Bold Helmets launch new size bike helmet for Sikh kids

Bold Helmets are designed to end the struggle many parents face when finding helmets for their Sikh kids, accommodating their hair and it's covering, whilst keeping them safe with a properly fitting helmet. 

Bold Helmets launched last year in a small size, for children with a head measurement between 48 and 56cm. 

The good news for those of you with older kids is that they have recently launched a new size, for people with a head measurement of 56-59cm. 

The new size medium is available at a discounted rate for pre-order until the end of January 2024, with the helmets shipping in March. 

The helmets are currently at a discounted price of £44 (regular price of £60).

Bold Helmets are UKCA and EN1079 certified, which means they meet recognised safety standards for cycling, scooting and skating. 

Bold Helmets are based in Canada but offer UK shipping.

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How did Bold Helmets happen?

Tina Singh is an Ontario base mum to three kids who love riding, skating and scooting.

Because her sons wear a Patka (a small piece of cloth wrapped around the head and knotted at the top), standard bike helmets would not fit.

She decided to solve the problem for her family and the wider Sikh community. After a lot of hard work and revisions, Bold Helmets were formed. 

Designed to suit children 5+, they are different to any other helmet, allowing space for the child's hair and hair covering under the helmet. 

They are a small family-run company, doing big things for the safety and inclusion of Sikh kids and Cycle Sprog is excited to see them growing their size offering.


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