Cargo bike brand Babboe halts trading over safety concerns

Dutch cargo bike brand Babboe announced to temporarily stop the sales of all Babboe cargo bikes on 14 February 2024.

Babboe is a fairly well-known box bike brand in the UK, especially in flatter and urban areas like London and Cambridge.

In an email to customers, Babboe explained that the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) informed Babboe that the company has not provided enough information to prove that certain models are free from safety risks.

This follows multiple cases of frames fractures on Babboe box bikes. Dutch news outlets started reporting on these earlier this month.

Babboe's cargo bike range includes two and three-wheeled box bikes with wooden boxes which can carry two to four children. They are a well known brand, with most models available either with or without electric assist in bike shops across the UK.

Babboe curve box bike

What's next for Babboe bikes and their owners?

In an update to customers on 17 February 2024, Babboe clarified that they were following the NVWA's advice to not use your Babboe cargo bike for the time being.

Babboe says that they are currently consulting with the NVWA to prepare for a recall of certain Babboe models and that they will inform Babboe owners of this as soon as possible.

On the Family Cycling UK Facebook group, Babboe owners are reaching out to each other and asking for advice on next steps.

Cycle Sprog have written to Babboe to ask them clarify the situation to UK owners of Babboe bikes. We will keep this page updated if we receive new information.

Latest update from Babboe in (Dutch) video on 27 February 2024:

Babboe CEO Gerard Feenema said in a video that they're starting with a recall for the Babboe City, City-E, Mini, and Mini-E. Feenema said that in all countries where these models are being sold, they will work with consumer authorities to set up the recall.

He said that everyone who owns one of these Babboe bikes will get a replacement bike or a suitable alternative. Babboe also says they'll provide financial compensation.

For the other Babboe models the advice is unchanged; do not use them until further notice. More news will follow on the other models.

On you can type in your frame number to check if your Babboe bike is being recalled (website in Dutch).

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