and dry, fleece-lined, micro-climate – and Shotgun claim they’re suitable for use all the way down to -30°C,
thanks to their 3M Thinsulate filling.

With enough room for puffy jacket sleeves to fit inside, and no finger holes to try and get wiggly fingers into, the new Pogies are a great solution for those wanting to extend their family rides
beyond the summer months.

Small toddler on front bike seat keeping his little hands warm in the Kids Ride Shotgun pogies. He has a big smile on his face, and is mum is behind him steering the bike,
child sized pogies for keeping little hands and fingers warm on a front bike seat - studio photos of the black pogies attached to the shotgun mini handlebars, with white background

Kids Ride Shotgun released their new kids sized pogies with mountain bike families in mind - obviously you don't want to stop shredding those trails just because it gets a bit chilly!

However, I think we're also going to see these popular on the school run too - they are the product I wish had existed over a decade ago when we were doing the nursery and playgroup commute during winter, so I'm really excited to see them for sale this winter.

I've checked with Kids Ride Shotgun and they've confirmed that they can be used on the adult's handlebars with any front bike seat, not just the Shotgun one.

You do need to have enough room on your handlebars through, so think through where you have your lights and bell if you're riding on the road.

In these photo's they're shown with the Kids Ride Shotgun mini handlebars, which sit above your handlebars.  They can be bought for an additional £27.

The Kids Ride Shotgun Pogies retail at £40 or $55 USD and can be bought directly from their website with free shipping - or ask your local bikes shop if they're stocking them.

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P.S. Check out the product video to see the pogies (and their owner) having loads of fun out on the trails.



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