New kids books about bikes and cycling for 2023

If you’ve got a Cycle Sprog who just can’t get enough of riding their bike, then cycling themed kids books can be a great way to get them reading.

Every year new books are published that are aimed at this audience, and we’ve been busy trying to find all the latest kids books about bikes and cycling that have been released in 2023.

Do drop a comment below if you know of any we’ve missed!

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New kids books about bikes and cycling – 2023

If this street were mine – Peter Füssy

THE picture book for 2023 for all mini cycling and active travel campaigners!

A child wants to ride their bicycle, but they can’t because the street is too dangerous. Does that sound familiar?

As we’re all aware, in recent decades, cars have dominated the streets in most cities around the world, while children have been confined behind fences, walls, and barriers.

This story starts that way but takes a different turn because of a boy who imagines a different street: a street without cars, pollution, and danger.

This picture book explores urban planning, mobility, and how cities can (and should) be more people friendly.

Recommended reading age: 3 years assisted, 6 years unassisted

Major Taylor: World Cycling Champion – Charles R Smith

A Coretta Scott King Award winner and a Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor winner pair up for a rousing picture book biography-in-verse of legendary African American cyclist Marshall “Major” Taylor and the Six-Day Race.

One hundred years ago, one of the most popular spectator sports was bicycle racing, and the man to beat was Marshall “Major” Taylor, who set records in his teens and won his first world championship by age twenty.

The first African American world champion in cycling and the second Black athlete to win a world championship in any sport, Major Taylor faced down challenge after challenge, not least the grueling Six-Day Race, a test of speed, strength, and endurance. With energy, heart, and pounding verse, Charles R. Smith Jr. evokes the excitement of the crowd at Madison Square Garden as Major powered through exhaustion, hallucinations, and racist abuse from fellow riders, who tried to crash his bike throughout the competition.

Leo Espinosa’s dynamic illustrations capture the action, and as day six draws to a close, and Major’s odds narrow, there is little doubt that his triumphant rise and legacy as an international cycling champion are assured—whatever the outcome of one race—in this high-octane tribute to a trailblazing athlete.

Recommended reading age: 7 – 10 years (49 pages)

Dad and I Go on a Bike Ride – Anthony Simpson

This picture book features a young child riding in a rear bike seat!

Embark on an enchanting adventure with “Dad and I Go on a Bike Ride,” a children’s book that follows Dad and his son on a bike ride in a magical park.

With vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes we encounter playful squirrels, graceful ducks, and colorful flowers.

The journey celebrates the joy of exploration, the beauty of nature, and the love shared between a father and his child.

Recommended reading age: 1 – 5 years


Frank and Bert – the one where Bert learns to ride a bike – Chris Naylor Ballesteros

“A sweet, comic picture book about a bear who wobbles on a bike, his fox friend, Frank and the fact that you can do anything if your best friend is right behind you.”  Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times’ roundup of The Best Books for Children 2023

The hilarious fox and bear double act from bestseller Chris Naylor-Ballesteros is back for a second adventure.

Bert is CERTAIN he can ride his bike as well as Frank, but he is very wobbly! And even when they BOTH try riding Frank’s bike . . . it still goes very wrong! Will the best friends make it all the way down from the big hill? Of course! All they need is a little bit of confidence and trust in each other!

This warm and entertaining story about friendship is guaranteed to get children giggling!

Every Nosy Crow paperback picture book comes with a free ‘Stories Aloud’ audio recording – just scan the QR code and listen along.

Recommended reading age: 2 – 5 years


Cycling in Summer – Joseph Coelho

Big Cat for Little Wandle Fluency has been developed in collaboration with Wandle Learning Trust and Little Sutton Primary School. It consists of a range of chapter books with increasing word counts across 10 fluency levels aimed at children in Year 2 and 3.

Each book builds reading confidence, stamina and speed and nurtures a love for reading.

Fluency 1 books have a word count of 2880 words with an expected reading rate of 60 words per minute.

July and her dad love to cycle together in the summer. But when July hits a problem, the ride turns into a lesson. Little does she know her new skills will soon be put to the test!

