Kali Chakra kids bike helmet review

In this review, we're going to be taking a closer look at the Kali Chakra Youth, a cycle helmet designed for young mountain bikers which fits heads between 52 and 57cm.

Kali has a long history of developing safety equipment for cycling. This youth helmet may have a strong Minecraft vibe, but it does come in other colours!

Find out more as we take a look below.

Cycle Sprog were kindly sent the Chakra Youth helmet by Kali. We were not paid to write this review and all opinions are our own.

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Helmet Details

Helmet Model: Kali Chakra Youth

Size: One size (52-57cm) - other Kali models cover different sizes

Colours available: Choice of 5

Safety standards: EN 1078, CPSC

Weight: 245g

Date of Review: 2021

Cost: £36.99

We Like: The colour and styling combined with an easy to use adjustment dial and a competitive price.

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Kali Chakra kids helmet we were sent to review

Kali Chakra youth kids helmet review

Kali is a big name in mountain bike and motorsport protection, consistently at the forefront of research and development, they produce some of the most advanced protection systems you can get.

The Kali Chakra youth is a smaller version of their adult helmet and carries over the mountain bike styling and function.

It has the lower rear coverage found on mountain bike helmets and a breakaway visor to complete the look.

The helmet has a rotational dial on the back to adjust the size and a series of antimicrobial pads to keep things comfy on the inside.

The chin strap is fully adjustable both under the chin and where the straps split below the ears.

The buckle is a simple but effective plastic clip and the Chakra youth has five colours to choose from which should keep most happy.

Kali Chakra kids cycling helmet being worn by our 6 year old reviewer

With a strong block pattern reminiscent of Mine Craft, the Chakra we were sent for this review divided the opinion of testers.

Simply, the young ones loved it and the older testers hated it!

The good news is that it comes in five different colours so don't despair if the green is too - just remember to check with the child first to avoid scornful looks of derision at anything pixelated!

Popping the Chakra Youth helmet onto the youngest (6yr old) testers' heads was simple and the large dial on the back is easy for small fingers to do up and has a loud clicking noise which gives good feedback to the user that they're doing it right.

One of the older testers noted the loud noise as 'a weird grating sound' as you tighten it up, but it works fine.

Measurements of the Kali Chakra kids cycling helmet showing the smallest and largest settings

Comfort is provided by a series of velcro pads that do the job without any fuss and they can be removed easily to be washed as and when needed.

The dial is unsophisticated and can go quickly from 'too loose to too tight' but it's large and rubberized for grip and holds the head well.

The rear cradle sits low around the back of the head allowing the helmet to be held firmly in position before tightening the chinstrap.

With younger kids it's easy to install on their head for them, the buckle isn't too small for adults but also allows adjustments by small hands to get a good fit.

Photo showing our 13 year old reviewer wearing the Kali Chakra kids cycling helmet and the positioning of the straps under his ears.

The sliding divider on the straps is easy to move down to position it below the ears.

The chinstrap adjusts on one side and the split in the straps slides up and down nicely to sit just below the ear.

The clip is classic and holds firmly but offers no protection to accidental pinching of skin (although this never happened on this test), but it's robust and will outlast the helmet.

Feedback on comfort of the Kali Chakra has been good and it holds the head very well, so much so that the rear dial has to be loosened to remove the helmet, which is a sign of a good and secure fit.

Photo of the Kali Chakra cycle helmet visor whilst being worn by our 6 year old reviewer

The visor is compact, provides a little shade from the sun and would break away in a crash as designed, but not so easy to remove that fiddling hands find a way to remove it.

The Kali Chakra has handled the 'left in the living room with a 3 yr old' test and has proved robust enough to survive!

In warm weather, the Kali performs well due to a large number of vents and thin strips of padding.

If it's cold, the adjustments are still useable with gloved hands which is always a bonus.

Does the Kali Chakra helmet work with long hair?

Our reviewer found that the low position of the rear cradle and tightening mechanism was very close to a low positioned central ponytail, with little scope for any movement of the hair bobble.

The helmet worked better with two plaits

It's not a showstopper, but there are other helmets out there that work better with longer hair.

Kali Chakra kids cycle helmet with ponytail - showing the mechanism very close to the ponytail hair band

Overall verdict on the Kali Chakra kids helmet

Our testers were divided by the colour scheme and style of this helmet but this was entirely down to their age difference.

The fixtures and fittings on the Chakra are basic but this is a functional, robust, easy to use helmet from a trusted protection brand at a reasonable price point.

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