The best kids packable waterproof cycling jackets

Don’t you just love those days? The ones where you’re hoping to get out for a cycle ride with the kids, but you’re not quite sure whether it’s going to rain or not. Do you take their waterproof jacket? Where do you store it if they get too hot to ride in it?  Suddenly you’re carrying a large rucksack full of “just in case” items.  This is where waterproof kids cycling jackets that fit in a stuff sack or pocket come into their own.

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The best kids packable waterproof cycling jackets

Lightweight but offering good protection from the elements, these cycling jackets pack down small and discreet. They can be carried in a small rucksack, a saddlepack, around the waist on a belt or in a rear jersey pocket (and some people have been known to squeeze them into a bottle cage!)

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The best kids waterproof cycling jackets that pack down small

Here’s our pick of the best packable kids waterpoof cycling jackets to help you ride out what ever the weather.

Polaris Kids Strata Pack-Away Waterproof Jacket

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended jacket

Polaris Srarta packaway kids waterproof cycling jacket

We were really impressed with the Polaris Strata childrens pack-away waterproof cycling jacket, which has been used by both our Sprogs on more occasions than we’d like (thanks UK summer weather!).  The taped seams really kept the water out, and the fit was baggy enough to fit over our regular cycle clothing whilst folding up small when not in use.

Polaris kids waterproof jacket and Islabikes Craig Mountain Bike

You can read our full review here (which includes sizing details) but here’s our summary:

The Polaris Strata childrens pack-away waterproof cycling jacket does exactly what it says. It packs up small into its own pocket, keeps water at bay and comes in two strong, visible colour schemes. We recommend it if you’re looking for a lightweight waterproof that you can quickly pull out of your bag when the weather turns bad, or light levels start to fade.

Buy now:  The Polaris Strata childrens pack-away waterproof cycling jacket

Pere Performance Kids Rain Jacket

Cycle Sprog reviewed and recommended product

If you’re looking for a really lightweight and compact cycling jacket that not only fits into a stuff sack but can be worn around the waist of your child, then the Pere Rain Jacket may be what you’re looking for. This is more of a late spring, summer, early autumn jacket, and served both our boys really well over a number of years when they were younger.

Pere Performance Kids Cycling JacketIt’s handy because it folds down into the rear pocket and comes with a waist belt small enough that your child can wear the jacket round their waist for the rest of the bike ride. Great for those rides where you’re trying to keep weight and luggage to a minimum!  We’ve also used it on non-cycling  trips away where we were packing very light.

Pere Performance Kids Cycling Jacket - summer weight kids cycling jackets that fit in a stuff sack

You can read our review of the Pere Rain Jacket here

The Pere Performance Rain Jacket is also suitable for younger riders, as sizing starts from age 5 – 6 years (56 – 61cm chest) and goes through to ages 11-12 Years (74 – 79cm chest)

Buy now:  Pere Performance Rain Jacket 

Endura Luminite Hooded Kids Cycling Jacket II 

Pink Hooded Kids Lightweight Cycling Jacket

Endura are renowned for making quality cycling clothing, designed to keep you warm and dry whilst out on your bike.   The Endura Kids Luminite Jacket II  is their year round model.  Made from 100% polyester, if offers good protection from the rain. Breathability is provided via a vent on the back so the rider shouldn’t get too sweaty.   The autumn/winter version of the jacket has a hood, which makes this a more versatile jacket for on and off the bike.

The hood can be rolled down and secured with velcro so it doesn’t get in the way while cycling. Some people like this, others prefer a jacket with no hood, so it can’t obscure their vision.

The Endura Luminite jacket has an LED loop so you can fit a light for night time riding if needed.  Whilst on that topic, the 360 degree reflective chevrons will ensure your child is visible when the light fades.

The jacket compacts down into a mesh stuff sack which should help prevent the build up of those wiffy damp jacket smells that sometimes occur if you leave them packed away slightly damp in a plastic sack.

Endura Luminite lightweight kids cycling jacket packs down into a small stuff sack

Buy now:  Endura Luminite II Kids waterproof cycling jacket

Altura Kids Airstream Jacket

Altura Airstream kids waterproof and windproof cycling jacket

Altura are another brand renouned for making great all year round cycling kit, designed for British weather.  One thing I like about their Airstream jacket is that it has a navy blue option which is more subtle if your child is wanting to wear it off their bike too.

They also do brighter pink and yellow options if you prefer (and I do find it easier to spot my Sprogs when they ride off ahead of me on the trail when they’re in hi-viz!)

Altura claim that the jacket is lightweight with a relaxed fit which is repellant to both wind and rain whilst offering high levels of breathability. The Altura Darkproof tech with reflective child friendly print offers a level of hi visibility to keep your kids safe and seen.

The jacket packs away into an integral pocket with zipper closure, similar to the Polaris jacket.

Buy now:  Altura Airstream Kids Jacket

Funkier Kids Storm Stowaway Jacket

Another spring and summer weight cycling jacket that fits into a stuff sack is the Funkier Storm Stowaway. The jacket has mesh underarms to keep the rider cool on those muggy, rainy summer days.  The fabric is see through, so useful if you’re wearing team kit and need your logo to be seen through it – either during or before/after racing.

Funkier kids waterproof cycling jacket that packs down into a pocket

This jacket comes in larger sizes than the Pere Jacket, making it ideal for those older kids who aren’t yet big enough for adult kit (biggest size is 14 years)  It packs down into a rear pocket, but unlike the Pere Jacket doesn’t come with a waist strap.  Sizings are given as:

8 years  (Chest 70cm / Hips 74cm)
10 years  (Chest 74cm / Hips 76cm)
12 years (Chest 78cm / Hips 80cm)
14 years (Chest 82cm /Hips 84cm)

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