Recommended reading age: 6 to 7 years

Skid, slide, ride (Red Squirrel Phonics Level 6 Set 2a)

Red Squirrel Phonics is a new series of decodable readers from Raintree, packed with stories and non-fiction texts using words that children can read.

The programme teaches children phonics skills in a sequential and systematic way so that they can learn the sounds (phonemes) and the letters that represent them (graphemes) and then practise and apply this knowledge through reading appealing, decodable texts that make sense.

This ensures that every beginner reader will experience success in their reading from their very first book.

In this Level 6 Set 2a book focusing on the ‘i-e’ and ‘ie’ graphemes, Mike’s bike did a big slide when he rode up The Bumpy Track with dad.

Now his friends want him to ride the track with them. Will Mike be able to do it?

Recommended reading age: 4 -7 years

Bernard learns to ride (Red Squirrel Phonics Level 6 Set 2b)

In this Level 6 Set 2b book focusing on the ‘ir’, ‘or’, ‘ear’ and ‘er’ graphemes, Ernesta reluctantly agrees to teach Bernard how to ride a bike. Somehow she still finds time to read her book!


Experiences Matter: Hippo Rides a Bike – Sue Graves

Hippo Rides a Bike offers a gentle introduction to the experience of learning to ride a bike for young children.

When Hippo gets a new bike for his birthday, he is sure he will be able to ride it straight away. But it isn’t as easy as he thought it would be, and he gets very frustrated!

Aunty Hippo helps him to keep trying and not give up. (Note: Aunty Hippo also tells him he must wear a helmet, which may annoy some parents!)

This funny, charming story is the perfect way to introduce young children to the experience of learning how to ride a bike.

Also included are suggestions for activities and ideas to talk through together to help children reflect on their own experiences.

The Experiences Matter series of picture books provide a gentle means of discussing experiences, boosting self-esteem and reinforcing good behaviour.

Supports the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Area of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and is also suitable for use with children in KS1 and can be used to discuss values.

Recommended reading age: 3 – 5 years


My Giraffe Rides a Unicycle: A Collection of Children’s Poems – Catherine Valente

It’s not often we find books about unicycles, so this one is a must if you’re a fan!

This children’s poetry book contains 18 fun and playful rhyming poems where giggles, wonders, and dreams take place (including a Giraffe on said unicycle!)

Recommended reading age: 2 – 8 years



The Mountain Bike Adventure of Ben & Becky: Biking to the Beat of Adventure – Marcus Grip

Note – this book is currently available as Kindle version only

This story of Ben and Becky who love mountain biking and adventure was created to inspire children to go out and enjoy nature, to create their own adventures and to teach them that challenges will come in life but with the right attitude and mindset, we can overcome anything and reap the rewards that come from it, and even enjoy the journey through it.

It incorporates themes of teamwork, perseverance, and determination, making it a great fit for kids who enjoy outdoor adventures and are looking for inspiration to be more daring.

It takes about 5-10 min to read, which makes it great for a short bedtime story.

Recommended reading age: 5 years and over

Lily’s First Magical Bicycle Ride: Untold Adventure Story – Ahfaz Mehmood

Note – this book is currently available as Kindle version only

In the cozy town of Joy Ville, a tale unfolds— the story of Lily’s very first bicycle ride. With each turn of the page, readers are invited into a world where a bright pink bicycle becomes a portal to joyous exploration.

From the Shiny Surprise of Chapter 1 to the Sunset Serenity of Chapter 8, “Lily’s Magical Bicycle Ride” weaves a tapestry of joy and wonder. Lily, the endearing protagonist, discovers the thrill of wobbly pedals, the joy of victory laps, and the magic of friendship with Buzzy, the Friendly Bee.

Recommended reading age: 6 – 8 years


We hope you enjoy our round up of the best new kids books about bikes and cycling for 2023.  If you want a much wider choice of books do visit the Cycle Sprog Bookshop where you’ll be supporting us, and local book shops.  You’ll even get free shipping on all orders over £25 (check T’s and C’s on their website for full details)

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